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Americans' responses to stay-at-home orders differed according to population density
Published Oct 23, 2020
Lockdowns did not stop people from visiting parks and beaches; electoral results also linked to compliance
Severe COVID-19 patients may be best donors for convalescent plasma therapy
Published Oct 22, 2020
Study links stronger antibody responses to more severe disease, advanced age, and male sex
New model calculates risk of COVID-19 transmission
Published Oct 21, 2020
The Contagion Airborne Transmission inequality seeks to make sense of the many variables, including environmental ones, that can affect transmissibility of COVID-19
How to safely celebrate winter holidays
Published Oct 20, 2020
The pandemic will not be over anytime soon. Here are some ideas for staying close while remaining safe.
ClearMask makes and sells 11 million masks internationally
Published Oct 19, 2020
With FDA clearance, maximum barrier protection, and supply chain advantages, the business founded by Johns Hopkins alumni improves the standard of care for patients around the world
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