Urban farming
New fishy business plan
Published July 24, 2016
The aquaponics lab at Cylburn Arboretum was originally conceived in 2012 as a demo project for JHU's Center for a Livable Future to test the viability of aquaponics, a niche but attention-catching corner of the urban farming movement. Ultimately, after not seeing profitability, Hopkins scientist Dave Love and his team tilted their focus to the aspect of the project that seemed more fruitful: its potential to educate. The rechristened Food System Lab, which has defined itself as an urban teaching farm, welcomed more than 1,500 visitors last year through school and group trips, service learning, and open houses.
Stem cell research
Protein bolsters growth of damaged muscle tissue
Published July 24, 2016
Discovery could contribute to treatments for muscle degeneration caused by aging, diseases such as muscular dystrophy
Mental illness
Infections, antibiotic use linked to manic episodes
Published July 24, 2016
Research suggests changes in microbiome could play role in ebb, flow of psychiatric symptoms / Hopkins Medicine
In memoriam
Chemist Justine Roth dies at 46
Published July 24, 2016
Her work focused on metal containing radical enzymes involved in energy production in mammals, photosynthesis in plants