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K-12 education
When school feels 'like prison,' test scores, college attendance drop
Published Sept 21, 2022
Students at high schools with prominent security measures have lower math scores, are less likely to attend college and are suspended more compared to students in schools with less surveillance, finds a new Johns Hopkins University study.
Gun control
Study finds significant increase in firearm assaults in states that relaxed conceal carry permit restrictions
Published Sept 21, 2022
A new study shows that certain provisions in conceal carry laws, such as restricting who can carry a concealed firearm based on past convictions, may reduce risks associated with civilian gun carrying
Hopkins Votes
'Every voice matters'
Published Sept 21, 2022
The Hub spoke to Johns Hopkins students on National Voter Registration Day about why they are registered and ready to cast their ballots this November
Addiction and recovery: A philosopher's view
Published Sept 16, 2022
Philosophy Professor Hanna Pickard suggests that no case of addiction is exactly like another—and understanding why someone chooses to continue using drugs despite the personal cost is vital to their recovery
Amy Shelton named next CTY director
Published Sept 14, 2022
Shelton, an expert in cognitive psychology and a Hopkins faculty member since 2002, previously served as CTY's interim director from 2019-2020
What is 'quiet quitting'?
Published Sept 12, 2022
Rick Smith of the Carey Business School talks about what this TikTok buzzword really means for workers and workplaces
Student spotlight
Mission for good
Published Sept 6, 2022
As part of Project Independence Day, Johns Hopkins graduate student Jonathan Klein helps purchase much-needed ambulances and deliver them to Ukraine
In Memoriam
Joseph Cooper, professor emeritus and former provost, dies at 88
Published Sept 1, 2022
Cooper, a pioneer in the study of the development of Congress, served as professor of political science at Johns Hopkins from 1991 until 2012
Democracy Day
'Young people are not just our future, but our right now'
Published Aug 30, 2022 Video
Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott, university President Ron Daniels, and expert faculty discuss the value of democracy, as well as threats to it
After Supreme Court EPA ruling, regulatory patchwork remains
Published Aug 23, 2022
A lack of unified national regulation will not only slow the Biden administration's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but will also slow business investments and innovation, according to climate policy expert Paul Ferraro
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