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Global health

Putting the freeze on breast cancer

May 3, 2016
Biomedical engineering undergraduate students (from left to right) Monica Rex, Ben Lee, and Sonia Trukru are part of a nine-member team working to improve on treatment options for breast cancer patients who live in low-resource areas such as South Africa. The team is exploring an established but lesser-used option in breast cancer management that uses extreme cold to kill cancer cells. A probe inserted through the skin to the tumor delivers liquid nitrogen or gas to cancer cells, freezing them.
Andrew Cherlin, Timothy Heckman, Kenneth Kinzler, Geraldine Seydoux among 84 new members
Human Library challenges participants to go beyond stereotypes
Study Abroad

4 named Gilman Scholars

April 29, 2016
Scholarship will support summer studies in Japan, Peru, France, Senegal, Jordan
Students will soon have option of earning bachelor's in engineering, MBA within five years