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visual art

Going to extremes
Published Nov 18, 2017
MICA photographer Jay Gould creates arts based on his HEMI artist-in-residence experience
2,700 STEPS
Homewood campus sculpture walk
Published Nov 18, 2017 Photos
Monumental pieces by Willem de Kooning and John Henry are just two of the highlights on this 20-minute stroll
On diversity in design
Published Nov 18, 2017
Graphic artist Jermaine Bell discusses art, representation, and cultural identity
Art Talk
An artist of textures
Published Nov 18, 2017
Jane Dickson employs unusual mediums such as sandpaper, Astroturf
Surreal sneakers
Mass production meets modern art
Published Nov 18, 2017
JHU senior curates French artist Thomas Teurlai's solo U.S. debut, 'Foot Locker'
The Met's main man
Published Nov 18, 2017
Former JHU student, faculty member Dan Weiss named president of Metropolitan Museum of Art / The New York Times
Arts and minds
Published Sept-Oct 2014
JHU's Homewood campus marks 40 years of students making art / Gazette
Media studies
Pop-up knowledge
Published March-April 2014
JHU artist-in-residence Camille Henrot brings Smithsonian archives to life in 'Gross Fatigue' / Gazette
Moments in time
Showcase for young artists
Published Nov 18, 2017
Student artwork featured in exhibit at JHU Montgomery County campus
Blurred lines
Exhibition explores digital realities
Published Nov 18, 2017
'Unravel the Code' exhibition at Eisenhower Library explores information identity