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Well-shod kid lit
Published Winter 2018
With her new children's book, alum Eva Chen celebrates female empowerment through fashionable footwear / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Seeing Robert Wilson plain
Published Winter 2018
Hopkins is home to the bookseller's obsessively collected cache of Gertrude Stein books and ephemera / Johns Hopkins Magazine
21st-century picaresque
Published Winter 2018
Esi Edugyan's 'Washington Black' sketches a portrait of an artist as a young enslaved man fleeing bondage / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Transcending unbelonging
Published Winter 2018
Nicole Chung's memoir 'All You Can Ever Know' weaves a tale of adoption, family, and identity / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Clashing opinions
Published Winter 2018
'We Are the Clash' winds political history around the story of the band's final years / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Erasmus unredacted
Published Winter 2018
It will take a team of conservationists, data scientists, and even an astrophysicist to find out what's written on the Red Cyprian's paint-slathered pages / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Reality opera
Published Winter 2018
Composer Frances Pollock insists that opera needs to tell new stories, with new collaborators, for new audiences / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Strengthening the core
Published Winter 2018
Besides its staggering success in raising more than $6 billion for Johns Hopkins, the Rising to the Challenge campaign generated unprecedented support for traditional core disciplines / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Classical music
For HSO, a finishing touch
Published Nov 29, 2018
Music director Jed Gaylin discusses the music of Mozart and the role a conductor plays when working with unfinished works
Multicultural Affairs
A culture showcase
Published Nov 12, 2018
JHU's 31st annual Culture Show celebrates diversity through music, dance, and theatrical performances
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