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Bloomberg School recognized for outstanding community service
Published March 21, 2019 Video
The school's outreach efforts are spearheaded by SOURCE, an engagement and service-learning center for faculty, students, and the community
Interdisciplinary scholar
Neuroscientist Daeyeol Lee named BDP
Published March 19, 2019
Yale expert known for his research on the neural basis for decision-making will head lab at the Krieger Mind/Brain Institute
Evergreen names new director and curator
Published March 18, 2019
Lori Beth Finkelstein, who has worked at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore since 2010, will lead Evergreen's education and outreach efforts
Fulfilling a promise of Hopkins for all
Published Spring 2019
Michael Bloomberg's historic $1.8 billion pledge for undergraduate financial aid promotes greater diversity at Johns Hopkins / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The patient's advocates
Published Spring 2019
School of Nursing endows two professorships, granting faculty the freedom and funding to explore complex projects and make advances in their fields / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Welcome, new Blue Jays!
Published March 15, 2019
Hopkins invites 2,309 students to join its Class of 2023 from an applicant pool of more than 30,000
Bronstein reappointed as Peabody dean
Published March 12, 2019
Since joining Peabody in 2014, he has adopted a new curriculum and education model for aspiring artists, forged ties across the university and in the community, and been a vocal advocate for equity and inclusion
University surveys students on prevalence of sexual misconduct
Published March 12, 2019
Results will help Hopkins further refine understanding of campus climate and allow for comparisons to peers
Interdisciplinary scholar
Leading health economist Daniel Polsky named 40th BDP
Published March 12, 2019
Polsky, who has dedicated his career to exploring how health care is organized, managed, financed, and delivered, will hold joint appointments in the Bloomberg School and Carey School
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