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Can we build a better heart?
Published May-June 2015
JHU experts embark on 10-year collaboration to build the world's first permanent totally artificial heart / Gazette
At the finish line
Published May-June 2015
Seven soon-to-be Johns Hopkins grads look back on their journeys / Gazette
Science nerd, humanities fan
Published May-June 2015
Getting to know Beverly Wendland, new dean of Johns Hopkins' School of Arts and Sciences / Gazette
Unlocking the secrets of ancient Greek pottery
Published May-June 2015
Students collaborate with expert ceramics artists to recreate the iconic red-figure kylixes / Gazette
Spotlight on
JHU wrestler Paul Bewak
Published May-June 2015
He finished his career with 135 wins, the most in school history (the previous record was 98) / Gazette