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Faculty honors
Astrophysicist Chuck Bennett earns prestigious Rumford Prize
Published Jan 13, 2022
Bennett led the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, which 'transformed our view of the universe'; he will be recognized in a ceremony next month
New cloud-based platform opens genomics data to all
Published Jan 12, 2022
Creation of Johns Hopkins-led team allows worldwide scientific collaboration for studies of human genetics and health
Safely handling new technologies
Published Jan 11, 2022
Online training modules will focus on the safe development and use of emerging tech such as additive manufacturing, disinfection tech, nanobiotechnology, and e-cigarettes
Mechanical engineering
NSF award will help engineers design sustainable plastics
Published Jan 6, 2022
Researchers will develop a process to melt and blend two common but difficult-to-recycle plastic polymers to create new, high-value plastics
Early dose of convalescent plasma may help COVID-19 patients avoid hospitalization
Published Jan 5, 2022
Nationwide, multicenter clinical trial led by Johns Hopkins shows convalescent plasma works as an early treatment for COVID-19, reducing need for hospitalization by 50%
New photoacoustic imaging process has potential to improve biopsies and catheter insertions
Published Dec 21, 2021
Process automates the task of tracking needle and catheter tips, provides doctors with information regarding the surrounding tissue, may reduce the risk of surgical complications and sepsis
Say what?
Model moves computers closer to understanding human conversation
Published Dec 20, 2021
Piotr Zelasko's model identifies a word's intent—such as 'statement,' 'question,' or 'interruption'—to improve how computers understand and process speech
DNA nanotubes deliver therapeutics to glioblastoma tumors
Published Dec 20, 2021
Nanotechnology offers new route for delivering cancer treatments across the blood brain barrier
Wearable motion sensors help predict outcomes for patients with severe brain injury
Published Dec 17, 2021
These devices record motor signals found to be correlated with levels of patient consciousness and purposeful movement and can help doctors predict patient outcomes
Department of Physics and Astronomy receives $50M gift
Published Dec 16, 2021
Donation from legendary investor Bill Miller will support expanded research into emerging subfields of study, help attract promising young researchers
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