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In memoriam
Historian Richard A. Goldthwaite dies at 90
Published March 7, 2024
Goldthwaite devoted his career to the cultural, social, and political impacts of Renaissance Florence's economic activities
New name, new major for Krieger School program focused on study of migration, racial hierarchy
Published Feb 8, 2024
The Chloe Center for the Critical Study of Racism, Immigration, and Colonialism will also launch a new major in Critical Diaspora Studies
Material culture
A museum for menstruation
Published Fall 2023
The squeamishness associated with a natural bodily function led Harry Finley to shine a light on an often-marginalized aspect of women's health / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A short (or tall) history of the espresso bar
Published Spring 2023
Espresso culture is so ubiquitous that many of us have our own machines sitting on kitchen counters. But how did we get here? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Humanities research
Overlooked history in sacred places
Published March 30, 2023
The course Researching the Africana Archive: Black Cemetery Stories brings together a community of scholars to discover, recover, and maintain Baltimore's Black cemeteries
Martha Jones appointed to U.S. historical committee
Published March 13, 2023
As a member of the Permanent Committee for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise, Jones will oversee ongoing efforts to document the history of the U.S. Supreme Court
Daniel Coit Gilman in full
Published Dec 21, 2022
A new biography on Johns Hopkins' founding president sheds light on the personal side of a man who helped birth the American research university
Students united
Published Nov 7, 2022
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute students and Hopkins undergrads come together to learn about Baltimore's civil rights history
Public engagement
Retelling history through community narratives
Published May 6, 2022
A series of workshops empowered Baltimore residents to tell and preserve their history, contributing to a greater understanding of the community
A horseman of a different era
Published April 20, 2022
A 7-foot tall sculpture, a small-scale version of Kehinde Wiley's defiant rejoinder to Confederate statuary, 'Rumors of War,' will be installed in Mudd Hall atrium