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Experts: Schools need better data to assess risks
Published Sept 20, 2021
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center aims to provide vital, localized views of the pandemic to help school leaders make difficult decisions
The legality of vaccine mandates
Published Sept 20, 2021
Carey Business School expert Stacey Lee discusses the implications and possible outcomes of requiring employees to get COVID-19 vaccines
9/11 anniversary
Turning trauma into action, advocacy
Published Sept 9, 2021
New course from Program in Islamic Studies provides tools to research, analyze the personal and systemic impacts of 9/11 while building advocacy and allyship
Vision for Baltimore
Glasses boost academic outcomes
Published Sept 9, 2021
Three-year clinical study is the most robust analysis to date linking access to eyeglasses with higher test scores, especially for students having the most trouble in school
Baby carriage before marriage?
Published Sept 7, 2021
New research by sociologist Andrew Cherlin suggests a historic shift away from the traditional marriage-then-baby continuum among college-educated moms
New students get a democracy crash course
Published Sept 1, 2021
Participants in inaugural Democracy Day learn about the role of a university in a democratic society and the value of free inquiry, civic engagement
A closer look at the U.S. economic recovery
Published Aug 27, 2021
Economist Jonathan Wright shares insights on key indicators for recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic as well as thoughts on what was learned during the Great Recession
Center for Talented Youth
CTY's new social justice courses empower students to spark change
Published Aug 23, 2021
The curriculum for academically advanced pre-college learners is part of an overarching antiracism initiative launched by the center
Focused? Frustrated? Restless?
Published Aug 18, 2021
Hopkins researchers who study classroom stress create an app that makes it easier for students to tell teachers how they're feeling
Data visualization
Many states abandon daily reporting of COVID data
Published Aug 17, 2021
Despite new COVID-19 cases exceeding 900,000 last week, 36 states do not update their pandemic data every day, causing significant data gaps for public health agencies and officials
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