Note: * These employees celebrated anniversaries in March or April and should have been included in that issue's list.

Academic and Cultural Centers

20 years of service

  • Galina Stolarsky, Jhpiego

15 years of service

  • Wendy Queen, JHU Press

  • Tiphanie Redmon, The Johns Hopkins Club

  • Malcolm Wallace, JHU Press

10 years of service

  • Michelle Burnette, Center for Talented Youth

  • Edward Hinke, Center for Talented Youth

  • Alisha Horowitz, Jhpiego

  • Melissa House, Center for Talented Youth

5 years of service

  • Patrick Dobbs, The Johns Hopkins Club

  • Rachel Favero, Jhpiego

  • Janet Gilbert, JHU Press

  • Corrin McBride Hunt, Center for Talented Youth

  • Hannah Tappis, Jhpiego

  • Janyelle Thomas, Center for Talented Youth

  • Amber Wagner, Center for Talented Youth

  • Patty Weber, JHU Press

Bloomberg School of Public Health

40 years of service

  • David Fields, Facilities

30 years of service

  • Rhonda Skinner, International Health

25 years of service

  • Jacqueline Bidinger, Epidemiology

  • Clevetta Chandler, Epidemiology

  • Patricia Crowley, Epidemiology

  • Robin Lincoln, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

20 years of service

  • George Alban Jr., Facilities

  • Cynthia Barbre, Epidemiology

  • Latrenya Hines, Facilities

  • Ross McKenzie, Information Systems

  • M Moessbauer, Graduate Education and Research

  • Fitri Putjuk, Health, Behavior and Society

  • Charles Stiller, Facilities

  • Sharonann Wakefield, Health Policy and Management

15 years of service

  • Girlie Reyes, Epidemiology

10 years of service

  • David Broyles, Facilities

  • Keith Johnson, Information Systems

  • Lisa Lassiter, Master of Public Health

  • Meredith Piplani, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

  • Chichona Powell, Environmental Health Sciences

  • Akisha Price, Health Policy and Management

  • Mary Thomas, Environmental Health Sciences

  • Brian Whipkey, Information Systems

5 years of service

  • Stephen Fisher, Finance and Administration

  • Kenneth Grebe, Facilities

  • Naomi Johnson, Population, Family and Reproductive Health

  • Judith Julien-Alexander, Office of the Dean

  • Michelle Kaufman, Health, Behavior and Society

  • Rachael McCleary, Health Policy and Management

  • Kelly McDermott, Epidemiology

  • Felicia Moore, Environmental Health Sciences

  • Lisa Mwaikambo, Health, Behavior and Society

  • Jason Smith, Finance and Administration

  • Matthew Toepfner, Epidemiology

  • Alicia Wentz, Epidemiology

  • Hannah Williamson, Population, Family and Reproductive Health

  • Shengbin Yang, Environmental Health Sciences

Carey Business School

20 years of service

  • Mervyn Warner, Office of Education

15 years of service

  • Amanda Pflaumer, Software and Reporting Services

Homewood Student Affairs

35 years of service

  • Robert Babb, Athletics and Recreation

20 years of service

  • Jonathan Walter, Office of Dean of Students

  • Paula Jones, IT Services

15 years of service

  • David Pietramala, Athletics and Recreation

10 years of service

  • Caroline Bright, Student Financial Services

  • Scott Spencer, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

5 years of service

  • Whitney Taylor, Housing and Conference Services

  • Krystle Wagemann, Career Center

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

30 years of service

  • Mary Brewster, Chemistry

  • Eugenia Goodwin, Chemistry

20 years of service

  • Teresa Dannettel, Biology

  • Carolyn Krause, Office of Pre-Professional Advising

15 years of service

  • Rita Banz, Summer and Intersession Programs

10 years of service

  • David McCarter, Office of the Dean

  • Donna Schriver, Biology

5 years of service

  • Ciarra Bell, Biology

  • Richard Ercolani, Physics and Astronomy

  • Diane Gilliam, Development

  • Tara Hentgen, Physics and Astronomy

  • Jeremy Johnson, Krieger Mind/Brain Institute

  • Mieka Smart, Public Health

  • James Wrabl, Biology


5 years of service

  • Michael Berbano, Finance and Administration

  • Katherine Brooks, Hopkins Nanjing Center Programs

  • Mary Evans, Development and Alumni Affairs

School of Education

25 years of service

  • Mary Bond, Center for Social Organization of Schools

15 years of service

  • Guy Lucas, Talent Development Secondary

5 years of service

  • Rebecca Lange-Thernes, Center for Social Organization of Schools

School of Medicine

45 years of service

  • Nancy Rossiter, Immunogenetics

40 years of service

  • Donna Lea, Radiology

35 years of service

  • Susan Krout, Neurology

  • Linda Welch, Gastroenterology

30 years of service

  • Paula David, Neurology

  • Anne Dulik, Cardiology

  • Andy Mitchell, Facilities

