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Latest Releases

Exercise hormone halts Parkinson's disease symptoms in mouse study
Published Sept 13, 2022
A new study could pave the way for the creation of a therapy used to treat Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders
Pipes two million times smaller than an ant
Published Sept 7, 2022
Working on microscopic pipes only a millionth as wide as a single strand of human hair, Johns Hopkins University researchers have engineered a way to ensure that these tiniest of pipes are safe from the tiniest of leaks
Cancer prevention
For many patients, ultrasounds could be pivotal for early breast cancer diagnosis
Published Sept 7, 2022
The development of novel ultrasound technology will help radiologists differentiate cancer from benign masses, preventing invasive and unnecessary breast biopsies and multi-year follow-ups
Engineers develop mini caps for mini brains
Published Aug 17, 2022
Engineering feat expands the research and testing available to scientists with brain organoids
How concerned do we need to be about monkeypox?
Published Aug 5, 2022
Johns Hopkins experts weigh in on whether the U.S. is ready for the possibility of twin pandemics
International health
Hopkins-led consortium tackles TB around the world
Published Aug 17, 2022
Funding from USAID supports research key to improving tuberculosis diagnostics, therapeutics, transmission control, prevention, and local stewardship
A broken pipeline: The issues contributing to the U.S. teacher shortage
Published Aug 15, 2022
Ahead of an Aug. 18 panel discussion, Christopher Morphew, dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Education, discusses the challenges American teachers face and strategies and solutions for the profession
With Inflation Reduction Act, U.S. sees landmark action on climate change
Published Aug 12, 2022
Experts from the Ralph O'Connor Sustainable Energy Institute discuss the legislation's impact on renewable energy, carbon capture technology, and other approaches to environmental sustainability

News feeds from around Johns Hopkins

Paul Avgerinos Nominated for 2023 Grammy Award
Published Dec 8, 2022
Paul Avgerinos’ (BM ’81, Double Bass) album Joy has been nominated for a 2023 Grammy award in the category of Best New Age, Ambient, or Chant Album. The category is for albums containing greater... / The Peabody Post
Sean Jones Featured on Babylon Soundtrack
Published Dec 8, 2022
Richard and Elizabeth Case Chair of Jazz Studies Sean Jones will be featured on the Babylon soundtrack. The soundtrack, which consists of 48 score tracks by Oscar winner Justin Hurwitz (La La Land,... / The Peabody Post
Hilary Hahn Nominated for Grammy Award
Published Dec 8, 2022
Preparatory alum Hilary Hahn has been nominated for a Grammy Award in Best Classical Instrument Solo for her performance of Michael Abels’ Isolation Variation. / The Peabody Post
Michael Repper Nominated for Grammy Award
Published Dec 7, 2022
Michael Repper (DMA ’22, Conducting) and the New York Youth Symphony have been nominated by the Recording Academy for a Grammy Award in Best Orchestral Performance for their recording of music by... / The Peabody Post
Peabody Faculty Members Approved for JHU COVID-19 Research Accelerator Grant
Published Dec 7, 2022
Three members of the Peabody faculty have been approved for JHU COVID-19 Research Accelerator Grant. The university created the JHU COVID-19 Research Accelerator Grant program to support humanists, and... / The Peabody Post
Tariq Al-Sabir on The Tonight Show and in Residence with Harlem Stage
Published Dec 6, 2022
Tariq Al-Sabir (BM ’15, Voice) recently joined Dev Hynes, Blood Orange, on stage of The Tonight Show performing “Wish,” from the recently-released Four Songs EP. Al-Sabir is also currently in residence... / The Peabody Post
Warner Classics Releases Manuel Barrueco’s Recordings
Published Dec 4, 2022
Warner Classics released an 11 CD set of Guitar Professor Manuel Barrueco’s (BM ’75 Guitar) recordings on November 4. This set of CD’s compiles Barrueco’s entire legacy for Warner Classics. / The Peabody Post
Joshua Fishbein’s Cantata Co-Winner of The American Prize in Composition
Published Dec 3, 2022
Peabody at Homewood Music Theory faculty member Dr. Joshua Fishbein’s cantata “Out of the Ashes of Holocaust” was chosen as co-winner of The American Prize in Composition—SOCIAL JUSTICE... / The Peabody Post
Sandbox Percussion Make Carnegie Hall Debut
Published Dec 2, 2022
Sandbox Percussion, featuring Jonathan Allen and Peabody alumni Victor Caccese (BM ’11, Percussion), Terry Sweeney (BM ’13, Percussion), and Ian Rosenbaum (BM ’08, Percussion), made their Carnegie... / The Peabody Post
Jacqueline Pollauf’s Exercise Book Featured on Harp Column Podcast
Published Nov 30, 2022
Jacqueline Pollauf’s (MM ’07, Harp) exercise book Pedal Exercises for Harp was recently featured on the Harp Column Music Podcast on an episode about Back to School Skill Builders. Podcast host... / The Peabody Post