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From learning to love all 700 head-scratching pages of James Joyce’s 100-year-old masterpiece Ulysses to the tale of a young alum finding her voice in Baltimore, the spring issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine is full of long—and short—reads that are sure to please.

Correcting an avian aroma error
Published Spring 2022
Evolutionary biologist Danielle Whittaker's new book sets the record straight on birds' sense of smell / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Shock treatment
Published Spring 2022
A recently published working paper authored by Johns Hopkins professors shows that traumatic life events heavily influence disadvantaged students' decisions about attending college / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Indoor oceans for science's sake
Published Spring 2022
Opened in summer 2020, the Applied Physics Laboratory's new NAMI facility allows researchers to simulate real-life marine environments / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A pioneer at the podium
Published Spring 2022
A new documentary directed by JHU Professor of Media Studies Bernadette Wegenstein explores the many firsts of conductor Marin Alsop / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Oh, memories, where art thou?
Published Spring 2022
Recent research highlights the pandemic's impact on our perception of time and memory. Can we jumpstart new memories, or is this shift permanent? / Johns Hopkins Magazine