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Baltimore Pride
Blue Jays let their colors fly
Published June 25, 2017 Photos
About 200 members of the Johns Hopkins community march in parade at annual city festival
Hopkins on the Hill
The importance of federal research funding
Published June 25, 2017
At Washington D.C. event, researchers from across JHU showcase their work made possible by grants from federal agencies
Stable homes
Published Summer 2017
To locate vacant Baltimore homes that could be saved from deterioration, acting housing commissioner turned to two JHU applied mathematicians for help / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Architectural bazooka
Published Summer 2017
Blogger behind 'McMansion Hell' takes aim at American consumerism, one oversized foyer at a time / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Screen test
Published Summer 2017
Policymakers can have disruptive effects on industries even if they have good intentions, Hopkins economist finds / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Life lessons from rhinos
Published Summer 2017
A museum program pairs up with the Maryland Zoo, challenging students to create promo materials that educate and fascinate local school kids / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Arctic policy
As the ice breaks
Published Summer 2017
A massive territory-grab of underwater resources is taking place in the Arctic—but when it comes to staking its claim, America lags behind / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Global disorder
Coping with the displaced millions
Published Summer 2017
Bloomberg School researchers Paul Spiegel, Len Rubenstein, and Courtland Robinson bring facts and data to the discussion of mass human migration / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sit rep
Published Summer 2017
A deep-dive into Eliot Cohen's 'thoughtful, carefully reasoned' book, 'The Big Stick' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Furry, four-legged, and family
Published Summer 2017
Scientist and writer David Grimm says the dogs and cats of today are quasi-citizens, with more rights and legal protections than ever before / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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