A woman administers eyedrops to her grandfather

Credit: Leyla Emektar / Photoshare

Next-gen health care

Photographer Leyla Emektar captured this portrait of a nursing student in Kocaeli, Turkey, administering eye drops to her grandfather. Her grandmother sits beside her, looking on. The image earned Emektar the Healthcare Information for All Healthcare Providers Award, part of the 2018 Photoshare Photo Contest. "It captures a tender moment that evokes the tradition of cross-generational care within the family—so important, and yet we do not often see it," wrote the category's judges. Photoshare, a collection of more than 30,000 global health and development photos, is run by the Knowledge for Health Project, led by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs.

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Best in show

Black and white photo of a young boy

Image caption: A child laborer at a shipyard in Bangladesh.

Image credit: Sandipani Chattopadhyay, Courtesy of Photoshare

Second place

A woman receives food rations

Image caption: At a World Vision food distribution in Batangafo, Central African Republic, Petuela, an internally displaced mother of four, receives food rations that she hopes will last her family for the month. Because the humanitarian response in CAR is critically underfunded, food rations are often cut and only last families two weeks of the month.

Image credit: Chelsea MacLachlan / World Vision, Courtesy of Photoshare

Third place

Workers sew fishing nets in Binh Thuan province, Vietnam.

Image caption: Workers sew fishing nets in Binh Thuan province, Vietnam.

Image credit: Minh Quat Le, Courtesy of Photoshare