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detective drama
Theatre noir
Published June 17, 2016
JHU alum Monica López-González's one-act play leaps right into the chaotic whorl of human emotion and stays there
On stage
Almost artificial?
Published June 5, 2015
Play by artist, cognitive scientist, and JHU alum Monica López-González explores fine lines between human, artificial intelligence
On stage
A relationship, improvised
Published June 23, 2014
In debut play, Hopkins alum Monica López-González explores romance, conversation, and mood music
War stories
Published April 10, 2013
Theatre arts instructor directs play based on experiences of Bosnian women during Siege of Sarajevo
Stage fright
Barbershop of horrors
Published April 5, 2013
Barnstormers, JHU's oldest theater troupe, wrap up season with 'thrilling' staging of 'Sweeney Todd'
Lessons from a bug
Published Spring 2013
When it comes to educating children about sexual abuse, sometimes the best spokesperson is a Madagascar hissing cockroach / Johns Hopkins Magazine
On stage
'Top' performance
Published Dec 11, 2012
Undergraduate cast brings fast-moving, whip-smart 'Top Girls' to life at John Astin Theatre
Beneath the veil
Published Nov 12, 2012
Pakistani-American playwright Rohina Malik's one-woman debut 'Unveiled,' at Homewood tonight, explores experiences of Muslim women in post-9/11 America
In step with the site
Published Nov 2012
Movement artist Heather Sultz looks at space and considers how people navigate it individually, how it affects them, how they use it / Gazette
Celebrating the unusual
Published Oct 29, 2012 Video
Professor John Astin, who famously starred in The Addams Family, featured as ABC's Person of the Week / ABC News