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Newest in Health

Over-the-counter, underregulated
Published July 28, 2017
FDA creates risks with insufficient regulation of potentially harmful nonprescription meds, public health expert says / Politico
Health care
Study looks at ACA's impact on ER visits
Published July 28, 2017
Medicaid expansion had no significant effect on Md. emergency department visits, researchers find
Global Health
Netting a sustainable business model
Published July 28, 2017
After successful bed net campaigns in Ghana, researchers aim to create a thriving, sustainable commercial market
Study abroad
Learning at the edge of Africa
Published July 28, 2017
During study abroad program in South Africa, Johns Hopkins students gain a global perspective on public health challenges
Interdisciplinary scholar
Trauma care expert named 30th BDP
Published July 28, 2017
In more than 35 years at JHU, Ellen MacKenzie has produced transformative research on injury prevention, recovery
What fish can teach us about our eyes
Published July 28, 2017
Study of how zebrafish regenerate eye tissue may one day advance efforts to combat degenerative eye disease damage in humans / Hopkins Medicine
Technology ventures
Health, fitness accelerator launches in East Baltimore
Published July 28, 2017
M-1 Ventures, which begins Sept. 5, will be based at FastForward East
Cell biology
How old are your cells?
Published July 28, 2017
Determining cell age more accurately could help clinicians delay effects of age-related health decline
Horsepox synthesis raises questions for science
Published July 28, 2017
Director of JHU's Center for Health Security discusses the implications of this ominous research breakthrough
Tracing Rx errors
Published July 28, 2017
Handwritten opioid prescriptions contain more mistakes than those produced electronically, researchers find
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