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Could COVID-19 vaccines become mandatory in the U.S.?
Published Nov 20, 2020
While there is legislative precedent for vaccine mandates, legal and public health expert Joanne Rosen says other strategies could help U.S. states achieve widespread vaccination for COVID-19
COVID-19 pandemic enters its most serious phase in U.S.
Published Nov 19, 2020
Amid record surges of the coronavirus, Johns Hopkins public health experts advise hunkering down to save lives in the months ahead
The Democracy Project
A democracy for all
Published Nov 19, 2020
Democracy is a system of government for the whole population. Freedom from violence—physical or psychological—is fundamental to that promise.
Hopkins offers several democracy-themed spring courses
Published Nov 18, 2020
The courses will give students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the democratic process and bolster their civic engagement
Democracy and the university in the age of COVID-19
Published Nov 11, 2020
Universities, which are committed to free inquiry and the peaceful contestation of ideas, are indispensable to liberal democracy. At a time when liberal democracy is itself increasingly fragile, we need them more than ever.
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