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Remdesivir improves outcome for hospitalized COVID-19 patients
Published Jan 26, 2022
A new data analysis shows how the antiviral drug's effectiveness can shorten hospital stays and alleviate the crush of new cases overwhelming the nation's health care system
COVID-19 testing
Study: COVID-19 rapid tests highly accurate for children and adolescents
Published Jan 26, 2022
Like a previous study of adults, findings show rapid antigen test offers time and cost savings, easier distribution, and fewer testing disparities
Unbreaking promises
Published Winter 2021
For 30 years, the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health has addressed the unmet needs of a population long marginalized. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Exercise science
TV brain drain
Published Winter 2021
A recent study from the Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests that excess TV viewing can lead to reduced amounts of cranial gray matter. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Environmental hazards
Published Winter 2021
Using brain organoids, researchers examine potential environmental link to autism / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Why it's time to upgrade to an N95 or KN95 mask
Published Jan 25, 2022
Better masks are needed to protect against the highly transmissible omicron variant, says Bloomberg School expert Chris Beyrer, who also discusses proper mask care and when it's time to throw your mask away
Biomedical engineering
New heart modeling method may help doctors pump the brakes on sudden cardiac death
Published Jan 25, 2022
Digital, personalized replicas of patients' hearts can help health care providers to better predict who will need implanted defibrillators over time
Bloomberg School creates new center to advance public health advocacy
Published Jan 18, 2022
With new gift, two existing centers will merge and expand to drive high-impact social and policy change
Health Policy Forum
CMS administrator discusses pandemic 'inflection point'
Published Jan 13, 2022
Chiquita Brooks-LaSure spoke Friday as part of the university's Health Policy Forum series
Should omicron close schools?
Published Jan 12, 2022
Experts from across Johns Hopkins weigh in on best practices for students, teachers, and families
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