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Substance abuse
Missed opportunities in overdose coverage
Published Jan 14, 2019
Only 216 of the 42,500 news reports about Demi Lovato's alleged overdose included mention of national addiction hotline, 1-800-662-HELP
Brain bets
How our brains decide whether to hold 'em or fold 'em
Published Jan 7, 2019
Biomedical engineers discover a "push-pull" dynamic between the brain's hemispheres during high-risk betting
Distant planet vanishing at record speed
Published Dec 13, 2018
Hubble's discovery of a rare Neptune-sized exoplanet 96 light-years away will help astronomers understand how planets evolve

News feeds from around Johns Hopkins

Daniel Kassteen Joins Sarasota Orchestra
Published Jan 20, 2019
Daniel Kassteen (MM ‘99, Trumpet) joined the Sarasota Orchestra as co-principal trumpet on January 2. / The Peabody Post
Denyce Graves on PBS Broadcast
Published Jan 20, 2019
Minnesota Opera’s production of Doubt from 2013 will be featured on PBS’s Great Performances showcase. This production was the world premiere of the work and featured faculty artist Denyce Graves,... / The Peabody Post
Jason Love Celebrates 20 Years with the Columbia Orchestra
Published Jan 19, 2019
Jason Love (BM ’92, Cello; MM ’94, Conducting) celebrates his 20th anniversary conducting the Columbia Orchestra with a number of events in January and February. In preparation for an upcoming... / The Peabody Post
Yael Weiss Premieres Commissioning Project
Published Jan 17, 2019
Yael Weiss (BM ’94, Piano) is debuting her new commissioning project at the Strathmore Mansion on January 24. The project, called “32 Bright Clouds: Beethoven Conversations Around the World,” pairs... / The Peabody Post
Sergio Cervetti Releases Eighth Album
Published Jan 16, 2019
Sergio Cervetti (BM ’67, Composition) will release a new album, PARALLEL REALMS – XXI Century Works for Orchestra, on March 8, 2019. This will be the eighth Cervetti Navona Records album and... / The Peabody Post
Gemma New Signed to Primo Artists
Published Jan 15, 2019
Gemma New (MM ’11, Conducting) has been signed to Primo Artists for general management. Primo Artists also represents Joshua Bell, Itzhak Perlman, and others. / The Peabody Post
Divided Nation, United States: Navigating Today’s Partisan Waters
Published Jan 15, 2019
The Johns Hopkins University Stavros Niarchos Foundation Agora Institute will sponsor a PBS NewsHour event Divided Nation, United States, to try to uncover how these governors work with their legislatures,... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Fraction of U.S. Outpatient Treatment Centers Offer Medication for Opioid Addiction
Published Jan 15, 2019
Study finds that most substance use disorder treatment facilities still do not offer medication treatment for opioid use disorder. / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Ranks No.1 for Online Nursing Education by U.S. News & World Report
Published Jan 15, 2019
The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON) has the No. 1 online nursing program in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report Best Online Program 2019 rankings. / News
Steven Finley Returns to Peabody to Judge
Published Jan 14, 2019
Steven Finley (BM ’78, Flute), president of Flute FX in Boston, returned to Peabody this fall to judge the Yale Gordon Competition and give lectures in both the Conservatory and Preparatory. / The Peabody Post