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Treating COVID-19
Johns Hopkins engineers develop 3D-printed ventilator splitters
Published April 2, 2020
Their prototype aims to address safety concerns about cross-contamination and correctly managing air flow to patients
Global health
Map tracks coronavirus outbreak
Published Jan 23, 2020
The dashboard, built by a team at the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering and regularly updated with data from the WHO, CDC, and other sources, illustrates how the virus is spreading in China and beyond
Earth and planetary sciences
More pavement, more problems
Published March 5, 2020
Study finds that for every percentage point increase in pavement and impervious surfaces, annual floods increase by 3.3%

News feeds from around Johns Hopkins

Joelle Arnhold Creates App Cyborg Llama
Published Oct 25, 2020
Joelle Arnhold (MM ’12, DMA ’17, Viola) created an app, with co-creator and developer Garrett Arnhold, to facilitate remote music ensemble collaboration, called Cyborg Llama. The app automatically... / The Peabody Post
Joseph Young Appointed to New Music USA Board of Directors
Published Oct 22, 2020
Joseph Young (AD ’09, Conducting), Peabody’s Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Artistic Director of Ensembles, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of New Music USA. Of his appointment he said,... / The Peabody Post
Researchers Discover ‘Spooky’ Similarity In How Brains and Computers See
Published Oct 22, 2020
The brain detects 3D shape fragments (bumps, hollows, shafts, spheres) in the beginning stages of object vision – a newly discovered strategy of natural intelligence that Johns Hopkins University researchers... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Americans’ Responses to Covid-19 Stay-Home Orders Differed According to Population Density
Published Oct 21, 2020
Americans strongly reduced their visits to grocery stores, pharmacies, and transit stations following stay-at-home orders from mayors and governors earlier this year, but did not reduce their visits to... / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
Patients Who Had More Severe Covid-19 May Be the Best Donors for Convalescent Plasma Therapy
Published Oct 19, 2020
Sex, age, and severity of disease may be useful in identifying COVID-19 survivors who are likely to have high levels of antibodies that can protect against the disease. / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
Survey: More U.S. Adults Want the Government to Have a Bigger Role in Improving Peoples’ Lives Than Before the Pandemic
Published Oct 15, 2020
The share of U.S. adults who support an active government role in society increased by more than 40 percent during the initial pandemic response. / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
Si-Yan Darren Li Appointed to Faculty of Glauser School of Music
Published Oct 15, 2020
Si-Yan Darren Li (MM, AD ’08, Cello) has been appointed cello and chamber music instructor at the Glauser School of Music at Kent State University. / The Peabody Post
New Test Can Target and Capture Most Lethal Cells in Fatal Brain Cancer
Published Oct 15, 2020
A laboratory test developed by a research team led by Johns Hopkins University bioengineers can accurately pinpoint, capture and analyze the deadliest cells in the most common and aggressive brain cancer... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
MEDIA ADVISORY: Computer Scientist Available To Discuss Modeling COVID Community Spread, Including From White House Rose Garden Event
Published Oct 15, 2020
Johns Hopkins University computer scientist Anton Dahbura is available to speak to the media about a tool to simulate how COVID-19 can spread through communities – a method the team recently applied... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Appoints David Celentano as New Bloomberg Centennial Professor
Published Oct 15, 2020
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has appointed David Celentano, ScD, MHS, as a Bloomberg Centennial Professor. / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins