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Blurring lines
Published Sept 19, 2017
Baltimore artist, actor Carly Bales on what performance art, theater can learn from each other
Murder, red herrings
Published Sept 19, 2017 Photos
JHU's Barnstormers present Agatha Christie's murder-mystery 'The Mousetrap'
Extras, extras
Peabody Opera casting call
Published Sept 19, 2017
Peabody Opera seeks players (and a little dog, too) for upcoming production of 'Street Scene'
On stage
Good 'Company'
Published Sept 19, 2017 Photos
JHU Barnstormers six-performance run of Sondheim musical kicks off Friday
Theater review
Dead painters' society?
Published Sept 19, 2017
JHU Barnstormers tackle sexuality, gender roles in Twain's fun, fast-paced 'Is He Dead?'
War stories
Published Sept 19, 2017
Theatre arts instructor directs play based on experiences of Bosnian women during Siege of Sarajevo
Stage fright
Barbershop of horrors
Published Sept 19, 2017
Barnstormers, JHU's oldest theater troupe, wrap up season with 'thrilling' staging of 'Sweeney Todd'
Lessons from a bug
Published Spring 2013
When it comes to educating children about sexual abuse, sometimes the best spokesperson is a Madagascar hissing cockroach / Johns Hopkins Magazine
On stage
'Top' performance
Published Sept 19, 2017
Undergraduate cast brings fast-moving, whip-smart 'Top Girls' to life at John Astin Theatre
Ancient Sanskrit theater group to perform at JHU
Published Sept 19, 2017
Senior organized Kudiyattam show as part of undergraduate research project