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'Black Panther' taps centuries of dreams
Published March 21, 2018
Historian N.D.B. Connolly explores the historical inspirations, both real and imagined, for the film's fictional world of Wakanda / The Hollywood Reporter
'Walter just knows stuff'
Published Winter 2017
Oscar-winning film editor and sound designer Walter Murch likes to dive into obscure subjects—including some discounted 18th-century astrophysics that, he thinks, deserves another look / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Baltimore's unrest, through a Parisian's lens
Published March 21, 2018
One-time Johns Hopkins visiting scholar Sabrina Bouarour puts final touches on documentary exploring the imagery of Baltimore's 2015 protests
Stepping up
Published Fall 2017
Cori Grainger, a rising sophomore at Hopkins, chases her dreams in Baltimore dance documentary / Johns Hopkins Magazine
'Step' into the spotlight
Published March 21, 2018
Cori Grainger, a rising sophomore at Hopkins, chases her dreams in Baltimore dance documentary
Artscape 2017
Fresh take on 'The Freshman'
Published March 21, 2018
Peabody alum Michael Britt adds organ accompaniment for 1925 slapstick silent movie starring Harold Lloyd
Maryland Film Festival
Festival features Hopkins filmmakers
Published March 21, 2018
Porterfield, Roche, Yasinsky present their work at the newly renovated Parkway Theatre
Film studies
Rare glimpse of Cuban cinema
Published March 21, 2018
Film scholar Gustavo Arcos Fernandez-Britto will screen two Cuban films on campus next week
Saints, mastectomies, and the power of myth
Published March 21, 2018
A conversation with filmmaker Bernadette Wegenstein, whose documentary 'The Good Breast' offers an intimate look at surgical breast cancer interventions
Film fest
Spring cinema
Published March 21, 2018
For more than two decades, Johns Hopkins Film Festival has offered eclectic mix of movies, expert discussions