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A beautiful day for a neighbor
Published June 19, 2018
Carey researcher revisits her award-winning dissertation on the enduring legacy of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood'
Behind the scenes
TV Writing 101
Published June 4, 2018
Hopkins helps writers hone their skills for Hollywood
True crime and the rise of the docudrama
Published Jan 30, 2018
Film and Media Studies director Linda DeLibero discusses the growing appeal of true crime storytelling on TV and the future of the genre
An industry in transition
Published Oct 8, 2014 Video
CNN President Jeff Zucker visits JHU's Carey Business School, discusses shifting media landscape
Failing marks
Great chemist, bad teacher
Published April 3, 2014
Walter White's biggest crime on 'Breaking Bad'? He's a really lousy teacher, JHU professor says
Sir mix-a-lot
From AMR to 'SNL'
Published Spring 2014
Josiah Gluck, A&S '81, is a sound engineer for 'Saturday Night Live,' where he has worked with some of music's biggest stars / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Stranger than fiction
Dose of reality for filmmakers
Published Oct 17, 2013
Bioethicists talk to Hollywood writers, producers, directors about injecting reality into medical shows / NPR