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Commencement 2019
Tori Amos to speak at Peabody Commencement
Published March 26, 2019
Singer-songwriter, pianist, composer, and eight-time Grammy Award nominee studied piano at the Peabody Preparatory from 1968 to 1974
Lighting the way
Published March 20, 2019
Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young mentors film students as part of visiting artist series
Evergreen names new director and curator
Published March 18, 2019
Lori Beth Finkelstein, who has worked at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore since 2010, will lead Evergreen's education and outreach efforts
Best seat in the house
Published Spring 2019
Thomas Dolby headlines virtual reality festival FUTVRE LANDS—kinda, sorta / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mr. Science Television and the Hopkins show ahead of its time
Published Spring 2019
'The Johns Hopkins Science Review' aired from 1948 until 1955, beaming science and health research into living rooms around the country / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ways of seeing
Published Spring 2019
As chief curator of the Baltimore Museum of Art, alum Asma Naeem thinks art can—and should—be used to tell a broader, more inclusive narrative of our shared history / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Her fashion statement
Published Spring 2019
After years of designing for major retail brands, alum Jean Liu strikes out on her own / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Book Review
A Baltimore story
Published Spring 2019
Antero Pietila crafts an invaluable examination of a city, a man, and the institution that bears his name / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Book Review
Sound politics
Published Spring 2019
Mark Christian Thompson investigates the history of jazz music in the Weimar era / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Book Review
Westward ho
Published Spring 2019
Historian Mary Ryan's new book is a fascinating look at what two American cities can tell us about 19th-century urbanization / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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