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EPA phases out PFAS
Published April 19, 2024
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency imposes first-ever regulations limiting chemicals known as PFAS, or forever chemicals, in drinking water
'Not fluff': Exploring the evolving role of the first lady in the U.S.
Published April 18, 2024
Authors Katie Rogers and Anita McBride discuss the changing nature of the job, from Eleanor Roosevelt to Jill Biden
Experts estimate scenarios for excess deaths in Gaza
Published April 15, 2024
Johns Hopkins civil and systems engineering professor Tak Igusa explains how the research team modeled projections of future casualties from trauma, infectious diseases, and other factors in Gaza
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How science can help countries forge unlikely connections
Published April 12, 2024
By finding common ground in science, nations with otherwise strained relationships can build ties and establish friendships, says Nobel laureate and science diplomat Peter Agre
An up-close look at pro-democracy conservatives
Published April 1, 2024
In contrast to those who reject the results of the 2020 election, nearly a third of Republicans accept the results, trust institutions, and appreciate diverse political perspectives
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Published Spring 2024
A SAIS professor who grew up in Soviet Siberia takes a fresh look at the Cold War utilizing newly released documents / Johns Hopkins Magazine
How to overhaul America's schools
Published Spring 2024
In her new book, Associate Professor Ashley Rogers Berner makes the case for funding diverse types of schools but holding them all to the same academic standards / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The Bard's Prophecies
Published Spring 2024
SAIS Professor Eliot Cohen's new book explores what Shakespeare can teach us about modern-day politics / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Battle of the Airwaves
Published Spring 2024
The book How to Win an Information War chronicles WWII-era propagandist Sefton Delmer / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Commencement 2024
Mitt Romney named Commencement speaker
Published March 28, 2024
Senator and 2012 Republican presidential nominee will address the Class of 2024 on May 23
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