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This weekend
Peabody alums perform at Artscape
Published July 21, 2018
Outcalls frontwomen Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish bring award-winning operatic vocals to electronic pop
Peabody performers light up the stage at Artscape
Published July 21, 2018
A roundup of Artscape performers who hail from Peabody
Studio North
Homewood to Hollywood
Published July 21, 2018
Studio North production company gives aspiring filmmakers essential hands-on experience creating films
Chris Lebron receives 2018 Hiett Prize in the Humanities
Published July 21, 2018
Philosophy faculty member recognized for work that 'shows extraordinary promise to have a significant impact on contemporary culture'
Paris praise for 'Sollers Point'
Published July 21, 2018
Film by Hopkins lecturer Matthew Porterfield earns top jury prize at Champs-Élysées Film Festival
A beautiful day for a neighbor
Published July 21, 2018
Carey researcher revisits her award-winning dissertation on the enduring legacy of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood'
Civil discourse
Building a 'global public square'
Published July 21, 2018
Agora Institute brings immersive audiovisual Portals to Homewood to connect people at Hopkins with others around the world
Living with Lyme
Published Summer 2018
In her new memoir, author and alum Porochista Khakpour explores Lyme disease through a grand metaphysical reflection on feeling out of place in her own body / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with J.D. Connor
Published Summer 2018
Hopkins alum dishes on the business of show business and why the stories Hollywood tells about itself matter / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Emerging media
The immersive world of Gabo
Published Summer 2018
Filmmaker Gabo Arora uses virtual reality to enable people to walk in another person's shoes / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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