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Antibodies fighting original virus may be weaker against omicron
Published April 28, 2022
A study of vaccinated individuals with breakthrough COVID-19 infection showed that their antibodies, while effective at stopping original strain of virus, were less effective at preventing infection by omicron variant
Public health
Food insecurity doubled likelihood of missing medical care during first year of pandemic in U.S.
Published April 15, 2022
Survey conducted in December 2020 also found minorities and low-income individuals were at elevated risk of food insecurity
Study: Inflammation, not the virus itself, causes COVID-19-related loss of smell
Published April 12, 2022
New research suggests the virus does not infect the nerves of the olfactory bulb but causes inflammation of the tissue, reducing the number of nerves able to transmit signals to the brain
Mental health
A pandemic test of teenage resilience
Published March 30, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has provided some eye-opening lessons on how to improve teen wellbeing and there are reasons to be hopeful for the future, Johns Hopkins experts say
A sensor for faster, more accurate COVID-19 tests
Published March 29, 2022
Hopkins researchers say the sensor combines accuracy levels approaching that of PCR testing with the speed of rapid antigen tests, could be used for mass testing at airports, schools, and hospitals
Chemical found in leafy greens slows growth of COVID-19, other viruses
Published March 25, 2022
Sulforaphane could help prevent and treat illnesses caused by coronaviruses, including COVID-19
What to know about omicron subvariant BA.2
Published March 23, 2022
Even as BA.2 and "deltacron" set off feelings of panic or exhaustion, vaccinations and boosters continue to provide the best protection against severe disease, says Johns Hopkins immunologist Andy Pekosz
Study: Children's antibody responses to COVID-19 are stronger than adults'
Published March 22, 2022
Findings differ from earlier reports of low antibody responses in children exposed to COVID-19 virus and suggest that even the youngest children may respond to vaccines if correct dose is determined
How to approach the 'great unmasking'
Published March 14, 2022
As mask mandates lift across the country, public health experts offer insight on how to continue to protect vulnerable loved ones
Looking back on two years of the COVID-19 pandemic
Published March 11, 2022
From the earliest days of COVID-19's detection and spread in January 2020, Johns Hopkins has played a critical role both globally and locally, as a trusted and indispensable source of reliable data, public health expertise, community support, and compassionate health care delivery