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Intersession 2020
Poetry in the age of climate change
Published Jan 13, 2020
Johns Hopkins PhD candidate Alex Streim says poetry could give science fiction a run for its money when it comes to exploring human anxieties about our warming planet
Intersession 2020
JHU offers deep dive on democracy
Published Nov 15, 2019
Courses taught by President Ronald J. Daniels, SNF Agora Institute faculty, and visiting experts will allow students to explore issues at the heart of American politics
Intersession, from coast to coast
Published Fall 2019
Intersession courses can help students explore their passions from a new angle / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Creating art from scratch
Published Jan 30, 2019 Photos
Color Theory class teaches students the principles of design and color
Chemistry of cosmetics
Published Jan 29, 2019 Video
Course traces the principles of organic chemistry that underlie popular beauty products
Podcast away
Published Jan 25, 2019
Digital Media Center course gives participants the tools they need to launch their own podcasts
A counter-narrative for the future
Published Jan 24, 2019
Course examines how African-American science fiction authors and activists alike grapple with the past and create alternative paths for the future
Pet smart
Dog days of Intersession
Published Jan 22, 2019
Hopkins doctoral student introduces her students to dog DNA testing and the computational techniques used to determine a dog's breed
Intelligent debate
Published Jan 18, 2019
Hopkins students learn the Oxford-style format, which stresses substance over soundbite
Lulu, Nana, and 'Gattaca'
Published Jan 17, 2019
Students debate the ethical issues surrounding the recent birth of genetically altered twins who were designed to be HIV-resistant