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New model calculates risk of COVID-19 transmission
Published Oct 21, 2020
The Contagion Airborne Transmission inequality seeks to make sense of the many variables, including environmental ones, that can affect transmissibility of COVID-19
How to safely celebrate winter holidays
Published Oct 20, 2020
The pandemic will not be over anytime soon. Here are some ideas for staying close while remaining safe.
ClearMask makes and sells 11 million masks internationally
Published Oct 19, 2020
With FDA clearance, maximum barrier protection, and supply chain advantages, the business founded by Johns Hopkins alumni improves the standard of care for patients around the world
COVID-19 ushers in decades of change for nursing profession
Published Oct 19, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the nursing field, and many advocates view the present as a make-or-break moment to press for more lasting change
Anthony Fauci discusses state of U.S. coronavirus response
Published Oct 16, 2020 Video
Bloomberg School's Ellen MacKenzie spoke with the nation's top infectious diseases expert in the first installment of the university's Health Policy Forum series
A carceral crisis
Published Oct 15, 2020
A new report published by Johns Hopkins provides recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the criminal justice system
Health care
Study highlights shortcomings in telemedicine
Published Oct 13, 2020
Despite large increases in remote consults during COVID-19 pandemic, the number of blood pressure checks cut in half and cholesterol checks dropped by more than a third
Health Policy Forum
New event series kicks off with conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci
Published Oct 9, 2020
The series will facilitate conversations between Hopkins experts and leaders developing and implementing on-the-ground public health interventions
The state of coronavirus vaccine development in the U.S.
Published Oct 7, 2020
Virtual symposium cohosted by JHU and the University of Washington brought together leading experts from government, media, and academia
Vaccine opponents unite around a 'civil liberties' argument on social media, study finds
Published Oct 2, 2020
Anti-vaxxer strategy shift on Facebook may signal a fierce fight over an eventual COVID-19 vaccine