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Cancer research
Startup founders from Johns Hopkins aim to stop spread of cancer
Published July 28, 2021
AbMeta Therapeutics, launched by biologist and Provost Denis Wirtz, bioengineer Jamie Spangler, and clinician Elizabeth Jaffee, will combine years of pioneering research to create new drugs that target metastasis
How materials science and engineering enhances the performance of Olympic cyclists
Published July 27, 2021
Each fall, engineer Orla Wilson challenges students to consider how material properties, structure, and processing affect performance in bicycle design
An expert look at natural resource management
Published July 23, 2021
In special feature published in 'PNAS,' Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Paul Ferraro demonstrates how sound science can help communities better manage finite resources
The Games go on, but without fans. Will athletes' performance suffer?
Published July 22, 2021
Vikram Chib, whose research focuses on the brain processes behind motivation and incentive and how they relate to motor actions, discusses what to expect from participants in the Tokyo Olympics
Vaccine hesitancy and ways of reducing it
Published July 22, 2021
Messages that emphasize vaccination within people's social groups shown to be more effective at reversing vaccine hesitancy than messages that highlight national vaccine statistics
Decoding delta
Published July 19, 2021
Virologist Andrew Pekosz discusses what we know so far about the delta variant of the coronavirus and what it means for our understanding of SARS-CoV-2 overall
Researchers partner with industry to create better gene therapy tools
Published July 15, 2021
A team from the Institute for NanoBioTechnology has streamlined the creation of new viral vectors for delivering gene therapy to patients
Cancer research
Protein appears to prevent tumor cells from spreading via blood vessels
Published July 14, 2021
Johns Hopkins researchers identify a key protein in the regulation of cancer metastasis
Cognitive science
Team finds brain mechanism that automatically links objects in our minds
Published July 9, 2021
Scientists map the part of the brain that "links" similar objects, leading to new insights about how the brain processes information out of context
Bringing sustainability to fashion
Published July 8, 2021
Recent graduates Mecca McDonald and Mia Dunn have launched Mo.Na. Gems, a jewelry store selling biodegradable earrings and necklaces of their own design
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