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Case competition
Hopkins team takes first
Published Nov 19, 2017
Interdisciplinary solution to pneumonia vaccine problem declared most innovative, viable by a panel of Pfizer executives
Truth and consequences
Published Nov 19, 2017
Richard Bett, chair of the philosophy department, says we could learn from the skeptics of ancient Greece
MSE Symposium
4 takeaways from John Kasich's talk
Published Nov 19, 2017 Video
Former GOP presidential candidate focuses on mental health, kindness, and faith
Family health
To make a change, ask an abuela
Published Nov 19, 2017
In rural parts of Guatemala, a Johns Hopkins program teaches essential household skills to the people who traditionally lead the family: the grandmother
Race in America
'Time to move on' from exploiting nature
Published Nov 19, 2017
Activist Winona LaDuke says it's time to move toward multicultural democracies and sustainable economies
Childhood development
Products of their environments
Published Nov 19, 2017
A neighborhood's quality has a lasting effect on a child's behavior, Bloomberg School researchers find
Texas church shooting 'fits a pattern'
Published Nov 19, 2017
Despite research thats shows majority of mass shootings have a connection to domestic abuse, policy loopholes allow abusers to obtain firearms easily
Interdisciplinary scholars
Trailblazing social scientist joins JHU
Published Nov 19, 2017
Vesla Weaver is a leading scholar on racial inequality, criminal justice issues
MSE Symposium
A country divided by fake news
Published Nov 19, 2017
MSNBC political analyst Joy-Ann Reid discusses the polarized media landscape and how we got here
Economist discusses next Fed chair
Published Nov 19, 2017
Carey School's Alessandro Rebucci offers insight on Jerome Powell, Trump's pick to lead the Federal Reserve
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