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Student profile
Hopkins' hip-hop humanitarian
Published Feb 7, 2019
Sophomore Kristofer Madu on humanitarian work, his hip-hop alter ego Travis Karter, and shaking off labels to create your own journey
Podcast away
Published Jan 25, 2019
Digital Media Center course gives participants the tools they need to launch their own podcasts
Digital music deep dive
Published March 3, 2017
Digital Media Center's free New Forms/New Paths series spotlights trends in electronic music
Research as art
Published April 5, 2016
Digital Media Center opens Research Remix exhibit in anticipation of 15th anniversary celebrations
3-D printing, Ikea-style
Published Feb 10, 2016
Intersession course gives participants the chance to build 3-D printers from the ground up
On diversity in design
Published Nov 18, 2015
Graphic artist Jermaine Bell discusses art, representation, and cultural identity
Blurring lines
Published Oct 27, 2015
Baltimore artist, actor Carly Bales on what performance art, theater can learn from each other
Art in a digital age
Published Oct 30, 2013
Program hosted by Digital Media Center features three of Baltimore's more experimental creative artists
From the DMC to the BMA
Published July 2013
Works by JHU video specialist go on display at the Baltimore Museum of Art / Gazette
Detectives in the theater of images
Published Summer 2013
This spring, the Raqs Media Collective offered students a crash course in creatively exploring and exploiting archival images / Johns Hopkins Magazine