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Justice for all?
Published June 7, 2023
Political scientist and sociologist Vesla Weaver is spending her career listening to and researching the voices of people whose experience of democracy, citizenship, and government is completely different from that of those not living under police surveillance
K-12 Education
Baltimore students celebrate the end of the year with CTY
Published June 6, 2023
Students and their families attended a celebration on the Homewood campus marking the end of a fruitful year of academic exploration through the Baltimore Emerging Scholars Program
Gun violence
Gun-related deaths reach record high in U.S.
Published June 6, 2023
2021 CDC data shows nearly 49,000 firearm fatalities, more than half as a result of suicide
Policy briefing
Prescription drug shortages force tough treatment decisions
Published June 5, 2023
Hopkins experts discuss current shortages in chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, and other critical medicines—and how to overcome them
Bolstering economic independence for African women
Published May 31, 2023
Independent SAIS report shows women in three African countries earned and saved significantly more money through participation in an initiative led by Bloomberg Philanthropies
Novelty is essential to keeping bright learners engaged this summer
Published May 23, 2023
Recent research from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth finds that advanced learners are engaged by new academic content and novel learning approaches
SNF Agora names new visiting fellows
Published May 16, 2023
The incoming cohort of journalists, artists, scholars, a poet, policy consultants, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders will engage with issues around democracy through a variety of lenses
U.S. textbooks miss opportunities to teach Latino history
Published May 16, 2023
Analysis of how Latinos are portrayed in U.S. history textbooks reveals lack of authenticity, failure to cover seminal events in the Latino experience
Hopkins joins national effort to address K-12 learning loss
Published May 10, 2023
JHU among a group of 26 universities answering a call from the Biden administration to help close achievement gaps heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic
Public health policy insights help bridge bipartisan divide
Published May 9, 2023
Former Johns Hopkins Hospital resident Anand Parekh has carved out a successful career in public service and currently serves as chief medical advisor at the Bipartisan Policy Center
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