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No rescue needed for Starliner, says Johns Hopkins space expert
Published July 5, 2024
Johns Hopkins engineer Patrick Binning clarifies misconceptions about 'stranded' astronauts, emphasizes importance of data collection
CDC director calls for data-based, preventative community care
Published July 2, 2024
At the latest Health Policy Forum, CDC Director Mandy Cohen discusses how data can help solve problems ranging from opioid overdoses to gun violence
3 Questions
Guns and domestic abuse
Published June 28, 2024
Jacquelyn Campbell, a renowned expert in intimate partner violence, discusses the risks firearms pose to abused women and her landmark research that underpins a recent Supreme Court decision
Election 2024
Thursday's U.S. presidential debate: Unprecedented and unpredictable
Published June 26, 2024
Panelists from the JHU's SNF Agora Institute offer insights into the first-ever debate between an incumbent president and a former president
Published Summer 2024
Members of the Class of '74 share some of their favorite memories from their time at Hopkins. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
With all her heart
Published Summer 2024
Writer Heather Lanier reflects on a tough parenting moment: ceding control and trusting that everything will be OK / Johns Hopkins Magazine
An inspiring life remembered
Published Summer 2024
Looking back on the legacy of Pava LaPere / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Artificial intelligence
AI and the upcoming elections
Published June 11, 2024
OpenAI's Mira Murati and the secretaries of state from Arizona and Georgia weigh in on challenges, opportunities, and threats posed by emerging technology
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