  • Thomas Mitchell, Endocrinology

  • Laura Towns, Clinical Practice Association

25 years of service

  • Patricia Carter, Facilities

  • Carla Cooper, Neurology

  • Stacey Cosentino, Finance Business Office

  • Cynthia Green, Clinical Practice Association

  • Dianna Lake, Clinical Practice Association

20 years of service

  • Chun Aye, Facilities

  • Shang-En Chung, Pulmonary

  • Evalyn Deinlein, Infectious Diseases

  • Elizabeth Fisher, Immunogenetics

  • Gladys Novak, Oncology

  • Sherry Riley, Johns Hopkins Healthcare

15 years of service

  • Paul Adams, Biomedical Engineering

  • Mary Alford, Pediatrics

  • Jennifer Axilbund, Oncology

  • Anja Bieneman, Clinical Immunology

  • Jill Calligan, Institute of Genetic Medicine

  • Tenera Coates, Oncology

  • Sheila Colvin, Clinical Practice Association

  • Patricia Daughtry, Clinical Practice Association

  • Juanita Foster, Pediatric Surgery

  • Charlene Gunter, Research Animal Resources

  • Teresa Mack, Clinical Practice Association

  • Carol Pfeffer, Art as Applied to Medicine

  • Linda Post, Institute for Clinical Translational Research

  • Lori Powers, Ophthalmology

  • Gail Richter-Nelson, Orthopaedics

  • Nimrod Tunstall, Ophthalmology

  • Cheryl Turpin, Clinical Practice Association

10 years of service

  • Elwood Armour, Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences

  • Linda Bartock, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Michael Bowers, Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences

  • Khaleta Clark, Ophthalmology

  • Dawn Coleman, Clinical Practice Association

  • Carolyn Demetrick, Psychiatry

  • Victoriano Dinglas, Pulmonary

  • David Dolan, Neurology

  • Anna Ferguson, Oncology

  • Karen Fisher, Pathology

  • Benjamin Gibbs, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer

  • Dawn Hatcher, Hematology

  • Cathy Hodges, Nephrology

  • Andrea Holman, Ophthalmology

  • Lisa Jones, Cardiology

  • Nadine Kirkland, Human Resources

  • Isabelle Massey, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

  • Allison Miller, Urology

  • Richard Moxley, Neurology

  • Paul Murray, Research Animal Resources

  • Bisoondial Narine, Research Animal Resources

  • Stephanie Nasatka, Institute for Clinical Translational Research

  • Carolyn Paine, Oncology

  • Doris Pendergrass, Pathology

  • Jerome Pleasant, Research Animal Resources

  • Josephine Shim, Pathology

  • Erin Slater, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

  • Angela Temple, Emergency Medicine

  • Marie Valerie Toure, Oncology

  • Meredith Wallace, Research Animal Resources

  • Kevin Williams, Radiology

  • Antonio Wood, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Haiying Xu, Dermatology

5 years of service

  • Jessica Ameling, General Internal Medicine

  • Charles Arthur, Psychiatry

  • Fallon Bachman, Neurology

  • Stacey Baldwin, Surgery

  • Felicia Bartee-Rogers, Institute of Genetic Medicine

  • Tammy Beckman, Oncology

  • Nina Bingham, Emergency Medicine

  • Amber Burke, Otolaryngology

  • Johnnie Chatman, Facilities

  • Deattre Clark, Facilities

  • Stephanie Cohen, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

  • Aleisha Collinson-Streng, Pediatrics

  • Shannon Conway, Clinical Practice Association

  • Stephen Culp, Cardiology

  • Jenna Damron, Oncology

  • Robin Dapp, Clinical Practice Association

  • Stephanie Diemer, Oncology

  • Sandra Faulkner, Cardiology

  • Shardai Gaines, Institute for Clinical Translational Research

  • Justin Getka, Infectious Diseases

  • Pamela Greenberg, Ophthalmology

  • Kristin Gressitt, Pediatrics

  • Loretta Hollifield, Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences

  • Andrea Howard, Facilities

  • Stanley Jackson, Research Animal Resources

  • Catherine Kates, Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry

  • Marianne Kistner, Psychiatry

  • Janice Krasnow, Psychiatry

  • Kendall Likes, Surgery

  • April Maith, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Ryan Majkowski, Neurology

  • Billie Masek, Emergency Medicine

  • Tiffany McKinney, Radiology

  • Anna Moes, Institute of Genetic Medicine

  • Brittney Murray, Cardiology

  • Saman Nekoovaght-Tak, Neurology

  • Charles Novak, Psychiatry

  • Erica Oglesby, Ophthalmology

  • Aleksandra Ogurtsova, Dermatology

  • Rebecca Ozl, Institute for Clinical Translational Research

  • Jeffrey Quinn, Infectious Diseases

  • Jacqueline Reed, Plastic Surgery

  • Natalie Robertson, Hematology

  • Jessica Roy, Pediatrics

  • Daniel Ruthven, Psychiatry

  • Mary Joy Schaefer, Oncology

  • Barbara Simmons, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Jessica Spielman, Research Administration

