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Campus Close-Up
Capturing the perfect Hop-shot
Published Sept 28, 2022
Johns Hopkins photographer Will Kirk offers insight on the most photoworthy spots across the university
Multimedia art
Breaking down borders
Published April 5, 2022 Photos
As part of a cross-disciplinary initiative to respond to anti-Asian violence, artist Jane Jin Kaisen brings her films and installations to the SNF Parkway Theatre
Snapshots of Baltimore's past
Published Feb 17, 2020
John Clark Mayden's photography book and exhibition document 50 years of the Baltimore's black community
Year in photos
A look back at 2019
Published Dec 20, 2019
As the year draws to an end, the Hub revisits some of the biggest moments and favorite images from the year
Photographing America's back row
Published Fall 2019
In his book 'Dignity,' photographer Chris Arnade reckons with the decades of racism and economic forces that shaped the U.S. and its communities / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Next-gen health care
Published Fall 2018
For global contest, photographers capture the ways in which people around the world administer health care to each other / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Crime photography
Murder was his business
Published Fall 2018
Alum's new book explores the life and work of news photographer Weegee, who captured the crime-ridden underbelly of New York City between the wars / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Year in Photos
A look back at 2017
Published Dec 27, 2017
Annual traditions, campus renovations, advances in research—look back at some of the memorable moments of 2017
Teju Cole, on seeing
Published Nov 8, 2017
Author, 'New York Times Magazine' photography critic discusses vision, art in President's Reading Series talk
Published Fall 2017
Photographer Chris Arnade finds pride, poverty, and decent Wi-Fi in McDonald's / Johns Hopkins Magazine