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Students to take center stage in debate initiative
Published Jan 31, 2023
Debate director Louise Flavahan aims to turn tension into dialogue, starting with a discussion about voting rights Feb. 8 featuring Karl Rove and Symone Sanders-Townsend
The thorny history of sickle cell anemia
Published Jan 25, 2023
As part of the university's Racism and Repair in the Modern Academy project, Johns Hopkins researchers look inward at the past, present, and future of treatment for this disease
Democracy in action
Wes Moore sworn in as Maryland governor
Published Jan 18, 2023
The Krieger School alumnus is the first Black governor of Maryland and only the third Black governor in U.S. history
MLK Jr. Commemoration
'Be the hero in your own story'
Published Jan 13, 2023
Collette V. Smith tells her story of making history as the NFL's first Black female coach at Johns Hopkins' 41st annual celebration of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
An advocate for health policy solutions
Published Jan 4, 2023
Atul Grover, who earned a PhD from the Bloomberg School in 2004, serves as executive director of the Association of American Medical Colleges' Research and Action Institute
Expert Opinion
Is TikTok stealing more than just your time?
Published Dec 21, 2022
Cybersecurity expert Anton Dahbura discusses growing concerns with the popular app, citing potential data theft as a risk to U.S. security
Expert insights
The promise and peril of ChatGPT
Published Dec 16, 2022
The viral language-model artificial intelligence app recently released by OpenAI holds great promise and frightening potential, says Carey Business School expert Tinglong Dai
Fighting for your right to know
Published Winter 2022
Nabiha Syed, A&S '07, parlayed a high-profile career in media law into heading The Markup, a news outlet monitoring Big Tech / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Urban policy
Putting a price on Baltimore's vacant housing
Published Winter 2022
A recent report from the Johns Hopkins 21st Century Cities Initiative finds that Baltimore's roughly 15,000 vacant properties cost the city an estimated $210M each year in lost revenue and other costs / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Book recommendations from Hopkins scholars and experts
Published Dec 15, 2022
We asked faculty members, library staff, and many others about the best books they read in 2022. This is what they told us.
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