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After COVID-19
Recalibrating the American educational system
Published April 7, 2020
When assessing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation's public school system, education reformer Bob Balfanz sees a light on the horizon
U.S. faces long road to reopening
Published April 7, 2020
Crystal Watson, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, discusses the steps needed to navigate the pandemic safely and how to begin transitioning back to normalcy
Hopkins at Home
Lectures, livestreams, and more—no matter where you are
Published April 7, 2020
New online resource provides access to live sessions with faculty as well as recorded lectures and presentations
Nurses face tough decisions, moral distress
Published April 6, 2020
Nursing ethics expert Cynda Rushton discusses the conditions and decisions encountered daily by nurses wrestling with the health care challenges posed by COVID-19
COVID-19 and global supply chains
Published April 6, 2020
Goker Aydin, an operations management expert at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, discusses challenges to the global supply chain
COVID-19 misinformation claiming to be from Johns Hopkins circulates widely
Published April 3, 2020
Message billed as 'excellent summary' of coronavirus information has no identifiable connection to Johns Hopkins, has been labeled 'misattributed' by Snopes
COVID-19 study examines how people respond to stay-at-home orders
Published April 2, 2020
After learning stay-at-home orders would be in place for less time than expected, Italians said they were more likely to comply with the measures
COVID-19's impact in Italy and Europe
Published March 31, 2020
Filippo Taddei, who teaches at SAIS Europe's Bologna campus in Italy, discusses the COVID-19 outbreak from the European perspective
How to help an economy in crisis
Published March 25, 2020
Kathleen Day, an expert in financial crises at the Carey Business School, discusses the $2 trillion stimulus package currently before Congress and how it can help the nation weather the economic storm
Discussion series
The politics of the pandemic
Published March 24, 2020
SNF Agora Institute convenes experts virtually to examine issues related to COVID-19 and its impact on democracy around the world
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