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The ocean is a creature unto itself: immense, powerful, romantic, and inspiring, with mysteries left to reveal. In the magazine team’s editorial meetings, oceans-related Hopkins research had come up quite often of late, and it was not long before a tapestry of potential storytelling—from exo-oceans to the state of seafood sales—presented itself. We realized there’s a lot to dive into, and not all of it good news.

Dead letters
Published July 13, 2021
Alphabetic writing may have begun 500 years earlier than believed
Cognitive science
Hand-writing letters shown to be best technique for learning to read
Published July 7, 2021
Hand-writing letters more effectively teaches reading skills compared to typing and watching videos, study finds
Smart tech
Buoys with a brain
Published Summer 2021
APL's Wayne Pavalko creates custom-designed, 3D-printed buoys that monitor our oceans / Johns Hopkins Magazine
An optimist's take on dead zones
Published Summer 2021
Ecologist Sarah Preheim discusses dead zones, algae blooms, and working on the Chesapeake Bay / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Space exploration
Otherworldly oceans
Published Summer 2021
Researchers are almost certain a liquid ocean is hidden beneath the surface of one of Jupiter's moons. The Europa Clipper mission will help determine whether it has all the ingredients necessary for life. / Johns Hopkins Magazine