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Faculty honors
Four Hopkins researchers named AAAS fellows
Published Nov 24, 2020
Stephen Baylin, Sharon Gerecht, Timothy Heckman, and Elizabeth Stuart recognized for their contributions to their respective fields
Antibody testing
New saliva-based antibody test for SARS-CoV-2 highly accurate in initial study
Published Nov 13, 2020
The test could prove useful for large-scale screening and epidemiological surveys and cuts down on reliance on blood draws
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine reaches clinical milestone
Published Nov 11, 2020
Two experts from Johns Hopkins assess reports that a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has 90% efficacy in clinical trials
Psychedelic treatment with psilocybin shown to relieve major depression
Published Nov 11, 2020
The antidepressant effect of the psilocybin—the active compound in so-called magic mushrooms—was about four times greater than is typically seen in traditional antidepressants currently on the market
Student team develops ventilator alternative for COVID-19 patients
Published Nov 11, 2020
Their leak-proof mask design could be used with common CPAP machines to support the treatment of COVID-19 patients
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