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Demystifying blockchain technology and Web3. Plus: Sitting in on final rehearsals for Lorelei Ensemble’s performance of *Her Story*; inside alum Paul Rabil’s rocket-fueled plans for pro lacrosse; and Parkinson’s research studies done at Johns Hopkins show the healing power of music.

The healing power of music
Published Winter 2022
Parkinson's research studies done at Johns Hopkins show the healing power of music / Johns Hopkins Magazine
What's your hearing number?
Published Winter 2022
A JHU med student's documentary aims to get people talking about hearing health / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Fighting for your right to know
Published Winter 2022
Nabiha Syed, A&S '07, parlayed a high-profile career in media law into heading The Markup, a news outlet monitoring Big Tech / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Urban policy
Putting a price on Baltimore's vacant housing
Published Winter 2022
A recent report from the Johns Hopkins 21st Century Cities Initiative finds that Baltimore's roughly 15,000 vacant properties cost the city an estimated $210M each year in lost revenue and other costs / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Space exploration
Our lunar future
Published Winter 2022
In his new book, astrophysicist Joseph Silk explores what the moon can offer humans over the next half-century. / Johns Hopkins Magazine