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JUNE 8 TO 15
Planning for retirement
Published May 16, 2022
If you're five to 10 years from your target date, register now for this weeklong series of webinars
JUNE 28 & 29
Workshop: Presentation Skills for a Virtual Audience
Published May 12, 2022
How information is presented can determine the effectiveness of the message and its outcome
JUNE 13 & 14
Workshop: Resume Writing and Interview Skills That Work for You
Published May 12, 2022
Looking for a career move? Discover how to develop a great message and deliver it to the right people through the right channels
JUNE 13 & 14
Workshop: Emotional Intelligence
Published May 12, 2022
Honing this skill set can lead to increased job competency, productivity, academic performance, and other measures of success
MAY 26
Updates on the JHU retirement plans transition
Published May 12, 2022
A town hall will help you understand what's happening to the university's retirement plans this summer and how you can prepare
MAY 26
Workshop: Overcoming Procrastination
Published April 18, 2022
Learn how to bridge the gap between your personal or professional goals and reality
Announcing a retirement readiness support group
Published April 15, 2022
You can share information, ask questions, or even make social connections for after you retire
MAY 26
Workshop: The Complete Course on How to Supervise People
Published April 13, 2022
This offering is a must for managers at all levels, seasoned or new
MAY 24
Workshop: Time Management—Strategies for Managing Your Day
Published April 13, 2022
Master the single approach that will help you take control of a challenging schedule
Live Near Your Work webinar
Published April 12, 2022
What Are the Rules and How to Apply will tell you what you need to know about Johns Hopkins' grants for prospective homebuyers in Baltimore City
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