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Biomedical engineering
Students take 2nd in national competition
Published June 19, 2018
PneumoNIX team develops approach to reduce risk of collapsed lung during lung biopsy
Parker Solar Probe
Spacecraft's launch window delayed
Published June 19, 2018
Historic mission to the sun, managed by JHU's Applied Physics Lab, will now begin no earlier than Aug. 4
Civil discourse
Building a 'global public square'
Published June 19, 2018
Agora Institute brings immersive audiovisual Portals to Homewood to connect people at Hopkins with others around the world
Earth sciences
A volcanologist's view of Kilauea
Published June 19, 2018
Hopkins alum Thomas Wright, an expert on volcano hazards in Hawaii, discusses last month's Kilauea eruption
Autonomous vehicles
In the driver's seat
Published Summer 2018
Self-driving cars have the potential to make roads safer. But what do we do while they learn from their mistakes? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Brain science
Think tank
Published Summer 2018
Scientists write about what they'd most like the public to understand about the human brain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Emerging media
The immersive world of Gabo
Published Summer 2018
Filmmaker Gabo Arora uses virtual reality to enable people to walk in another person's shoes / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In disarray
Published Summer 2018
Art and science / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cognitive Science
Thrown for a loop(tail)
Published Summer 2018 Video
What letter of the alphabet can we read but not write? The answer's in the 'g'-tails / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Farm animals
Putting the kibosh on contagion
Published Summer 2018
Surveillance system developed at APL could help public health officials identify infected populations—among humans and animals / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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