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Health care costs
Study finds high out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 hospitalizations
Published July 6, 2020
The highest burden seen is for tens of millions of employees with high-deductible plans at companies that self-insure and assume financial risk for health costs
Study: Urban density not linked to higher coronavirus infection rates
Published July 2, 2020
Study of more than 900 U.S. metropolitan counties suggests that area size matters more than population density in spread of COVID-19
Flattening the curve
Individuals practiced physical distancing before state mandates
Published July 1, 2020
New study of cell phone data shows that people in counties hardest hit by the pandemic voluntarily reduced their number of daily trips outside the home to slow the spread of coronavirus
Lab-grown 'mini-brains' suggest COVID-19 virus can infect human brain cells
Published July 1, 2020
A Johns Hopkins collaboration has demonstrated that the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, can infect and replicate within a human mini-brain model
Tech Ventures team finds meaning in supporting researchers' COVID-19 work
Published July 1, 2020
Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures manages vital procurement contracts for research material such as antibodies, plasmids, viruses, and data
Distributing a COVID-19 vaccine raises complex ethical issues
Published July 1, 2020
Bioethicist Ruth Faden says a vaccine is no 'silver bullet' for ending the pandemic—once a vaccine is developed, complex questions of distribution and access arise
Storm cells
Published June 29, 2020
Researchers at Johns Hopkins are racing to understand the connection between COVID-19 and a deadly immune system malfunction called a cytokine storm
Event preview
Forum explores shifting geopolitical order
Published June 29, 2020
Kissinger Center for Global Affairs convenes experts to discuss what the world will look like in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
Data visualization shows impact of state policy decisions
Published June 25, 2020
New charts available via Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center provide insights into the impact of stay-at-home and re-opening orders, could help shape future policy decisions
University operations
Researchers return to the lab
Published June 25, 2020
Facilities across Johns Hopkins began a phased reopening in mid-June, but with new safety measures and rotating staff schedules, the lab space—and experience—has dramatically changed