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Seeing red
APL to build 'glasses' for Mars moon mission
Published Nov 18, 2017
2024 launch planned for mission being developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Computer modeling
Hopkins excels in processing department
Published Nov 18, 2017
MARCC's 22,000 processors save researchers money they would otherwise spend building their own computing centers
Technology ventures
JHU announces $65M research commercialization agreement
Published Nov 18, 2017
Bluefield Innovations will help move early stage therapeutic research to the marketplace
Genetic disorders
Heart failure reversed in Marfan mice
Published Nov 18, 2017
Study: Increasing stress on Marfan hearts—even at levels well-tolerated in other hearts—can initiate heart failure
Biomedical engineering
Funding NeMo
Published Nov 18, 2017
Hopkins researchers win $100K grant from Gates Foundation for their lifesaving baby monitoring device
Free fallin' for data
First-semester rush
Published Nov 18, 2017 Video
First-year Biomedical Engineering students measure how a roller coaster ride affects heart rate and blood flow
E.T., stone home
Science rocks
Published Nov 18, 2017
JHU researcher enlists citizen scientists to track down rocks harboring earthly 'extraterrestrials'
Fully charged
Scientists develop more durable lithium-ion battery
Published Nov 18, 2017
Applied Physics Lab researchers help create breakthrough cuttable, flexible, submersible battery / Applied Physics Laboratory
The scientific process
Could you repeat that?
Published Nov 18, 2017
As retractions of published papers grow worldwide, a new effort at Johns Hopkins aims to improve standards and protocols to make science reproducible
Global warming's disproportionate impact
Published Nov 18, 2017
Effects of climate change likely to be more deadly in poor, urban African settlements
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