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Breast martyrdom
Published Spring 2017
Johns Hopkins research professor visits the Festival of Saint Agatha in Catania, Sicily, for her new film / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Saints, mastectomies, and the power of myth
Published June 25, 2017
A conversation with filmmaker Bernadette Wegenstein, whose documentary 'The Good Breast' offers an intimate look at surgical breast cancer interventions
Food flick
Documentary hits festivals, classrooms
Published June 25, 2017
'Food Frontiers,' produced by JHU's Center for a Livable Future, showcases food policy success stories
Film screening
Community voices
Published June 25, 2017 Video
Documentary 'License to Operate,' produced by JHU alum, explores neighborhoods in crisis
Documentary project
Putting cameras in hands of Baltimore youth
Published June 25, 2017
Program will include workshops on moviemaking and photography, technical skills training
'The Hunting Ground'
Documentary explores rape culture on college campuses
Published June 25, 2017
JHU hosts screening, discussion of film released earlier this year
Praise for 'Particle Fever'
Published June 25, 2017
David Kaplan, who produced acclaimed 2014 film, shares award from National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Cinematic anthropology
For witch it stands
Published Fall 2015
New book examines 1922 silent film that billed itself as a "documentary of witchcraft" / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Finding the wonder in Beethoven's Ninth
Published June 25, 2017
Filmmaker Kerry Candaele comes to Peabody to screen his documentary about the Ninth symphony's role in protest movements
Johns Hopkins has role in new cancer documentary
Published March-April 2015
'Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies,' a three-part, six-hour PBS documentary series executive produced by Ken Burns, premieres March 30 / Gazette