Newest in Science+Technology

Robot programming for everyday people
Published Sept 24, 2021
New Demoshop software makes it easier to teach robots to help in the workplace
Five PhD students named Siebel Scholars
Published Sept 22, 2021
Annual award recognizes world's top graduate students in bioengineering, computer science, energy science, and business
JHTV's billion dollar year
Published Sept 22, 2021
Startup companies founded at Johns Hopkins had a record-setting fiscal year, raising more than $1 billion in funding
Hopkins chemist aims to develop longer-lasting, sustainable materials
Published Sept 22, 2021
Rebekka Klausen joins Center for the Chemistry of Molecularly Optimized Networks with focus on increasing the lifetime of synthetic rubbers and designing plastics that can decompose upon a chemical trigger
Brain science
Enticed by pumpkin spice
Published Sept 21, 2021
Perception researchers Jason Fischer and Sarah Cormiea explain how it's the scent that triggers autumnal memories and leaves us reaching for our wallets
Experts: Schools need better data to assess risks
Published Sept 20, 2021
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center aims to provide vital, localized views of the pandemic to help school leaders make difficult decisions
Unraveling a mathematical mystery
Published Sept 20, 2021
The Krieger School's Yiannis Sakellaridis earned the prestigious honor of speaking at the International Congress of Mathematicians, where he'll discuss a conundrum known as L-functions
Data visualization
Demographic data tools tell story of COVID-19's U.S. impact
Published Sept 14, 2021
The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center now collects, tracks, and displays data on race, gender, age, and ethnicity across cases, deaths, tests, and vaccinations
And spaceflight for all
Published Sept 13, 2021
The School of Medicine's Mark Shelhamer discusses SpaceX's upcoming all-civilian Inspiration4 mission and its importance for broadening human access to space
Global health
New dashboard sheds light on COVID vaccine hesitancy
Published Sept 13, 2021
Interactive tool created with survey data collected from more than 12 million people from 115 countries and analyzed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs
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