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Umpire on a roll
Published Feb 24, 2016
Ingenious ump cruises around on hoverboard because why not?
Injury analysis
How catchers get hurt
Published Sept 8, 2015
Most MLB catcher injuries aren't caused by home plate collisions, study finds / Hopkins Medicine
Hall call
Blue Jays baseball coach honored
Published Aug 11, 2015
Bob Babb, who has coached Blue Jays since 1980, ranks among winningest coaches in NCAA Division III history /
Scheduling home run
Published June 17, 2015 Video
JHU math students help create computer-generated schedules for minor league baseball
Home, sweet home
Published March-April 2015
After a season on the road, JHU baseball team returns to campus, new-look home field / Gazette
Big-time upgrades for sports row
Published Sept-Oct 2014
Three renovated facilities will create a new face for Blue Jays sports, revitalize northern doorstep of Homewood campus / Gazette
Field of dreams
New home for JHU baseball
Published Sept-Oct 2014
Stats and details on Babb Field at Stromberg Stadium: / Gazette
Making the call
Published Summer 2014
Four years into his professional baseball umpire career, Dan Merzel, Engr '09, has embraced his vagabond existence. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Minor league challenge
Taking a swing at scheduling
Published April 2, 2014 Video
System developed by Hopkins students spits out viable baseball league calendars
Talking baseball
Published March 27, 2014
JHU writer-in-residence Tim Wendel's new book, 'Down to the Last Pitch,' explores dramatic 1991 World Series