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Laugh track
Published Spring 2021
With The Crew, Netflix puts comedian Dan Ahdoot's career in high gear / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Collaborating for change
Published March 10, 2021
March 11's debut concert of the Racial Justice Concert Series brings together Baltimore Ceasefire 365 and the Baltimore Boom Bap Society
Foreign Affairs Symposium announces spring 2021 lineup
Published Feb 15, 2021
Speaker series will feature a lineup of artists, activists, and journalists in its 24th year
Toon school
Published Jan 20, 2021
Students explore old and new animation techniques in Karen Yasinsky's Animating Cartoons course
Peabody faculty artists featured in 'Inauguration Fanfares'
Published Jan 19, 2021
Marin Alsop conducts, tuba soloist Velvet Brown performs in ensemble assembled to honor Joe Biden, Kamala Harris
The enduring value of an English degree
Published Jan 15, 2021
Despite a struggling labor market and emerging technologies that emphasize the importance of STEM fields, an English degree is as useful as ever, says JHU Professor Mark Christian Thompson
Cognitive science
Music on the mind
Published Jan 5, 2021
Music Cognition course examines music through a highly interdisciplinary lens in order to answer complex questions of human brain function and development
The man in the Panama hat
Published Winter 2020
Alum Brent Black brought a passion for nice things to an art form in need of saving. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A life in dog years
Published Winter 2020
In her new memoir, writer and activist Jennifer Finney Boylan recalls her past through seven beloved canines. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tribute to an icon
Published Winter 2020
In October, the late Rep. Elijah Cummings was immortalized in this mural on the grounds of Union Baptist Church in West Baltimore. The project was realized by the church, its surrounding community, Baltimore graffiti writer Adam Stab, and the Johns Hopkins Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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