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Machine learning method can improve genetic risk assessments for non-white populations
Published Oct 2, 2023
Researchers have developed a scalable AI-based approach that makes use of genetic studies that include people of different ethnic backgrounds and could one day help address health disparities
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NIH adds people with disabilities to health disparity research
Published Oct 2, 2023
As a newly designated 'health disparity population,' people with disabilities will be included in more research related to health inequities
In memoriam
Neurosurgery, pain treatment pioneer Don Long dies at 89
Published Sept 25, 2023
Founding chair of Hopkins Medicine's neurosurgery department was highly regarded for his neurosurgical skills, mentorship of leaders in the field
Convalescent plasma treatment may lower long COVID risk
Published Sept 20, 2023
Plasma from recovered patients, helpful in preventing severe COVID, could also decrease likelihood of post-COVID symptoms
Public health
JHU experts play lead roles in epidemic preparedness project
Published Sept 19, 2023
Center for Health Security, others from across Hopkins receive CDC funding to help communities prepare for future emerging health threats
Biomedical engineering
Navigational technology aids brain surgery visualization
Published Aug 31, 2023
Researchers demonstrate promise of 'augmented endoscopy,' a real-time neurosurgical guidance method that uses advanced computer vision
Pickens Foundation gives $20M to Wilmer Eye Institute
Published Aug 7, 2023
Gift from foundation established by late philanthropist will support vision-saving research, professorships
Health Policy Forum
Parikh calls for scientists to connect with public, policymakers
Published Aug 1, 2023
CEO of AAAS says better science communication is key to dismantling distrust among some legislators and the general public in the ninth installment of JHU's Health Policy Forum series
Pain treatment
Potential relief from chronic pain
Published July 31, 2023
An electrical stimulation treatment called scrambler therapy can yield significant relief for most patients, review suggests
What's in store for the upcoming respiratory virus season?
Published July 31, 2023
Johns Hopkins epidemiologist David Dowdy says vaccines and a preventive drug for RSV offer hope for a healthier fall and winter
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