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Applied Physics Lab researchers develop advanced soft robots
Published Jan 22, 2021
The team's flexible, snail-like robot is 'untethered' from a power source and controlled remotely, opening new possibilities for the burgeoning technology
Computer Science
Dog training methods help JHU teach robots to learn new tricks
Published Oct 26, 2020 Video
Through the kind of positive reinforcement used to train dogs, a robot named Spot was able to learn a new task far faster than usual
Remote control for COVID-19 patient ventilators
Published Aug 13, 2020
A new robotic system designed by Johns Hopkins researchers may help hospitals preserve protective gear, limit staff exposure to COVID-19, and provide more time for clinical work
Move like a jitterbug
Published June 16, 2020
By chasing cockroaches through an obstacle course and studying their movements, Johns Hopkins researchers have gained insights that will help robots navigate rough terrain
Slithering snakes help engineers learn how to build better robots
Published Feb 18, 2020
Mechanical engineers design a snake robot based on the climbing technique of the kingsnake that could help advance search-and-rescue technology
Plays well with humans
Published Winter 2019
In the not-too-distant future, robots might assist us at home, school, hospitals, and workplaces. Roboticists and ethicists want to ensure they do so effectively, and help rather than hurt—even if it's just our feelings. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Robots that can suture, swarm, and explore
Published May 28, 2019
On a recent afternoon in the Johns Hopkins 'Robotorium,' robots zipped through hallways, navigated obstacle courses, and even solved jigsaw puzzles
Hopkins hosts Robotics Industry Day
Published March 28, 2019
Event brings together current students, alumni, and industry professionals for project showcase, networking
The fourth industrial revolution is here
Published Dec 27, 2018
A by-the-numbers look at the future of job markets in the era of robotics, AI, and automation
Fish findings
Should robots think like electric fish?
Published Nov 30, 2018
Study sheds light on how animals use active sensing behaviors to navigate the world around them