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Understanding genetic architecture
Published Aug 15, 2018
Method for identifying how different traits and diseases are influenced by genetics could lead to better-designed studies, researchers say
Parker Solar Probe
Published Aug 15, 2018
While most of the western hemisphere slept, an APL-built spacecraft prepared to make history
Cancer research
Suppressing YAP protein gives immunotherapy a boost
Published Aug 15, 2018
In mouse study, researchers find that turning off YAP protein in regulatory T-cells enhances anti-tumor immune response
Sun science
Can the Parker Solar Probe take the heat?
Published Aug 15, 2018
Researchers at the Applied Physics Lab develop a shield strong enough to protect the spacecraft's sensitive instruments from the heat of the sun
Microbes go dark to stay warm in cooler climates
Published Aug 15, 2018
Microbes and fungi that darken when in colder climates have better survival and may be an important variable in modeling climate change, researchers find
Countdown begins
Cleared for launch
Published Aug 15, 2018
The Parker Solar Probe is making its way to the launchpad where it will lift off and begin its historic journey to the sun
Machine Learning
AI for eyes
Published Aug 15, 2018
Hopkins researchers chart a course for using artificial intelligence to diagnose degenerative eye conditions
Planetary science
Where does Martian dust come from?
Published Aug 15, 2018
New study suggests much of the dust on the surface of Mars comes from a single geological formation
Planetary science
Exoplanet expert named BDP
Published Aug 15, 2018
David Sing, who heads the largest Hubble research program on exoplanets, will hold appointments in two departments within the Krieger School
Dogged determination to help
Published Aug 15, 2018
Study finds that not only will some dogs comfort their owner, but they'll also overcome obstacles to do it
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