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Numbers and notes
Published July 25, 2016 Video
JHU summer course teaches the beauty of math through music
Numbers game
Published June 15, 2016 Video
Researchers find that a simple numbers game seems to make kids better at math
Math and music
Tunes for summer
Published April 25, 2016
JHU mathematician Daniel Naiman unveils 'Mathematics of Music' summer course
Big data expert Mauro Maggioni named BDP
Published April 14, 2016
Maggioni, who joins JHU from Duke, becomes 20th Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Why mathematics?
Published Nov 17, 2015 Video
JHU mathematician Richard Brown on teaching, theory, and the value of math in a modern world
Senior gets math honor
Published Oct 22, 2015
Kiyon Hahm one of seven student nationwide to receive Waldemar J. Trjitzinsky Memorial Award from American Mathematical Society
Brain matters
Published Aug 22, 2014
Mathematician Carey Priebe receives grant to support study of brain's circuitry
Second life for math method
Published June 30, 2014 Video
JHU grad student helps make 'useless' math strategy work 200 times faster
Minor league challenge
Taking a swing at scheduling
Published April 2, 2014 Video
System developed by Hopkins students spits out viable baseball league calendars
Noted JHU mathematician dies
Published Dec 2, 2013
Igusa was a pioneering researcher in number theory and algebraic geometry, and a Hopkins professor for nearly 40 years