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Deep space
Ultima Thule, now in 3D
Published Jan 4, 2019
Before passing behind the sun, 'New Horizons' spacecraft relays scientific data daily
'New Horizons'
Mission reveals entirely new kind of world
Published Jan 2, 2019
New, detailed images of Ultima Thule shed light on the processes that built the planets billions of years ago
Pixel perfect
'New Horizons' successfully explores distant Ultima Thule
Published Jan 1, 2019
NASA spacecraft launched in 2006 sends back images of most distant target in history
National security
A strategy for U.S. strength and security
Published Dec 28, 2018
APL senior fellows author a strategy document outlining how the U.S. can navigate an uncertain geopolitical climate
Outer space
Parker Solar Probe circles the sun
Published Nov 20, 2018
The data gathered during its orbit will be relayed back to mission control beginning Dec. 7
Parker Solar Probe phones home after racing around the sun
Published Nov 8, 2018
Mission controllers at Applied Physics Lab receive status beacon signal after spacecraft completes its first perihelion
Into the unknown
Parker Solar Probe readies for close encounter
Published Nov 5, 2018 Video
Tonight, the probe will reach its first perihelion, when it will pass within 15 million miles of the sun's surface
Parker Solar Probe
The fastest, hottest mission under the sun
Published Oct 31, 2018
Spacecraft shatters records as it prepares for its first solar encounter
Budding engineers get professional experience at APL
Published Oct 9, 2018
Bijan Varjavand spent the summer as an intern for RISE@APL, a program that gives budding engineers professional experience at Applied Physics Lab
Does the brain work like a swarm of robots?
Published Oct 2, 2018
What does the brain have in common with a swarm of robots? Could be more than you think.