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Hopkins and WWI
Published Aug 17, 2018
Exhibit digs into university archives to explore impact of 'The Great War' at home and abroad
Early music
Musical melting pot
Published Aug 17, 2018
Peabody Consort presents a snapshot of 13th-century Christian, Jewish, Arabic music
A complex history
Published Aug 17, 2018
Historian Philip Morgan discusses lives of slaves at George Washington's Mount Vernon
Hitler's last gamble
Published Aug 17, 2018
Military historian Antony Beevor details one of WWII's bloodiest battles, the Battle of the Bulge
A different world
Unified Germany, 25 years later
Published Aug 17, 2018
AICGS publishes commentary from scholars, experts on 25th anniversary of Germany's reunification
Germany's post-WWII reconciliation
Published Aug 17, 2018
A closer look at Germany's compensation programs, which started in the 1950s and will continue for the foreseeable future
From ashes to amity
Published Summer 2015
After World War II, Germany faced the need to reconcile with its enemies. Other nations could learn from how it did so. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Book prize finalist
Published Aug 17, 2018
JHU's Francois Furstenberg among four finalist for award given annually to best new book on early U.S. history
Nightmare fuel
Krampus is coming to town
Published Aug 17, 2018
Hairy, scary mythological beast of European folklore becomes symbol of winter revelry / The Baltimore Sun
Alternate history lesson
Published Aug 17, 2018
Director Oliver Stone, historian Peter Kuznick visit Homewood campus to discuss 'Untold History'