Lauren Gardner presents her COVID tracker map

Year in review: 2020

A collection of some of our favorite photos from the past year

Our world was forever changed in 2020, a year of monumental challenges and heartbreak, but also of breakthroughs, discoveries, and triumphs large and small. As we prepare to ring in 2021 and turn the tide on a global pandemic, take a look back at how Johns Hopkins weathered the 2020 storm.


A light snow falls on Homewood campus
A student smiles while dancing

Students shake it out during an Intersession course on dance movement. The minisemester, which is typically held in January, will be held virtually in 2021.

A woman helps a student into her white coat

School of Nursing students receive their white coats in a ceremony recognizing their official entry into the health profession.

JHU President Ronald J. Daniels leads a student discussion

JHU President Ron Daniels leads an Intersession course on the role of universities in preserving democracy.

Emily Riehl looks to the camera in surprise as a group of her colleagues surprise her with an award

Mathematician Emily Riehl (right) learns she has won the President's Frontier Award, which is accompanied by a $250,000 award.

Volunteers shovel and ice pick ground in a vacant Baltimore lot

Roughly 600 members of the Johns Hopkins community take part in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, which supports dozens of community organizations in 21 ZIP codes in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Florida.

A throng of students walk to class

The Homewood campus is abuzz with students on the first day of classes for the spring semester.


Two men build an electronic device

Peabody student Collin Champagne (left) and Jacob Young of the University of Maryland prototype a device that turns keyboard inputs into Braille for visually impaired composers as part of the PeabodyHacks hackathon.

A woman examines an exhibit in a museum

More than 900 members of the Johns Hopkins community visit the Reginald F. Lewis Museum to celebrate Black History Month.

A breakdancer spins on his shoulders

Student performing arts groups practice in Homewood's Mattin Center.

A cellist performs in a hospital room

A cellist performs as part of Sound Rounds, a Peabody tradition of performing for patients at hospitals within the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Students work in a laboratory


Lauren Gardner presents her COVID tracker map

Civil and systems engineer Lauren Gardner is among a cohort of Johns Hopkins experts to present evidence to Congress of the growing threat of the novel coronavirus called COVID-19. Gardner spearheads the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracker map that has become the go-to global resource for tracking coronavirus infections and deaths around the world.

Closed laboratory

As community transmission of the coronavirus spikes in the United States, university leaders encourage students to remain home following spring break. Experiments are put into deep-freeze storage, equipment is packed away, and all nonessential laboratory work at America's first research university grinds to a halt.

A man wheels a chair behind him as he leaves campus

When the university transitions to remote work and instruction, faculty, staff, and furniture head home.

A volunteer fills a bottle from a large plastic container of sanitizer

Baltimore distillery Sagamore Spirit manufactures hand sanitizer for use by the Johns Hopkins Health System. Here, a volunteer from Hopkins bottles and packages it for distribution.

Empty campus in springtime


A man leads a group of nurses as they put on gowns

At the Maryland Field Hospital established at the Baltimore Convention Center, School of Nursing Professor Jason Farley instructs a team of nurses on how to properly don and doff personal protective equipment that includes gowns and face masks.

A man hands a box to another man

Volunteers distribute boxes of food to faith-based and community organizations as part of the East Baltimore Food Access Initiative. Between April and September, the initiative will distribute more than 2.24 million meals to city residents.

A deer is photographed on campus
A woman holds a medical device

Research teams across Johns Hopkins channel their energy and resources to launch projects designed to support the fight against COVID-19. Here, medical student Helen Xun shows off a 3D-printed ventilator splitter that she and a team of engineers designed.


People in a car wave signs thanking health care workers

A community-organized parade honors those on the frontlines of health care delivery during the pandemic.

Blue Angels fly over the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins hospitals in Baltimore and Washington are along the flight route for a U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and U.S. Navy Blue Angels flyover tribute to health care workers and first responders.

A student in cap and gown and a mask poses for a photo

In-person Commencement is replaced by a virtual ceremony, but graduating seniors who live locally still flock to campus for traditional end-of-year photos.

JHU President Daniels wears his customary Commencement regalia to give an address

President Daniels delivers his remote Commencement address from the stage in Shriver Hall on the Homewood campus.

Empty Homewood campus in the summer


White Coats for Black Lives protesters

In response to the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, a White Coats for Black Lives protest is organized on the East Baltimore campus.

A masked woman with a microphone raises a fist

More than 200 join a protest organized by JHU's Black Faculty and Staff Association to stand in solidarity against racism in policing and call for more Black faculty and staff at the university.

