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Remote control for COVID-19 patient ventilators
Published Aug 13, 2020
A new robotic system designed by Johns Hopkins researchers may help hospitals preserve protective gear, limit staff exposure to COVID-19, and provide more time for clinical work
How close are we to a safe, effective vaccine?
Published Aug 11, 2020
Vaccine expert Ruth Karron answers important questions about the process for developing a COVID-19 vaccine
University operations
Undergraduate instruction, activities move online for fall
Published Aug 6, 2020
Students urged to stay home due to resurgence of COVID-19; JHU increasing financial aid and other supports to offset pandemic's burden
Hopkins engineers develop rapid COVID-19 testing platform
Published Aug 6, 2020
Johns Hopkins researchers are developing a biosensing platform that will detect the virus that causes COVID-19 in as little as 10 minutes
In a world of social distancing, telemedicine is king
Published Aug 5, 2020
Phillip Phan, a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the Carey Business School, discusses promising developments in telemedicine that may have been sped up by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic
U.S. faces looming affordable housing crisis
Published Aug 5, 2020
Johns Hopkins sociologist Meredith Greif discusses the shortage of affordable housing that existed in the U.S. before the coronavirus pandemic swept through, making everything worse
Daniel Polsky named to panel on equitable allocation of COVID-19 vaccines
Published July 31, 2020
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor with appointments in the Carey Business School and Bloomberg School of Public Health joins a panel of experts who will advise policymakers on the fair allocation of COVID-19 vaccines
Mental health
Coping with COVID-19
Published July 30, 2020
While stress caused by COVID-19 may be universal, access to mental health care is not. The Bloomberg School of Public Health is adapting programs in low- and middle-income countries to help people cope with the public health crisis.
Hopkins gets $35M for blood plasma clinical trials
Published July 30, 2020
Two nationwide clinical trials will test the effectiveness of an outpatient treatment that may help COVID-19 patients' immune systems fight the virus
Peering into the pandemic future
Published July 27, 2020
Historian John M. Barry looks to the lessons of the 1918 flu pandemic for lessons on confronting COVID-19