  • Matthew Steinhart, Ophthalmology

  • Susan Stokes, Pathology

  • Christina Von Waldner, Psychiatry

  • Gerald Walters, Radiology

  • Michael Westman, Center for Functional Anatomy

  • Christina Willig, Chairman's Office

  • Megan Wonders, Ophthalmology

School of Nursing

20 years of service

  • Zipporah Gilchrist, Academic Affairs

5 years of service

  • Jennifer Snowden, Office of Development

  • Sherrod Wilkerson, Financial Aid

Sheridan Libraries/JHU Museums

15 years of service

  • Michael Cole, Sheridan Libraries

  • Oleg Tsygan, Sheridan Libraries

10 years of service

  • Anita Norton, Sheridan Libraries

5 years of service

  • David Kennedy, Sheridan Libraries

  • Chellammal Vaidyanathan, Sheridan Libraries

University Administration

45 years of service

  • Bernard Polley, Office of Chief Enterprise Technology Services

40 years of service

  • Deborah Hawkes, Controller

30 years of service

  • Bobby Bateman Jr., Facilities

  • Alison Wampler, Office of Vice Provost for Research

25 years of service

  • Dennis Gutowski, Facilities

20 years of service

  • Cherina Cunningham, Benefits Administration and Shared Services

  • Stanley Harris Jr., Office of Chief Enterprise Technology Services*

  • Eric Holland, Facilities

  • John Horne Sr., Homewood Campus Safety and Security Services

  • Antonio Rodriguez, Supply Chain Shared Services

  • Jeanne Santora, Controller*

  • Daniel Sutherland, Office of Chief Networking Officer*

  • Gregory Taylor, Supply Chain Shared Services

15 years of service

  • David Alexander, Vice President of Human Resources*

  • Timothy Biggs, Enterprise Applications*

  • Kenneth Blake, Facilities

  • Jeffrey Brailsford, Office of Chief Networking Officer

  • Louis Cavallaro, Controller*

  • Sherri Flaks, Enterprise Applications

  • Peter Godfrey, Office of Chief Networking Officer

  • Thomas Kujawa Jr., Office of Chief Networking Officer*

  • Stephen Lannon, Office of Chief Enterprise Technology Services

  • Michael McCormick, Benefits Administration and Shared Services*

  • Vicky Robinson, Facilities

10 years of service

  • Alphonse Bankard III, Facilities

  • Frank Barker, Office of Vice Provost Research

  • Christopher Dax, Development and Alumni Relations*

  • Samuel Dease, Facilities

  • Matt Dragon, Enterprise Applications

  • Sandra Edwards, Facilities*

  • Renee Fischer, Development and Alumni Relations

  • Kenneth Goodman Jr., Facilities*

  • Stefanie Gregory, Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

  • Scott Jonas, Controller

  • Curtis Kennedy, Controller*

  • Chad Kersey, Human Resources

  • Rose Kinder, Office of Chief Networking Officer*

  • Joan Kline, Johns Hopkins Real Estate

  • Keith Litaker, Facilities

  • Carolyn Mack, Vice President and General Counsel Administration

  • Elizabeth Montgomery, Facilities

  • Oise Mzee, Facilities*

  • Mohammed Nadeem, Facilities

  • Gary Smith, Homewood Campus Safety and Security Services

5 years of service

  • Koye Berry, Development and Alumni Relations

  • Delvin Brown, Facilities

  • Lyndon Burrell, Facilities*

  • Kelly Bystry, Office of Chief Networking Officer

  • Linda Daley-Atila, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity*

  • Glenn Daniel, Facilities*

  • Louis Danna Jr., Facilities

  • Errol Dutton, Homewood Campus Safety and Security Services

  • Neena Fuchs, Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

  • Janice Fundis, Controller

  • Glynis Goode, Facilities*

  • Douglas Gorham, Facilities

  • Helene Grady, Budget Office*

  • Wilbert Hayes, Facilities

  • Edward Kirk, Facilities

  • Vanessa Logan, Development and Alumni Relations

  • Jacalyn Macharsky, Controller

  • Margaret Nock, Treasurer

  • Christos Nikitaras, Office of Chief Enterprise Technology Services*

  • Joshua Oleszcuk, Epic Information Technology

  • Elvie Perry, Supply Chain Shared Services

  • Philip Plencner, Development and Alumni Relations*

  • Jameliah Randall, Facilities

  • Rebecca Riddell, University Projects Administration*

  • Anne Roderer, Facilities*

  • Dean Threatte, Facilities*

  • Walter Thomas Jr., Facilities

  • Timothy Turner, Controller

  • Joel Waddell Sr., Facilities*

Whiting School of Engineering

20 years of service

  • Dorothy Reagle, Materials Science and Engineering

15 years of service

  • Gerald Bulkley, Engineering for Professionals

10 years of service

  • Ruth Scally, Center for Language and Speech Processing