Newest in Health

Obesity increases COVID-19 risks
Published June 1, 2020
Hopkins cardiologist David Kass discusses a recent study that links higher body mass index to more severe cases of COVID-19 and points to obesity as a significant pre-existing condition in younger patients in particular
Taming COVID-19 requires urgent search for both vaccine and treatment
Published May 28, 2020
Johns Hopkins lecturer Bonnie Robeson, who led drug discovery and development during AIDS epidemic, shares why scientists should prioritize finding a suitable therapy for COVID-19 as well as a vaccine
Community health
School of Nursing launches national disability care center
Published May 27, 2020
Through its designation as a national center, the School of Nursing will serve as a hub where assistance can be provided to the community, and information and training can be delivered to postdoctoral fellows and disability/aging service providers
Predicting COVID-19 heart damage with machine learning
Published May 27, 2020
Yearlong project will collect heart data from COVID-19 patients to create a model that predicts risk of adverse cardiac events such as heart attacks or heart failure
Johns Hopkins releases digital contact tracing report
Published May 26, 2020
Leading global experts offers clear guidance and recommendations on ethics, governance as digital technologies are developed to fight the coronavirus pandemic
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