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Environmental health
Hairdressers of color exposed to 'concerning' mix of chemicals
Published Jan 26, 2023
A study finds hairdressers of color, compared to women who work in offices, have higher levels of chemicals in their bodies
The thorny history of sickle cell anemia
Published Jan 25, 2023
As part of the university's Racism and Repair in the Modern Academy project, Johns Hopkins researchers look inward at the past, present, and future of treatment for this disease
How SARS-CoV-2 evolved to counter its own weaknesses
Published Jan 18, 2023
Hopkins researchers say their research can improve our understanding of how the spike protein works and how the virus evolves
Health care innovations
Simple spray could keep COVID away
Published Jan 12, 2023
Hopkins engineers have developed a method to prevent harmful viruses from entering the lungs, blocking the spread of COVID-19 and influenza with a nasal spray
Study links hearing loss, dementia
Published Jan 11, 2023
Bloomberg School study finds older adults with greater severity of hearing loss were more likely to have dementia, but the likelihood of dementia was lower among hearing aid users compared to non-users
Innovative care
Aging well with AI: Hopkins AITC announces awardees of pilot research grants
Published Jan 10, 2023
Inaugural grant recipients hailing from academia, industry, and clinical practice will receive funding to develop new devices and other aging-related innovations
TV brain drain
Published Jan 10, 2023
A recent study from the Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests that excess TV viewing can lead to reduced amounts of cranial gray matter.
Global health
Non-invasive malaria screening device uses light for diagnosis
Published Jan 6, 2023
The test, being developed by a research team led by a Hopkins engineer, is seen as an alternative to current rapid tests that require blood draws
Climate impact labels could affect fast food selections
Published Jan 5, 2023
Participants of a new study who were shown climate impact labels on a sample menu often chose the more sustainable option, highlighting the potential for labeling in fast food as an effective way to promote sustainability and nutritional choices
Health Policy Forum
HHS Secretary emphasizes the importance of health care for all
Published Dec 20, 2022
Xavier Becerra champions health care workers who pursue their mission with energy and spirt in seventh installment of the JHU's Health Policy Forum series
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