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Hip-hop and poetry
Published May 29, 2017
Quraysh Ali Lansana, co-editor of 'The BreakBeat Poets,' visits JHU for free reading Monday
Tree-trimming music
Something traditional
Published May 29, 2017
A playlist of Christmas favorites, plus a special eggnog recipe from the Peabody Archives
Nouveau jazz
And now for something completely different
Published May 29, 2017
Peabody trumpet instructor Joe Burgstaller presents playlist featuring avant-garde, nouveau classical jazz picks
British invasion
Inside an iconic sound
Published May 29, 2017
Music journalist, sounds engineer Howard Massey visits Peabody for guest lecture on the iconic British sound
All that jazz
Something classic
Published May 29, 2017
The perfect holiday party playlist, courtesy of Peabody jazz trumpeter Alex Norris
Change of 'Scene'
Published May 29, 2017
Peabody Opera Theatre puts Baltimore twist on Kurt Weill's jazz opera tragedy
Student's Adele parody video makes the rounds
Published May 29, 2017 Video
School of Nursing student bemoans months-long wait for nursing license
Travelin' bands
Music on the move
Published May 29, 2017
Yellow Barn Music Haul traveling concert pulls into Baltimore for three free shows
Artscape 2015
Sounds of summer
Published May 29, 2017
JHU-sponsored Station North Stage hosts regional indie performers, DJs
JHU Song Contest
The ode, reimagined
Published May 29, 2017 Video
'Truth Guide Our University,' composed by Peabody alum, picked in voting by university community