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Mission to the Sun
Cool power
Published June 23, 2017
As the APL-built solar probe heads toward its historic encounter with the sun, revolutionary technologies will power and cool the craft
Global health
Helping hospitals go digital
Published June 23, 2017
OneMedical, founded by WSE alum and Nigeria native Adegoke Olubusi, among 15 finalists in Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge
In memoriam
Ecologist William Sladen dies at 96
Published June 23, 2017
Teacher, Antarctic explorer, researcher whose work helped convince EPA to ban pesticide DDT was Johns Hopkins faculty member from 1957 to 1983
Hopkins Baja team competes in 2017 SAE Illinois
Published June 23, 2017 Photos
They designed and built a single-seat off-road vehicle that can withstand rough terrain, coming in at no 42. in the annual racing competition
University rankings
JHU a world leader in U.S. patents
Published June 23, 2017
In rankings of top 100 universities around the world to receive U.S.-issued patents for practical inventions, Hopkins comes in at No. 7
Social gaming
Published Summer 2017
Heavy video game play can be part of a healthy social life, research shows / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A different lens
Published Summer 2017
Popscope's Audrey Buckland wants to bring Baltimore together with pop-up telescope nights / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Warning signs
Published Summer 2017
To reduce construction site injuries, Hopkins team designs wired hard hats that send alerts when hazards like machinery get too close / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Brain science
Can you hear me now?
Published June 23, 2017 Video
Astonishingly speedy brain mechanism—10 times faster than the blink of an eye—helps bats get louder when necessary
Interdisciplinary scholar
Complex systems modeling expert named 29th BDP
Published June 23, 2017
Engineer, applied mathematician Ioannis Kevrekidis joins Johns Hopkins after more than 30 years at Princeton
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