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Archived articles


The lonely crusader
Published Fall 2017
Lawrence Jackson profiles the work of Chester Himes, who all but invented the black crime novel / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Art, ethics, and activism
Published Sept 23, 2017
In 'Unseen,' Peabody composer Judah Adashi explores the life and death of Kalief Browder / Bioethics Bulletin
Still pertinent after 50 years
Published Winter 2016
The Coleman Report set the standard for the study of public education / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Redlining Baltimore
Discussing discrimination, past and present
Published Sept 23, 2017
JHU's 21st Century Cities Initiative hosts first of four conversations on Baltimore's deep-seated race issues
Race in America
Activist Angela Davis to speak at Homewood
Published Sept 23, 2017
Leading thinker on racial politics, criminal justice visits as part of JHU Forums on Race in America
JHU Race Forum
On police brutality, 'the two black Americas'
Published Sept 23, 2017
'New York Times' journalist Charles Blow visits Homewood campus for second event in JHU Forums on Race in America series
MSE Symposium
D. Watkins on activism, race
Published Sept 23, 2017
Baltimore-born author, JHU alum visits campus as part of MSE Symposium
Confronting race
Published Fall 2015
Baltimore's D. Watkins releases his debut essay collection / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A life full of injustices
Published Sept 23, 2017
What is unjust about what happened to Freddie Gray goes far beyond what happened on April 12
Black culture not the problem
Published Sept 23, 2017
JHU's Nathan Connolly on the economics behind Baltimore's unrest / The New York Times