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Brain science
Serotonin: The key to unlocking Alzheimer's?
Published Aug 20, 2017
Brain scan study from School of Medicine adds to evidence that lower brain serotonin levels are linked to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia / School of Medicine
'MIT Tech Review'
Suchi Saria recognized among top innovators
Published Aug 20, 2017
Computer scientist whose algorithms help detect life-threatening sepsis named to '35 Innovators Under 35' list
Extinction mystery solved?
Published Aug 20, 2017
New fossil evidence suggests humans played a role in monkey's demise in Jamaica
Cancer research
Identifying cancerous 'shape shifters'
Published Aug 20, 2017
Scientists from Kimmel Cancer Center identify gene that affects prostate cancer's ability to change shape, squeeze into other organs / Hopkins Medicine
Mapping the brain, neuron by neuron
Published Aug 20, 2017
A mathematician and a computer scientist join interdisciplinary effort to create a complete map of a portion of a fruit fly larva brain
Suicide prevention
Why '13 Reasons Why' alarms experts
Published Aug 20, 2017
Release of Netflix show in March prompted spike in suicide-related web searches, fears of suicide contagion
Sound science
Exploring how bats navigate
Published Aug 20, 2017
Research team receives $1M NSF award that supports interdisciplinary brain science
A new dimension of research
Published Aug 20, 2017 Video
3-D microscope gives researchers unprecedented views of organs, tissue, live specimens
Autism research
Tooth fairy in the lab
Published Aug 20, 2017
Scientists study unexpected source of information about in utero exposure to harmful materials: baby teeth
Science of Learning
What learning research looks like
Published Aug 20, 2017
About 150 educators take part in first-ever Science in Action Day at Johns Hopkins
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