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AHCA puts children's health at risk
Published May 25, 2017
Public health expert Josh Sharfstein says legislation as drafted breaks 'core guarantee' / Journal of the American Medical Association
How the war on drugs hurts HIV prevention
Published May 25, 2017
Stiff penalties for drug possession have failed to reduce drug use while putting thousands in jail who might be better served by treatment, researchers say / School of Public Health
Wasted food, wasted nutrients
Published May 25, 2017
BSPH study finds significant amount of wasted food is consumable, contains vital nutrients Americans need / School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Health Review
Superfood or super-hype?
Published May 25, 2017
Before filling your plate with expensive fad foods, nutritional biochemist suggests diet of diverse veggies, fruits, proteins
Zika virus
Economic impact of Zika outbreak could exceed $18B in Latin America, Caribbean
Published May 25, 2017
Carey School researchers conduct rapid assessment analysis based on existing data on incidence, transmission of virus linked to birth defects
Zika virus
Study: Zika outbreak in U.S. could come with high costs
Published May 25, 2017
Researchers use computer models to estimate the potential impact of outbreak based on various epidemic sizes
New outpatient facility to open at Johns Hopkins Hospital
Published May 25, 2017
$24M John G. Bartlett Specialty Practice has more than two dozen exam rooms that features much-needed services for patients with a range of infectious diseases
Childhood health
More activity, big savings
Published May 25, 2017
Study finds that modest increases in activity could avert future medical costs, lost wages / School of Public Health
Heart Health
Better together: Vitamin D and exercise
Published May 25, 2017
Combined health benefit of getting enough vitamin D and exercise stronger than either health factor alone, 20-year study finds / Hopkins Medicine
Winning idea for eye surgery
Published May 25, 2017
Treyetech team, made up of 8 undergrads, develops novel device for transplanting, unrolling corneal tissue
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