Newest in Science+Technology

Particle physics
Reflecting on a revolutionary discovery
Published July 5, 2022
July 4 marked the 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson, a key piece in understanding particle physics
A biology lab in the palm of your hands
Published June 29, 2022
A student-created app brings the biology lab experience to users' smartphones, paving the way for a more accessible lab education
Meet the newest grantees of the Cohen Translational Engineering Fund
Published June 29, 2022
The grant is designed to help researchers move their work out of the laboratory and toward commercialization—the process includes developing patents, obtaining materials and supplies, and building prototypes
Climate science
Simultaneous extreme weather created dangerous conditions in U.S.
Published June 28, 2022
The dangerous extremes are expected to continue to topple records as the effects of climate change continue to shift weather patterns
Planetary sciences
Rover the moon
Published June 28, 2022
Johns Hopkins planetary geophysicist Kevin Lewis is co-investigator for a NASA mission that aims to study ice and water on the moon's surface
Engineering for good
Device makes 'daddy duty' easier for new father
Published June 27, 2022
A team of student volunteers designed and created a wheelchair platform that allows a father to connect with his infant son face-to-face
Cancer research
Liquid biopsy quickly detects DNA markers in advanced breast cancer
Published June 24, 2022
The new test, developed by Johns Hopkins researchers, has potential to help oncologists quickly determine the efficacy of a patient's treatment plan
Artificial intelligence
Flawed AI makes robots racist, sexist
Published June 21, 2022
New work led by several universities, including Johns Hopkins, shows that neural networks built from biased Internet data teach robots to enact toxic stereotypes
Johns Hopkins astronomers to discuss new satellite galaxy simulation
Published June 14, 2022
A new simulation used by Johns Hopkins researchers shows abundant streams of satellite galaxies, which early predictions thought to be incredibly rare
New clues suggest how hot Jupiters form
Published June 10, 2022
Johns Hopkins astronomers discover new way of determining the relative age of exoplanets and prove there are multiple ways these planets form
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