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Dangerous school commutes linked to absenteeism
Published Feb 13, 2019
Students whose routes to school pass through areas with high rates of violent crime are shown to have increased absenteeism and lower test scores, graduation rates
On tech and democracy
Published Feb 11, 2019
Technosociologist Zeynep Tufekci joins author, innovator Alec Ross tonight for "Democracy Dialogues"
SNF Agora Institute
Democracy in retreat
Published Feb 6, 2019
Experts meet at SAIS to discuss the downward trend in democracy documented in the new Freedom in the World 2019 report
International Affairs
SAIS launches new doctoral program
Published Feb 4, 2019
Doctor of International Affairs degree provides practical experience for professionals, can be completed in two to three years
Homewood Museum embraces a more inclusive history
Published Feb 1, 2019
New guided tour includes a focus on the lives of two enslaved families who lived and worked there: the Connors and the Rosses
Income inequality
Quantifying the gender pay gap over time
Published Jan 30, 2019
Even a seemingly small discrepancy in pay can add up to a difference of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime, analysis finds
Divided Nation
Navigating partisan waters
Published Jan 29, 2019
SNF Agora Institute sponsors roundtable with Maryland's Larry Hogan, New Hampshire's Chris Sununu, and Pennsylvania's Tom Wolf
Intelligent debate
Published Jan 18, 2019
Hopkins students learn the Oxford-style format, which stresses substance over soundbite
Gaps found in access to opioid treatment
Published Jan 16, 2019
Nearly two-thirds of outpatient centers that treat substance abuse don't offer any form of FDA-approved medication for opioid addiction, study finds
Governors forum
Navigating partisan waters
Published Jan 15, 2019
Three governors will discuss how they work with opposing-party legislatures at event co-hosted by JHU's SNF Agora Institute and PBS NewsHour
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