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A new project explores how cities can better adapt to climate change; Roland Griffiths reflects on a lifetime of research as he receives a terminal diagnosis; Johns Hopkins’ student startup accelerator celebrates five years; and more. Dive into the summer issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine.

Born to run—and jump
Published Summer 2023
With a year remaining in her college career, JHU junior Victoria Kadiri has already set the record for the most-ever individual national titles by a Blue Jay female student-athlete / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The case for more screen time
Published Summer 2023
A pair of recent studies looks at how social isolation affects older adults / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hip-hop's indelible influence
Published Summer 2023
A Baltimore Museum of Art's exhibit celebrates hip-hop's impact on culture / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A history of healing
Published Summer 2023
Kay Redfield Jamison discusses her latest book, which takes a nonlinear approach to cataloging the history of psychotherapy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sending heart tissue to space
Published Summer 2023
Johns Hopkins scientists study aging and heart disease by sending heart "tissue-on-a-chip" to space / Johns Hopkins Magazine