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FALL 2021
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Hope for Alzheimer’s as researchers race to bring a promising drug to market, mapping the origins of the universe with the James Webb Space Telescope, a survival guide for zombies (and werewolves, and mummies, and ghosts), and much much more—the fall edition of Johns Hopkins Magazine has something for everyone.

Breathwork to treat PTSD
Published Fall 2021
An upcoming, first-of-its kind study hopes to prove that Holotropic Breathwork therapy can treat PTSD in veterans / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Child Development
Born curious
Published Fall 2021
A new Johns Hopkins study is the first to show that curious babies become curious toddlers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Artificial Intelligence
Computer, composer
Published Fall 2021
Alum Carol Reiley's new project uses AI to help composers make music / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Creative Writing
Self-help for movie monsters
Published Fall 2021
Kathy Flann wants to help movie monsters survive human attacks with her fourth book, an entertainingly preposterous collection of tips for werewolves, mummies, cyborgs, ghosts, and other movie monsters / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ancient oceans
Published Fall 2021
A recent geological study suggests rocks found in Baltimore are parts of Earth's mantle and crust / Johns Hopkins Magazine