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Undergraduate education
Course examines sexual and gender identity in STEM
Published Dec 1, 2022
In First Year Seminar, Johns Hopkins undergrads explore the history of LGBTQ people in STEM and how science in turn affects the lives of LGBTQ people
Biomedical engineering
New tools map seizures in the brain, improve epilepsy treatment
Published Nov 29, 2022
Two new models could solve a problem that's long frustrated millions of people with epilepsy and the doctors who treat them: how to find precisely where seizures originate to treat exactly that part of the brain.
Cancer research
Novel AI blood test detects liver cancer
Published Nov 21, 2022
The test, developed by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, aids in early detection of liver cancer—one of the leading causes of cancer deaths
This new interactive map lets you scroll through the universe
Published Nov 17, 2022
New map of the universe displays for the first time the span of the entire known cosmos with pinpoint accuracy, sweeping beauty
One size doesn't fit all: An AI approach to creating healthy personalized diets
Published Nov 17, 2022
A Johns Hopkins systems engineer's new method will allow patients to determine an achievable diet to improve their health and better manage negative symptoms
From waste to windfall: Engineers' new method extracts valuable materials from mining discards
Published Nov 16, 2022
The method is more environmentally friendly than current mining approaches and can aid in the production of more sustainable energy resources, such as lithium-ion batteries
Faculty spotlight
Celebrated cancer researcher Chi Van Dang returns to Johns Hopkins
Published Nov 14, 2022
The alumnus and former faculty member of the School of Medicine has been named the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of cancer medicine
To a T-cell: Researchers link immune-cell activity to psychiatric symptoms in women with HIV
Published Nov 4, 2022
Study finds that activation of CD4+ T-cells correlates to better memory and attention, while exhausted or aging CD4+ T-cells correlate to psychiatric symptoms
Engineering for social change
Published Nov 4, 2022
In her 'Social Justice for Engineers' course, alum Sarah Hemminger teaches Johns Hopkins students about how thoughtful design can address social ills
U.S. Space Force partnership will prepare leaders for new challenges
Published Oct 26, 2022
Space Force officers, known as Guardians, will be invited to join an interdisciplinary program offering training in international policy with electives in space-focused engineering
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