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A Q&A with the queen of the beach read
Published Summer 2020
Elin Hilderbrand talks about her new book 28 Summers, Hopkins pride, and what's on her summer reading list / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In 'The Unexpected Spy,' read between the lines
Published Summer 2020
In The Unexpected Spy, alum Jessica Anya Blau tells the true story of Tracy Walder's transition from sorority house to undercover CIA agent / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Turtle mountain's protector
Published Summer 2020
Louise Erdrich's 17th novel—based on her grandfather—tells the story of a night watchman who fought against the termination of American Indian reservations. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A period piece
Published Summer 2020
Lizzie Skurnick, A&S '99, is not a purist nor a stickler. But you'd be hard pressed to find her watching a film adaptation of one of the YA novels she loved as a child. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Gallows humor
Published Summer 2020
In "The Shore," English professor Chris Nealon explores the highs and lows of everyday life / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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