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Environmental science

In the dark
Power grid predictions
Published Dec 15, 2014
Power supplies in coastal U.S. cities increasingly at risk due to climate change, JHU model shows
Sleuthing subs
Published Aug 4, 2014
Underwater robots monitor water quality, keep tabs on pollutants
Super sprouts
Better drink your broccoli?
Published June 18, 2014
Broccoli sprout beverage enhances detoxification of air pollutants in clinical trial in China / School of Public Health
Student scholar
Climate change agent
Published May 14, 2014
Junior Justin Falcone receives Truman Scholarship in recognition of leadership potential, commitment to public service
Paleoecologist Grace Brush
Published May-June 2014
A conversation with paleoecologist known for her work on pre- and post-Colonial Chesapeake Bay ecology / Gazette
Slick research
Damage control
Published April 15, 2014 Video
Engineers study oil spills in hopes of preventing a repeat of Deepwater Horizon disaster
Water warriors
Published Sept 2013 Photos
JHU fellows head out on the Chesapeake Bay to battle threats of global climate change / Gazette
Something fishy
Dam dilemma
Published July 5, 2013
Engineering students tackle fish-passage problem at historic dam / Johns Hopkins Engineering magazine
Right fish, wrong pond
Published Summer 2013
If Rachel Carson had been a better scientist at Johns Hopkins, she might never have sparked the environmental movement / Johns Hopkins Magazine