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Fish findings
Should robots think like electric fish?
Published Nov 30, 2018
Study sheds light on how animals use active sensing behaviors to navigate the world around them
Does the brain work like a swarm of robots?
Published Oct 2, 2018
What does the brain have in common with a swarm of robots? Could be more than you think.
Biomedical engineering
Bringing a human touch to prosthetics
Published June 20, 2018
When layered on top of prosthetic hands, e-dermis device brings back a real sense of touch through the fingertips
Robo Roaches
Published Spring 2018
Hate the cockroach all you want, but there's a lot mechanical engineers can learn from its physical prowess / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mechanical engineering
Roach-inspired robots
Published Feb 13, 2018 Video
By studying cockroach locomotion, scientists learn how to build better, more mobile robots
Mechanical engineering
See bots run
Published May 18, 2017
Students design next generation robots that play chess, catch balls, leap over obstacles, work together
Reclaimed touch
Published Spring 2017
APL is making the next generation of prosthetic limbs that not only act on thought command, but also send signals back to the brain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Innovators under 35
WSE researcher honored
Published Aug 23, 2016
Muyinatu Bell, who mixes sound, light, robotic technology to enhance medical imaging, recognized by 'MIT Technology Review'
On track
First response robot
Published July 29, 2016
Remote system developed at APL can assess railway accidents, detect potential hazards
Bot building
Robots that fly, swim, fetch, and drive
Published May 12, 2016
Students in robotics class wrap up, demo independent design projects