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Exhibit celebrates beloved jazz vocalist, daughter of Baltimore
Published Feb 19, 2024
Known for her philosophy of 'soft power,' Ethel Ennis said she was proud to have bloomed where she was planted, in her hometown of Baltimore
Grammy winners feature Peabody pianists
Published Feb 5, 2024
Awards for best classical producer, best contemporary classical composition include performances by alums Awadagin Pratt and John Wilson
Listen up
Grammy-nominated music from Peabody faculty and alumni
Published Jan 24, 2024
Check out our playlist of Hopkins-affiliated nominees and contributors ahead of the 2024 Grammy Awards
Performing arts
History of psychotherapy takes center stage
Published Jan 23, 2024
Psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison, composer Michael Hersch, and soprano Ah Young Hong team up for a powerful musical exploration of mental illness and healing
A pipe dream come true
Published Jan 23, 2024
Peabody teaching associate Jordan Prescott shares his love for pipe organs with Johns Hopkins students during a winter-break course
In memoriam
Anthropologist Jane Guyer dies at 80
Published Jan 22, 2024
A specialist in economic transformations in West Africa, Guyer was celebrated for her theoretical discourse as well as the 'forward motion' she inspired among scholars and her devoted students
In memoriam
Jerome Schneewind dies at 93
Published Jan 9, 2024
Schneewind was best known for his innovative research on the history of ethics, authoring and editing influential articles and volumes that stand as definitive works
Who owns Mickey Mouse?
Published Jan 2, 2024
With the original iteration of Mickey Mouse now in the public domain, business law expert Stacy Lee discusses the implications of the iconic character's copyright expiring
Public humanities transcends barriers
Published Dec 19, 2023
An emerging field, the public humanities is raising awareness about social justice issues and leading to meaningful collaborations between Johns Hopkins University and local communities
In memoriam
J.G.A. Pocock dies at 99
Published Dec 18, 2023
Considered one of the great historians of his generation, Pocock wove philosophy, political science, and history into a program in political and moral thought that Hopkins is known for today
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