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To find Baltimore's brightest students, look beyond their test scores
Published May 17, 2019
Amy Shelton explains why CTY has opted to recruit high-potential students without the use of standardized testing / The Baltimore Sun
public health
Measles outbreak is the worst in U.S. in 20 years
Published April 25, 2019
Experts from the Bloomberg School of Public Health discuss the dangers of the virus, why it's spreading so rapidly, and what health officials can do to stop it
Democracy Dialogues
Big tech, China, and the new age of activism
Published April 19, 2019
Zeynep Tufekci and Alec Ross discuss the complex intersection of technology and democracy at event hosted by SNF Agora Institute
Race in America
Bridging the political divide
Published April 5, 2019
Political commentator, JHU alum Michael Steele joins diplomat Vilma Martinez for JHU Forums on Race in America event
Representing a new generation
Published Spring 2019
Alum Lauren Underwood, the youngest African-American woman elected to Congress, shares her thoughts on representation, democracy, and nursing / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A message from President Daniels
Published Spring 2019
President Daniels discusses the soul of Johns Hopkins University / Johns Hopkins Magazine
From Russia, with laughs
Published Spring 2019
In her new memoir, Alum Audrey Murray journeys through the former Soviet Union / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Permanent hiatus
Published Spring 2019
Abby Markoe reflects on her decision to end her academic ambitions and pursue her passion of coordinating a youth sports organization / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Spring 2019
Johns Hopkins recently ranked No. 4 on the Daily Meal's list of best colleges for food. Readers share their recollections of meals on campus. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In his own words: Michael R. Bloomberg on his record-breaking gift
Published Spring 2019
"The future of our country depends on giving talented young people the chance to pursue their dreams," Bloomberg says / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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