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On tech and democracy
Published Feb 11, 2019
Technosociologist Zeynep Tufekci joins author, innovator Alec Ross tonight for "Democracy Dialogues"
SNF Agora Institute
Democracy in retreat
Published Feb 6, 2019
Experts meet at SAIS to discuss the downward trend in democracy documented in the new Freedom in the World 2019 report
In memoriam
A tribute to Russell Baker
Published Jan 30, 2019
Writer Neil A. Grauer reflects on his friendship with fellow Hopkins alum Russell Baker, the celebrated journalist who died Jan. 21 at 93
Divided Nation
Navigating partisan waters
Published Jan 29, 2019
SNF Agora Institute sponsors roundtable with Maryland's Larry Hogan, New Hampshire's Chris Sununu, and Pennsylvania's Tom Wolf
The fan in the econ stands
Published Winter 2018
P.J. O'Rourke talks about learning economics in war zones, how politics and economics intertwine, and how to know when something's funny / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Launch of a lifetime
Published Winter 2018
Alum Jeff Barber on why he took his mechanical engineer father to the launch of the Parker Solar Probe in August / Johns Hopkins Magazine
On empowerment, leadership, and diplomacy
Published Dec 4, 2018
Ambassador Wendy Sherman discusses her experiences representing the U.S. in nuclear negotiations with Iran and North Korea
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