Archived articles
Modern questions with a long history
Published April 14, 2021
Historians of medicine Jeremy Greene and Graham Mooney discuss the coronavirus pandemic through the lens of history with the 'Public Health On Call' podcast
Public health
What the American Rescue Plan means for public health
Published April 12, 2021
Experts discuss implications of the historic bill and its impact on health equity issues, local health departments, and schools of public health
Facts about the vax
Published April 8, 2021
Johns Hopkins launches campaign to help people make informed decisions about COVID-19 vaccines
Nursing homes
Study identifies risk factors for COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality among U.S. nursing home residents
Published April 8, 2021
Study finds that infection risk tended to be affected by nursing homes and surrounding communities, while risk for hospitalization and death depended on patient-specific factors
Ready for duty
Published March 30, 2021
Robots helped hospitals confront the coronavirus pandemic. What lessons are engineers taking with them as they think about the next generation of health care robots?
Pausing AstraZeneca vaccinations in Europe a 'tragic' decision
Published March 26, 2021
Bill Moss, director of International Vaccine Access Center, discusses the fallout of the decision of several European countries to pause AstraZeneca vaccinations
Data map
Predicting a COVID-19 outbreak? There's an app for that.
Published March 24, 2021
More than 19,000 users in every U.S. state have contributed outbreak tracking data to the COVID Control app, which launched last year
Health policy
Surveys find strong support for COVID-19 mitigation measures over time
Published March 23, 2021
Large differences were seen by age, beliefs, and political affiliation and among those who trust science and those who do not
Long Covid
Study probes the 'long-haul' effects of COVID-19
Published March 22, 2021
Headed by a team of university epidemiologists, the Johns Hopkins COVID Long Study seeks to uncover answers about why some people suffer long-term effects of COVID-19 infection
JHU marks 100,000 asymptomatic COVID-19 tests since August
Published March 12, 2021
The milestone reflects mass participation in the university's testing program as well as significant clinical and logistical coordination