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SEPT. 18
Tickets for Fall Fest @ the Zoo are ready
Published Aug 11, 2022
Get set for a wild day of fun with your family, friends, and colleagues at JHU's annual staff appreciation event
SEPT. 26 & 27
Workshop: Presentation Skills for a Virtual Audience
Published Aug 10, 2022
How information is presented can determine the effectiveness of the message and its outcome
SEPT. 19 & 20
Workshop: Building Performance and Productivity Through Employee Engagement
Published Aug 10, 2022
Ramping up your managerial skills will make a dramatic impact in every way
SEPT.13 & 14
Workshop: Motivating, Engaging, and Inspiring Employees
Published Aug 10, 2022
Want to bring out the best in your team members? Know what motivates them
SEPT. 12 TO 23
The Fall Pre-Retirement Program offers new resources to help you prepare for your post-work years
Published Aug 10, 2022
13 virtual sessions will be held over 10 days—register now for as many as you'd like
Hopkins Night at Camden Yards is back
Published July 14, 2022
Join your co-workers to watch the Orioles take on the Boston Red Sox (and get a special Hopkins cap)
Diversity and Inclusion: 21st-Century Higher Education
Published July 13, 2022
This class will identify some of the common and distinctive issues impacting today's college experience
Remaining Positive in Times of Crisis
Published July 13, 2022
This program has been designed to help you navigate issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
AUGUST 9 & 10
Keeping Your Team Engaged, Happy, and Performing at Their Peak
Published July 13, 2022
This interactive workshop will help you understand your behavior and that of your teammates
For all you do… Fall Fest is back at the zoo
Published June 16, 2022
After a two-year hiatus, the free staff appreciation event is coming back better than ever
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