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Race, inequality after Charlottesville
Published Aug 23, 2017
JHU political scientist Robert Lieberman co-authors 'Foreign Affairs' article in aftermath of Virginia protests / Foreign Affairs
Public health
High rural suicide rates largely driven by guns
Published Aug 23, 2017
Of every three deaths involving guns, only one is a homicide. The other two are suicides.
Racial justice
The 'paper-rock-scissors' view of Charlottesville
Published Aug 23, 2017
In commentary, historian N.D.B. Connolly puts America's legacy of white supremacy into context of childhood game / The Washington Post
Suicide prevention
Why '13 Reasons Why' alarms experts
Published Aug 23, 2017
Release of Netflix show in March prompted spike in suicide-related web searches, fears of suicide contagion
Public health
3 proposals earn BAHI seed grants
Published Aug 23, 2017
Bloomberg American Health Initiative support projects addressing climate change, sexual assault
Organizational behavior
Adventure races yield business lessons
Published Aug 23, 2017
Kathleen Sutcliffe, a JHU Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, co-authors study of how organizations handle adversity
Urban policy
Medicine grad shares Abell Award
Published Aug 23, 2017
Proposal suggests using psychotherapy to help break cycle of violent behavior among Baltimore youth
CityLab Baltimore
Experts discuss pressing urban issues
Published Aug 23, 2017
Hopkins faculty members, alums weigh in on blight, opioids, and other challenges faced by cities
Food security
Safeguarding Baltimore's food supply
Published Aug 23, 2017
Report co-developed by JHU's Center for a Livable Future highlights threats from extreme weather, civil unrest
Flight of the working class
Published Aug 23, 2017
Study: Shift away from Democratic Party affiliation among blue-collar voters set stage for Trump's victory
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