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A celebration of the women of Johns Hopkins, including the distinguished members of the Class of 1974, an art historian, a pioneering geologist, a photojournalist documenting displacement around the world, and more

Swimming in synch
Published Summer 2024
A new book by Vicki Valosik, 'Swimming Pretty,' probes the push and pull between art and athletics as it chronicles the untold story of women in water. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cracking open the fossil record
Published Summer 2024
Jasmina Wiemann's PaLEO Lab looks at fossils for new clues about how life evolved and how it will persist—or not—during the sixth mass extinction / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Leading with heart
Published Summer 2024
Retiring in June, American Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern, A&S '74, reflects on a career of service / Johns Hopkins Magazine
With all her heart
Published Summer 2024
Writer Heather Lanier reflects on a tough parenting moment: ceding control and trusting that everything will be OK / Johns Hopkins Magazine
An inspiring life remembered
Published Summer 2024
Looking back on the legacy of Pava LaPere / Johns Hopkins Magazine