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Homewood Intersession courses pivot to virtual format
Published Dec 22, 2021
JHU is limiting the number of undergraduates who will return to campus before Jan. 18, shifting most courses online for optional three-week Intersession term
Intersession 2020
Music appreciation: A# to Zelda
Published Feb 3, 2020
During Intersession, students immersive themselves in the world of video game music, its composition, and its lasting cultural impact
Intersession 2020
Poker class bet wins big
Published Jan 30, 2020
Nearly 250 students registered for the class, which had lectures focused on strategy, Machiavellian maneuvers, and how to calculate odds
Intersession 2020
Digging into Earth's history
Published Jan 28, 2020
In geology fieldwork Intersession class, students hike the mountains of the Mojave Desert to record and categorize rock formations to better understand millions of years of planetary history
Intersession 2020
Mission: Impossible (burger)
Published Jan 27, 2020
Intersession biology class all about fake meat ends in low-stakes, fast-paced cook-off to test students' recipes for meatless burgers
Intersession 2020
Interstellar diplomacy
Published Jan 24, 2020
Students analyze the ways in which the 24th century tactics of the Starfleet Command provide a useful lens for understanding international relations today
Intersession 2020
Caffeinated chem
Published Jan 21, 2020
In "Roasted: The Molecular Gastronomy of Coffee" students learn the art and science behind what makes their coffee taste the way it does
Intersession 2020
Course urges caution about causation
Published Jan 17, 2020
Students learn about how correlation can be mistaken for causation and how to critique exaggerated claims in scientific reports
Intersession 2020
Poetry in the age of climate change
Published Jan 13, 2020
Johns Hopkins PhD candidate Alex Streim says poetry could give science fiction a run for its money when it comes to exploring human anxieties about our warming planet
Intersession 2020
JHU offers deep dive on democracy
Published Nov 15, 2019
Courses taught by President Ronald J. Daniels, SNF Agora Institute faculty, and visiting experts will allow students to explore issues at the heart of American politics