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Hearing the future
Published Nov 2, 2020
Johns Hopkins researchers discover that bats can use echolocation to predict where their prey is headed, providing new insights about how sound can be used to "see"
Computer Science
Dog training methods help JHU teach robots to learn new tricks
Published Oct 26, 2020 Video
Through the kind of positive reinforcement used to train dogs, a robot named Spot was able to learn a new task far faster than usual
Psychological sciences
Babies' random choices become their preferences
Published Oct 2, 2020
We assume we choose things that we like, but research suggests that's sometimes backward: We like things because we choose them, and we dislike things that we don't choose

News feeds from around Johns Hopkins

Alicia Berneche Profile in Chicago Tribune
Published Jan 16, 2021
Alicia Berneche (GPD ’95, Opera) is featured in a profile by the Chicago Tribune discussing how she and other performers and educators have adapted during the pandemic. / The Peabody Post
Wendel Patrick to Host Artworks on MPT
Published Jan 16, 2021
Peabody faculty member Wendel Patrick has been named the host of Artworks on Maryland Public Television. Patrick will engage with artists on season 9 of Artworks in a conversation about all things creative... / The Peabody Post
Midori Named a Kennedy Center Honoree
Published Jan 15, 2021
Distinguished Visiting Artist Midori is among this year’s Kennedy Center honorees to receive the 43rd Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime artistic achievements. The Honors events are scheduled to... / The Peabody Post
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Ranked No. 1 in NIH Funding
Published Jan 14, 2021
The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is ranked No. 1 among schools of nursing for total funding received from the National Institutes of Health for fiscal year 2020. / News
Marin Alsop and Velvet Brown Featured in Inauguration Fanfare for Joe and Kamala
Published Jan 14, 2021
Peabody Conservatory Faculty Artists Marin Alsop and Velvet Brown to be featured in   “Inauguration Fanfare for Joe and Kamala”  Classical Movements, In Association with Marin Alsop, Announce... / The Peabody Post
The Richer You are, The More Likely You’ll Social Distance, Study Finds
Published Jan 14, 2021
The higher a person’s income, the more likely they were to protect themselves at the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, Johns Hopkins University economists find. When it comes... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Mellon Foundation Awards $4M Grant to “Inheritance Baltimore” Project
Published Jan 13, 2021
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation on Wednesday awarded a $4.4 million grant to a team of scholars at Johns Hopkins University that is investigating the history of academic racism in higher education and... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Machine Learning Tool Gives Early Warning Of Cardiac Issues in COVID Patients
Published Jan 13, 2021
A team of Johns Hopkins University biomedical engineers and heart specialists have developed an algorithm that warns doctors several hours before hospitalized COVID-19 patients experience cardiac arrest... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Arts Industry Leaders to Examine Post-COVID Future of the Performing Arts
Published Jan 12, 2021
A diverse roster of performing artists, arts administrators, and arts funders will explore the post-COVID landscape for the performing arts in America in a February 10 symposium hosted online by the Peabody... / The Peabody Post
Johns Hopkins Scientist Develops Method To Find Toxic Chemicals In Drinking Water
Published Jan 12, 2021
Most consumers of drinking water in the United States know that chemicals are used in the treatment processes to ensure the water is safe to drink. But they might not know that the use of some of these... / News from The Johns Hopkins University