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Talking with Jessica Ziparo
Published Spring 2018
Historian and lawyer Jessica Ziparo explores how the first women to gain federal employment did and didn't open doors to other women entering the labor force / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Women's history month
Harriet Tubman, real-life action hero
Published May 26, 2018
Maryland-born abolitionist and humanitarian is 'as heroic as it gets,' says historian N. D. B. Connolly
'Black Panther' taps centuries of dreams
Published May 26, 2018
Historian N.D.B. Connolly explores the historical inspirations, both real and imagined, for the film's fictional world of Wakanda / The Hollywood Reporter
History project
Mapping Frederick Douglass
Published May 26, 2018
Students in Johns Hopkins graduate seminar research, visit regional sites of significance in young slave's life
Historian homecoming
Lawrence Jackson named BDP
Published May 26, 2018
Historian, author bridges English, History departments and Center for Africana Studies
Connolly on air
Published May 26, 2018
JHU historian to co-host 'BackStory with the American History Guys' radio program beginning Feb. 3
Faculty honors
Historian wins book award
Published May 26, 2018
N.D.B. Connolly receives Bennett H. Wall Award from Southern Historical Association
Hopkins and WWI
Published May 26, 2018
Exhibit digs into university archives to explore impact of 'The Great War' at home and abroad
Early music
Musical melting pot
Published May 26, 2018
Peabody Consort presents a snapshot of 13th-century Christian, Jewish, Arabic music
A complex history
Published May 26, 2018
Historian Philip Morgan discusses lives of slaves at George Washington's Mount Vernon