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Hearing the future
Published Nov 2, 2020
Johns Hopkins researchers discover that bats can use echolocation to predict where their prey is headed, providing new insights about how sound can be used to "see"
Computer Science
Dog training methods help JHU teach robots to learn new tricks
Published Oct 26, 2020 Video
Through the kind of positive reinforcement used to train dogs, a robot named Spot was able to learn a new task far faster than usual
Psychological sciences
Babies' random choices become their preferences
Published Oct 2, 2020
We assume we choose things that we like, but research suggests that's sometimes backward: We like things because we choose them, and we dislike things that we don't choose

News feeds from around Johns Hopkins

Meng Su Appointed Faculty of San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Published Nov 24, 2020
Meng Su (PC ’09, GPD ’11, MM ’16, AD ‘18, Guitar; GPD ’15, Chamber Ensemble) has been appointed to the faculty of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music beginning Fall 2021. / The Peabody Post
Johns Hopkins 2018 Grad Named Rhodes Scholar
Published Nov 22, 2020
Vijayasundaram Ramasamy, a public health studies major who graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2018 and led the team drafting the state of Kansas’ COVID-19 reopening plan, has been named a Rhodes... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Scott Lee Releases Through the Mangrove Tunnels
Published Nov 21, 2020
Scott Lee (MM ’13, Composition) released Through the Mangrove Tunnels on Panoramic Recordings performed by JACK Quartet on November 13, 2020. / The Peabody Post
Violinist Victor Danchenko Has Died
Published Nov 20, 2020
The Peabody Institute is saddened to hear of the passing of Victor Danchenko, the internationally renowned violinist and pedagogue who served on our Conservatory faculty from 1992 until his retirement... / The Peabody Post
Discovery Illuminates How Cell Growth Pathway Responds to Signals
Published Nov 20, 2020
A basic science discovery by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reveals a fundamental way cells interpret signals from their environment and may eventually pave the way... / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
TIME Names Coronavirus Resource Center a Top Invention of 2020
Published Nov 19, 2020
TIME named the Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center, a website that has helped the world better understand and track the COVID-19 pandemic, to its list of 2020 Best Inventions, calling... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins Announces New COVID-19 Bi-Weekly Briefings
Published Nov 18, 2020
With the pandemic surging to record levels in the United States, Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center will launch bi-weekly webcast briefings featuring updates and insights from the... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Zoe Coppola Create Happy Harp Curriculum
Published Nov 18, 2020
Zoe Coppola (MM ’14, Harp) created the Happy Harps curriculum, a teaching series for beginners to intermediate harp students. / The Peabody Post
Jelena Runić Gave a Guest Presentation for Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Published Nov 17, 2020
On September 25, liberal arts faculty member Jelena Runić gave a video guest presentation for Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, the first Sino-British university, located in Suzhou, China. The... / The Peabody Post
ADVISORY: New Tool Offers County-Level Insight Into COVID-19 Impact
Published Nov 16, 2020
The Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center has launched a new tool on its U.S. state tracking pages that provides county-level insight into the effects of COVID-19 through case and testing... / News from The Johns Hopkins University