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Biomedical engineering
Back in the game
Published June 23, 2016 Video
It’s tough to play video games when you have no fingers to push buttons on the controller. Just ask Gyorgy Levay, an avid gamer who lost both hands to a meningitis infection five years ago. But Levay (right) and two fellow Johns Hopkins graduate students have devised a clever way get him—and others with similar disabilities—back in the game.
Cancer research
Kimmel Center joins research consortium
Published June 22, 2016
Four leading cancer centers aim to discover, develop new treatments with support from biopharmaceutical company Celgene
Foreign policy experts weigh in on Brexit vote
Published June 24, 2016
Political upheaval of this scale has not occurred since the end of World War II, one expert says
Cognitive science
Knowing vs. remembering
Published June 22, 2016 Video
How an artist, former pilot with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory