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  • Professor of health policy and management
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Latest Releases

Engineers develop mini caps for mini brains
Published Aug 17, 2022
Engineering feat expands the research and testing available to scientists with brain organoids
How concerned do we need to be about monkeypox?
Published Aug 5, 2022
Johns Hopkins experts weigh in on whether the U.S. is ready for the possibility of twin pandemics
International health
Hopkins-led consortium tackles TB around the world
Published Aug 17, 2022
Funding from USAID supports research key to improving tuberculosis diagnostics, therapeutics, transmission control, prevention, and local stewardship
A broken pipeline: The issues contributing to the U.S. teacher shortage
Published Aug 15, 2022
Ahead of an Aug. 18 panel discussion, Christopher Morphew, dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Education, discusses the challenges American teachers face and strategies and solutions for the profession
With Inflation Reduction Act, U.S. sees landmark action on climate change
Published Aug 12, 2022
Experts from the Ralph O'Connor Sustainable Energy Institute discuss the legislation's impact on renewable energy, carbon capture technology, and other approaches to environmental sustainability
Nanobody has potential to treat Parkinson's disease
Published Aug 2, 2022
Researchers from Johns Hopkins create a nanobody capable of penetrating brain cells and preventing misshapen proteins from spreading, halting the progression of neurocognitive diseases
Watch: Cells flatten themselves to better move through mucus
Published July 25, 2022
"Ruffle" appendages on certain cells help them sense the viscosity of fluids around them, allowing them to transform their shape to better move around
Artificial Intelligence
Sepsis-detection AI has the potential to prevent thousands of deaths
Published July 21, 2022
A new system identifies patients at risk for sepsis to aid in the prevention of the illness, which is often difficult to detect and is one of the world's leading causes of death

News feeds from around Johns Hopkins

Imani Mosley Quoted in New York Times
Published Sept 23, 2022
Imani Mosley (MM ’10, Musicology), a University of Florida assistant professor and frequent music writer, was one of the experts quoted in a September 6 New York Times piece about Capitol Records’... / The Peabody Post
Khandeya Sheppard Commemorates Trinidad and Tobago’s Diamond Jubilee of Independence
Published Sept 22, 2022
Khandeya Sheppard, a member of Peabody’s LAUNCHPad team and Manager of Community Partnerships, is a steelpan musician with an active summer of performances. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Sheppard... / The Peabody Post
Frances Borowsky Featured Guest of Alytus Summer Festival
Published Sept 21, 2022
Frances Borowsky (MM ’13, Cello) was invited this summer as a featured guest of the Alytus (2022 Cultural Capital of Lithuania) summer festival along with her siblings, Emmanuel Borowsky (violin) and... / The Peabody Post
Eliana Krasner in Residency Performance Program “S P A C E”
Published Sept 20, 2022
Eliana Krasner (BFA ’22, Dance) is currently in a residency performance program called “S P A C E” run by DISCO RIOT. In addition, she has recently received her teaching credentials in the state... / The Peabody Post
Elijah Daniel Smith Recipient of 2022 EarShot Readings Commission
Published Sept 19, 2022
Elijah Daniel Smith (MM’ 20, Composition) has been selected as the recipient of the 2022 EarShot Readings Commission. The American Composers Orchestra (ACO) announced that Smith was selected from seven... / The Peabody Post
Elizabeth Chaillé Completes First Season With Altitude Dance Company
Published Sept 18, 2022
Elizabeth Chaillé (BFA ’22, Dance) completed her first season with the Altitude Dance Company. She is also dancing with the Allure Creative and Atlas Dance Collective in Utah. / The Peabody Post
Yuri Liberzon Releases New Album
Published Sept 17, 2022
Yuri Liberzon (BM ’04, GPD ’05, Guitar) released an album: Konstantin Vassiliev’s Guitar Works, Vol. 1 through Naxos. The album, released on August 19, synthesizes different styles including jazz,... / The Peabody Post
Elizabeth Nonemaker Named Executive Producer of ‘QXR Podcasting
Published Sept 16, 2022
Peabody Preparatory alum Elizabeth Nonemaker has been named the Executive Producer of ‘QXR Podcasting. Beginning September 12, 2022, Elizabeth will be in charge of WQXR’s strategic growth and leadership... / The Peabody Post
Dmitry Glivinskiy Joins Opera Department at University of Connecticut
Published Sept 15, 2022
Dmitry Glivinskiy (MM ’12, Piano) has been named the music director and head coach for the opera department at the University of Connecticut. / The Peabody Post
Juliano Dutra Aniceto Named Hopkins Symphony Orchestra Assistant Conductor/Hopkins Concert Orchestra Conductor
Published Sept 14, 2022
In June, conducting DMA candidate Juliano Dutra Aniceto was named the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra assistant conductor/Hopkins Concert Orchestra conductor. He makes his first appearance on the podium November... / The Peabody Post