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R.A.W. emotion
Published Oct 1, 2019
'R.A.W. Tuba' documents the journey of tubist and Peabody graduate Richard Antoine White from Baltimore's streets to the symphony
Project combines art, history, scholarly research, and community outreach
Published Sept 20, 2019
Lawrence Jackson's Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts aims to document the history of African American life in Baltimore and foster intellectual ties between the university and the community
Detention camps, in their own words
Published Sept 17, 2019
Program in Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship hosts teach-in discussion of historic and modern day concentration camps
Beauty and the Brain
Published Fall 2019
The Johns Hopkins International Arts + Mind Lab is working to advance the emerging field of neuroaesthetics, our biological response to art, dance, music, and architecture / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Film's warrior queen
Published Fall 2019
After an illness threatened to sideline her film project, alum Devika Bhise took control of the independent biopic and brought the Indian revolutionary Lakshmibai to life / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Behind the scenes
Published Fall 2019
Students from Johns Hopkins and Goucher are curating an exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art focusing on African art / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Review: Narges Bajoghi's 'Iran Reframed'
Published Fall 2019
This vital work of media scholarship explores how the Iranian regime communicates with the public—and the stories that emerge from propaganda / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Book review: Katrin Pahl's 'Sex Changes with Kleist'
Published Fall 2019
Heinrich von Kleist was ahead of his time in his considerations of gender and theater / Johns Hopkins Magazine
This artwork is alive
Published Fall 2019
PhD student Kiara Eldred has found herself at the center of an unlikely intersection: she's been growing complex retinal organoids from stem cells for an experimental art installation in Hong Kong / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Photographing America's back row
Published Fall 2019
In his book 'Dignity,' photographer Chris Arnade reckons with the decades of racism and economic forces that shaped the U.S. and its communities / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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