Scheduling, simplified
Published Oct 22, 2016
Course registration just got easier with an app developed by students at Johns Hopkins.—launched in October 2015 and supported by $10,000 in grants from JHU's Ralph O’Connor Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Fund—includes a color-coded, customizable scheduler function; a social aspect that lets users see which class their friends are taking and add course reviews; and an partnership that enables students to purchase textbooks. The app currently has more than 26,000 users across three universities; at Hopkins, more than 60 percent of this year's freshman class used the platform to organize their fall semester schedules.
JHU adds undergrad business minor
Published Oct 22, 2016
Students can declare minor—which has eight required courses—in time for spring 2017 semester
MSE Symposium
Becoming 'unerased'
Published Oct 22, 2016
Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson discusses police brutality, the power of social media, and the changing face of activism
An open debate
Published Oct 22, 2016
Hopkins Democrats, Republicans come together for nonpartisan viewing party of final presidential debate