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Predicting postpartum blues
Published March 23, 2017
Hopkins study links postpartum depression with diminished levels of 'anti-anxiety' hormone allopregnanolone / Hopkins Medicine
Pill Policy
A case for OTC contraception
Published March 23, 2017
Review suggests greater availability of birth control doesn't lead to more teens having sex but does help prevent unwanted pregnancies / Hopkins Medicine
Health care
An insurance moral hazard
Published March 23, 2017
Many people with chronic illnesses choose needlessly costly insurance plans, driving costs up for everyone, Carey Business study finds
Public health
Rethinking the refugee crisis
Published March 23, 2017
The Syrian crisis has shown us the need for major reform of humanitarian response, Center for Humanitarian Health's Paul Spiegel says / Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health
Episodes of extremely low blood sugar put diabetics at increased risk for death
Published March 23, 2017
Within three years of dangerously low blood sugar episode requiring emergency department visit, one-third of those in study died / School of Public Health
Saints, mastectomies, and the power of myth
Published March 23, 2017
A conversation with filmmaker Bernadette Wegenstein, whose documentary 'The Good Breast' offers an intimate look at surgical breast cancer interventions
Protecting health, civil rights of those with autism
Published March 23, 2017
Trump administration policies—official and unofficial—threaten those with autism and other disabilities, public health experts say / New England Journal of Medicine
Vision for Baltimore
Clear vision for city students
Published March 23, 2017
Citywide program celebrates distributing 1,000 free pairs of glasses to Baltimore students in its first 10 months
Women's health
Better health linked to decline in domestic violence
Published March 23, 2017
Researchers find reduction in domestic violence when chronically ill women receive life-saving treatment
Overcoming language challenges
Published March 23, 2017
Study shows how some adults with autism compensate for childhood language difficulties associated with the disorder / School of Medicine
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