A masked man holds out his hands to approximate 6 feet of distance

New occupancy restrictions to ensure physical distancing are put into effect as nonessential laboratories reopen.


Apples grow on Homewood campus

Apples grow in the orchard between Homewood Museum and the residence hall AMR I.

A family records a video in their living room

Johns Hopkins faculty members Nathan Connolly and Shani Mott—and their children—film an episode of their YouTube series, Storytime with Dr. Connolly, which shares Africana history with a new generation of readers.

Masked workers resume work in a studio

Book conservator Lena Warren resumes in-person work in the Sheridan Libraries' Department of Conservation and Preservation.

Lightning strikes over Homewood campus
Blue Jay mascot and Provost Sunil Kumar dance on the steps of Gilman Hall

Provost Sunil Kumar and Jay have some fun while filming for the virtual 2020 Convocation ceremony.


Homewood campus archways in the sunshine
The Class of 2024 takes its official class portrait virtually

The Class of 2024's group portrait gets a new, virtual twist this year as the fall semester is held remotely. Traditionally, the incoming class gathers to form the image of their graduating year.

A man teaches a group of students in a dedicated studio space

Engineer Ralph Etienne-Cummings leads a remote class meeting from one of the newly created studios built to enhance remote instruction.

School supplies drive at Henderson-Hopkins

Henderson-Hopkins school in East Baltimore collects school supplies for students.

Photo of empty campus Breezeway

Fall semester begins on the Homewood campus.

Brody Learning Commons is deserted
A woman teaches with her laptop propped on a beer box on an ironing board

Computer Science Associate Teaching Professor Joanne Selinski finds a creative way to dedicate space for teaching from home.

A woman works at a computer with a baby in a carrier strapped to her chest

Assistant Professor Smisha Agarwal from the Bloomberg School of Public Health has a tagalong for her work day.


A man kneels beside open boxes

Mechanical engineer David Kraemer packs boxes of circuitry and mechanical parts to ship to students for remote instruction.

A man with a selfie stick speaks into a camera

Anand Pandian leads an anthropology class from Harriet Tubman Grove in Wyman Park Dell.

A woman in an empty seminar room teaches in front of a large digital screen of students

Carey Business School Professor Su Han Chan delivers a remote lecture from a seminar room.

Autumn trees are reflected in the glass walls of the UTL

Seeing double at the Undergraduate Teaching Labs.


Campus in the autumn

Autumn comes to Homewood campus.

A student studies in a street cafe in Italy

Image credit: Anna Fantuzzi / Johns Hopkins University

A SAIS student works in a cafe near the school's campus in Bologna, Italy. SAIS Europe hosted students from the school's Washington, D.C., and Nanjing campuses as well.

Hopkins Blue Jay skateboards with a coffee and selfie stick

Jay gets in on a viral TikTok trend.

Mural on the side of a row home depicts U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings

The university's Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts unveils a mural celebrating the life of the late Maryland Congressman Elijah E. Cummings.


A man holds a sac of plasma

Immunologist and molecular microbiologist David Sullivan holds a bag of blood plasma from a patient who has recovered from COVID-19. He is among a group of researchers examining the uses of convalescent plasma in treating and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

A woman in a turkey costume holds a sign reading

Henderson-Hopkins school holds a Thanksgiving food drive.


Exterior view of a building being constructed

Renovation continues on Homewood's O'Connor Recreation Center, which will have new spaces for strength and cardio workouts, group activities, and student well-being.

A woman bends over a table to discuss artifacts and images

Allison Seyler, program manager of Hopkins Retrospective, pores over newly discovered census records showing that enslaved people were among the individuals in Johns Hopkins' household in 1840 and 1850. The discovery contradicts previous accounts of Mr. Hopkins as an early abolitionist.

A line of cars with balloons drive past two women who are seated and one man standing

Jane Hixson (seated, in green), the oldest person on the Johns Hopkins University payroll, celebrates her 100th birthday in Hagerstown with a drive-by parade that included friends and co-workers, a fire engine, and a cheering cameo by the Hopkins Blue Jay.

Three masked students sit in laundry baskets in the snow

The season's first snow day on Homewood campus.

A temporary building is constructed on campus

In anticipation of students' return for the spring semester, a temporary structure is being built on the Freshman Quad of the Homewood campus. Its proper air ventilation will allow it to serve as a study and dining space for students.

A health care worker is vaccinated

Johns Hopkins Medicine begins vaccinating frontline health care workers after initial shipments of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine arrive.

An audience of nurses applauds as the first two health care workers are vaccinated at Sibley Memorial Hospital

At Sibley Memorial Hospital, part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, staff applaud the first two health care workers to be vaccinated.

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