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Newest in Tools+Tech

OCT. 16
Workshop: Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success
Published Sept 22, 2018
Gain tools, techniques, and strategies every manager needs to solve tough problems in the workplace
SEPT. 19
The Innovation Workshop
Published Sept 22, 2018
Using the left and right sides of your brain will help you both adapt and lead in today's constantly changing environment
SEPT. 10
Workshop: Giving and Receiving Feedback for JHU Staff
Published Sept 22, 2018
Understand the nature of feedback and why it's important to the success of any organization
AUG. 15
Workshop: Managing Multiple Priorities—The Discipline of Getting Things Done
Published Sept 22, 2018
Learn how to map an effective path to getting more done in less time (even when you have competing priorities)
AUG. 20, 21, 28
Workshop: Speaking for Success—Improving American English Pronunciation
Published Sept 22, 2018
This three-day class is designed for nonnative speakers who need to improve their precision and pronunciation
Workshop: Business Professionalism and Workplace Etiquette
Published Sept 22, 2018
Not sure what's considered appropriate behavior at work? Sign up for this one-day class
Workshop: Excel 2016—Functions and Formulas
Published Sept 22, 2018
Learn how to make some of the software's most popular features work for you
Thinking about your development plan for FY2019?
Published Sept 22, 2018
If improving your public speaking or presentation skills is on your to-do list, Toastmasters can help
Six digital education initiatives funded in new program
Published Sept 22, 2018
Inaugural DELTA grant recipients will receive up to $75,000 to develop, implement, and evaluate their proposed projects
Workshop: Emotional Intelligence
Published Sept 22, 2018
Mastering emotional and social skills leads to increased job competency, productivity, academic performance, and other measures of success
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