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High income associated with masking, social distancing compliance
Published Jan 15, 2021
Survey suggests common public health measures such as masking, social distancing, and telework may be inaccessible or impractical for those with lower incomes
What you need to know about COVID-19 variants
Published Jan 15, 2021
Is it normal for a virus to mutate? Are the new strains of coronavirus more contagious? Will COVID-19 vaccines still work? Expert immunologist Andy Pekosz weighs in.
Machine learning tool gives early warning of cardiac issues in COVID-19 patients
Published Jan 13, 2021
New algorithm could warn doctors in advance of cardiac arrest or blood clots in hospitalized COVID-19 patients
University operations
JHU to resume limited in-person instruction for spring
Published Jan 8, 2021
Students will begin returning to campus Jan. 16 and the spring semester will begin as scheduled on Jan. 25
Making sense of the lagging U.S. COVID-19 vaccination effort
Published Jan 8, 2021
COVID-19 vaccines have been the subject of speculation and anticipation for months—so why hasn't the U.S. made more progress on vaccination?
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center passes 1 billion views
Published Jan 6, 2021
The site has become a trusted destination for data on the spread and reach of COVID-19
Pandemic sends airline revenues plummeting
Published Dec 28, 2020
Johns Hopkins Lecturer Terry Leitch, former senior director of risk management for Boeing Capital, offers insights into how the airline industry might recover from the economic toll of the pandemic
The future of face masks
Published Dec 22, 2020
Student engineering team wins $250,000 for adaptable surgical mask design in XPRIZE competition
'Another level of confidence and security'
Published Dec 22, 2020
The first Johns Hopkins health care workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine, marking a turning point in the coronavirus pandemic
Vaccine tracker now available on Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
Published Dec 18, 2020
The vaccine tracker shows the latest numbers for doses administered by U.S. states