Johns Hopkins Magazine Winter 2023 cover featuring a portrait of Maryland Gov. Wes Moore
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Wes Moore sits down for a Q&A—plus, researchers discover the power of awe; Jami Attenberg pens a writer’s guide to staying productive and creative; APL researchers aim to create food from thin air; and a Hopkins sophomore creates a new type of football PPE.

The art of quitting
Published Winter 2023
Survivor castoff and JHU alum Hannah Rose on why quitting isn't always such a bad thing / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Making big, weird things
Published Winter 2023
YouTuber Brian David Gilbert's work is a roulette of comedy, horror, and music—or all of the above / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Civil rights
Lost legacies, found again
Published Winter 2023
In Before the Movement, alum Dylan C. Penningroth showcases "ordinary black people [using] law in their everyday lives" / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A new landscape for medical tests
Published Winter 2023
30% to 50% of consumers are now comfortable using at-home diagnostics, creating a market demand for tests that allow patients to collect a sample from the comfort of their home / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A space for women programmers
Published Winter 2023
R-Ladies Baltimore aims to give women a supportive space to hone their programming skills / Johns Hopkins Magazine