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Baltimore artists to inspire campus conversations
Published Nov 7, 2023
Initiative will bring contemporary works of art to JHU, with a goal of selecting artists and artwork representing a broad range of perspectives
Hopkins in D.C.
Hopkins Bloomberg Center launches Authors & Insights series
Published Oct 30, 2023
Series starts with book events featuring 'New York Times' author and columnist David Leonhardt, SAIS expert Eliot Cohen
Cutting through the distortion on musician hearing health
Published Oct 30, 2023
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Kris Chesky talks about the musician-specific earplug industry, and what might be done to improve how musicians and their teachers prevent noise-induced hearing loss
A virtual guide to art at Hopkins
Published Oct 23, 2023
More than 200 works of public art at Hopkins locations in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., can now be viewed via the Bloomberg Connects app
JHU group eyes science TV reboot
Published Oct 10, 2023
Inspired by a landmark Hopkins television show from the '40s and '50s, a small team wants to create a new type of science program for the streaming age
Climate change in black and white
Published Oct 9, 2023
Documentary co-produced by SNF Agora Institute visiting fellow Rona Kobell explores the nexus of climate change and historic racism
Late night laughs
Published Fall 2023
Sal Gentile mines comedy gold for Late Night With Seth Meyers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Near Eastern Studies
Disruptor of the pharaohs
Published Fall 2023
Egyptologist Kara Cooney wants us to stop romanticizing ancient Egypt / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Community Impact
Henson's world
Published Aug 15, 2023
Sharon Lee, one of 49 students involved in this summer's Community Impact Internships Program, spent the summer as an education intern for the Jim Henson exhibition at the Maryland Center for History and Culture
From pen to picket line
Published July 19, 2023
Krieger School alum and Emmy-nominated late-night comedy writer Sal Gentile talks about the ongoing Hollywood writers' strike
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