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Material culture
A museum for menstruation
Published Fall 2023
The squeamishness associated with a natural bodily function led Harry Finley to shine a light on an often-marginalized aspect of women's health / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Honoring an awakening
Published Summer 2017
Evergreen Museum and Library's James Archer Abbott is the new Philip F. Wagley Director and Curator—an endowed position made possible through a generous donation from Wagley's widow, Mary Frances / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The Met's main man
Published March 17, 2015
Former JHU student, faculty member Dan Weiss named president of Metropolitan Museum of Art / The New York Times
A tale of two houses
Published Dec 2013
How JHU landed at Homewood rather than at its founder's longtime summer house, Clifton / Gazette
Published Aug 2013
Students in the Program in Museums and Society put their new knowledge to work / Gazette
Can you hear those images?
Published May 2013
In American Literature on Display course, undergraduates listen to artifacts' stories / Gazette
Curios at the Commons
Published Winter 2012 Photos
A visual bricolage of the university's intellectual diversity at the Brody Learning Commons / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Please touch the artwork
Published Dec 2012
Exhibit at Evergreen Museum & Library features conceptual works often employing tactile elements that visitors are encouraged to touch / Gazette
In step with the site
Published Nov 2012
Movement artist Heather Sultz looks at space and considers how people navigate it individually, how it affects them, how they use it / Gazette
'Jews on the Move' explores suburban exodus
Published Oct 15, 2012
Student-curated exhibit opens Oct. 17 at Homewood campus