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Get hype
Published Winter 2017
OrchKids believes that music education can change a person's life; with the Booker T. Brass Band, the program proves that it doesn't have to be classical music that does that / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra
Timeless music, time-honored venue
Published March 22, 2018
With renovations ongoing at Shriver Hall, HSO's search for new performance space leads to old favorite
The protean Du Yun
Published Fall 2017
Du Yun's eclectic output is powered by curiosity about different music, sounds, subject matter, and collaborators / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Artscape 2017
Fresh take on 'The Freshman'
Published March 22, 2018
Peabody alum Michael Britt adds organ accompaniment for 1925 slapstick silent movie starring Harold Lloyd
Printer wonderland
Published Spring 2017
Globe Poster's archives contain little-known stories about musicians, boxers, and drag racers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
President's Frontier Award
'A unique voice in American music'
Published March 22, 2018 Video
Peabody composer Michael Hersch receives $250,000 President's Frontier Award
Art, ethics, and activism
Published March 22, 2018
In 'Unseen,' Peabody composer Judah Adashi explores the life and death of Kalief Browder / Bioethics Bulletin
Classical music
Musical innovators
Published March 22, 2018
Peabody dean, three alums among 30 individuals named to Musical America's Professionals of the Year list
Sound's future
Published Winter 2016
Thomas Dolby's memoir explores the future of music's creation and use / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Breaking sound barriers
Published March 22, 2018
JHU professor, music pioneer Thomas Dolby discusses his new memoir and how technology has revolutionized music