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A 'healthy debate' on convalescent plasma
Published Sept 24, 2020
Hopkins immunologist Arturo Casadevall explains the different federal responses to the COVID-19 treatment and why it's normal to lack consensus in science / The Wall Street Journal
COVID-19 hobbies
Published Fall 2020
We asked readers: How have you been keeping busy (and sane) while staying safer at home? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Why the suspended AstraZeneca trial is good news for vaccine safety
Published Sept 10, 2020
Emergency medicine specialist Lauren Sauer tells 'Bloomberg' that although the setback delays coronavirus vaccine development, the final product will be safer for the public / Bloomberg
Excess deaths show the true impact of COVID-19 in the U.S.
Published Sept 1, 2020
Epidemiologist Justin Lessler unpacks a recent CDC report on comorbidities and coronavirus deaths that is being misinterpreted on social media
Health equity
The silver lining of COVID-19's dark clouds
Published Aug 25, 2020
Johns Hopkins expert in health disparities discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has shed light on the vulnerabilities of communities of color and the need to better protect everyone's health
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