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Hopkins student asks President Biden about climate change
Published Oct 21, 2021
Sophomore class president Kobi Khong posed a question to President Biden during a town hall event in Baltimore on Thursday night
Heading off Head Start educator burnout
Published Oct 21, 2021
School of Education's Lieny Jeon will co-lead a five-year, $2.1M study of well-being interventions to combat stress and build resilience in educators serving low-income communities
Public innovation
New Hopkins center will help cities develop creative solutions
Published Oct 20, 2021
With a $43M investment, the Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation aims to deliver better results for residents while advancing the field of public sector innovation
Portrait of LGBTQ rights trailblazer unveiled
Published Oct 12, 2021
Edith Windsor, who received a JHU honorary degree in 2014 and who died in 2017, played a pivotal role in the fight for marriage equality in the U.S.
Health Policy Forum
Hopkins to host conversation with Merck CEO Robert Davis
Published Sept 27, 2021
Davis, who leads one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, will discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and drug affordability on Oct. 4
Marching on
Published Fall 2021
Reviewing SNF Agora Institute Director and Political Science Professor Hahrie Han's 'Prisms of the People: Power & Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Child Development
Born curious
Published Fall 2021
A new Johns Hopkins study is the first to show that curious babies become curious toddlers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Experts: Schools need better data to assess risks
Published Sept 20, 2021
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center aims to provide vital, localized views of the pandemic to help school leaders make difficult decisions
The legality of vaccine mandates
Published Sept 20, 2021
Carey Business School expert Stacey Lee discusses the implications and possible outcomes of requiring employees to get COVID-19 vaccines
9/11 anniversary
Turning trauma into action, advocacy
Published Sept 9, 2021
New course from Program in Islamic Studies provides tools to research, analyze the personal and systemic impacts of 9/11 while building advocacy and allyship
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