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FEB. 22
Workshop: Remaining Positive in Times of Crisis
Published Jan 13, 2021
This interactive program has been designed to help you navigate issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
FEB. 10
Workshop: Mastering Your Memory
Published Jan 13, 2021
Your takeaways? Elevated people skills, presenting without notes, heightened levels of focus, and improved mental organization
FEB. 4
Workshop: How to Handle Difficult Conversations With Employees
Published Jan 13, 2021
You don't have to be born with the skills that make great leaders—you can learn them
A centennial celebration, 2020-style
Published Dec 14, 2020 Photos
BSPH's Jane Hixson celebrates her 100th birthday with some help from her co-workers
JAN. 20
Workshop: Managing Across Generations
Published Dec 11, 2020
Knowing various age groups' needs and differences can improve understanding and productivity
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