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Applied physics laboratory

NASA launches DART spacecraft on asteroid collision course
Published Nov 24, 2021
The mission, designed and managed by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, is the world's first to test technology for defending the planet against potential asteroid or comet hazards
James Bellingham's life aquatic
Published Nov 19, 2021
The expert in autonomous underwater vehicles joins Johns Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of exploration robotics
Next-gen materials
Researchers at APL create strong, fast, waterproof adhesive
Published April 23, 2021
The formula features microcapsules filled with additives that make the adhesive's hold faster and stronger
Amputee makes music with Modular Prosthetic Limb
Published March 24, 2021
The milestone demonstrates the functional benefit of the technology for those who have lost limbs, while study findings indicate users gain mastery over the technology the more they use it
Going interstellar with a sun-skirting probe
Published Spring 2021
APL's Interstellar Probe will slingshot around the sun to explore the outer reaches of the universe / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Johns Hopkins leads nation in research spending for 41st consecutive year
Published Feb 9, 2021
University spent a record $2.917 billion in fiscal year 2019, a nearly 10% increase from 2018
Applied Physics Lab researchers develop advanced soft robots
Published Jan 22, 2021
The team's flexible, snail-like robot is 'untethered' from a power source and controlled remotely, opening new possibilities for the burgeoning technology
Space science
NASA selects Johns Hopkins APL space weather mission for 2024 launch
Published Jan 8, 2021
The Electrojet Zeeman Imaging Explorer will study the auroral electrojet, electrical currents flowing 60-90 miles above the north and south poles
Quadriplegic patient uses brain signals to feed himself with two advanced prosthetic arms
Published Dec 28, 2020
System merging artificial intelligence, robotics, and a brain-machine interface represents major step toward restoring function and autonomy for patients without the full use of their limbs
Outer space
Surer signs of life
Published Dec 8, 2020
Teams of civil space researchers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab are developing a better class of tools for detecting signs of life on other planets and moons