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Why do we all age differently?
Published March 22, 2023
Johns Hopkins researchers are part of a new program to understand and predict the differences in how we all age
A closer look at the EPA's proposed regulations of 'forever chemicals'
Published March 21, 2023
Carsten Prasse, assistant professor of environmental health and engineering, discusses the effects of the regulations on public water systems—from their benefits for Americans' health to the reality of implementation
Can you fight cancer with mere thought?
Published March 20, 2023
Hopkins neuroscientist David Linden reflects on what might be causing the delayed progress of his cancer in 'New York Times' essay
Toxic trade-offs
Published March 17, 2023
While advances in immunotherapy have dramatically improved cancer survival, unleashing the immune system can lead to a host of adverse reactions. How can patients pay less of a price?
Hopkins data hub ends after three years
Published March 10, 2023
The Coronavirus Resource Center, a critical resource during the COVID-19 pandemic, ceased the collection and reporting of COVID-19 data on March 10
Disease treatment
Check this out: A new approach to creating antibody libraries
Published March 1, 2023
The new approach to antibody libraries could expedite the antibody-creation process and accelerate the discovery of therapeutic antibody candidates and vaccines
Mechanical engineering
The lowdown on lower back pain
Published March 1, 2023
Study investigates the source of back and joint pain with the goal of reverse engineering treatments
How concerned should we be about bird flu?
Published Feb 23, 2023
Epidemiologist and environmental microbiologist Meghan Frost Davis discusses the current state of the outbreak and its global reverberations.
Alternative medicine
Intravenous mistletoe extract shows promise as cancer therapy
Published Feb 23, 2023
In a phase I trial meant to evaluate the drug's safety, researchers document improved quality of life and some disease control among participants
Behavioral science
Edibles with CBD may bake in a stronger high
Published Feb 16, 2023
Hopkins researchers find that CBD inhibits the breakdown of THC, which may result in stronger and longer drug effects after consuming edible cannabis products
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