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Newest in Health

Racial, economic factors contribute to differences in surgical care
Published Sept 25, 2017
Poor and minority patients receive less optimal pain management, are placed on enhanced recovery protocols later than wealthier, white counterparts / Hopkins Medicine
Emergency medicine
For some injuries, ambulance transport can decrease chances of survival
Published Sept 25, 2017
Study: For those suffering from gunshot or stab wounds, getting to a trauma center fast is more important than pre-hospitalization care / Hopkins Medicine
Test flight: Drone sets medical transport record
Published Sept 25, 2017
Johns Hopkins team continues to explore potential of using unmanned aerial vehicles for medical purposes
Science of Learning
Six proposals get seed funding
Published Sept 25, 2017
Science of Learning Institute supports cross-disciplinary projects that aim to further our understanding of how humans learn
MedHacks 2017
Med-tech innovation, inspiration
Published Sept 25, 2017
Third annual MedHacks hackathon attracts hundreds of students, entrepreneurs
Health and fitness
Five startups picked for fast track
Published Sept 25, 2017
M-1 Ventures accelerator announces first cohort for 16-week program based in East Baltimore
Health risks of sleep apnea
Published Sept 25, 2017
Study finds increases in blood sugar, fat levels, stress hormones, blood pressure in patients with obstructive sleep apnea / Johns Hopkins Medicine
The nurse will see you now
Published Fall 2017
Nurses' job descriptions have never been more diverse—and the U.S. needs a lot more of them / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Behavioral biology
Crash course in the nature of mind
Published Fall 2017
Roland Griffiths' psilocybin experiments have produced striking evidence for therapeutic uses of hallucinogens / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Deployed for compassion
Published Fall 2017
Alum William McNulty, a former U.S. Marine intelligence officer, helped found the world's first aid organization to recruit, train, and deploy military veterans for disaster relief / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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