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Artificial intelligence
Robot tackles trauma's silent killer
Published April 16, 2024
Autonomous system devised by a Johns Hopkins doctoral student IDs and treats internal bleeding to prevent pre-hospital deaths when minutes matter
Mechanical engineering
Robotic surgeon precisely removes cancerous tumors
Published March 18, 2024
A team of Johns Hopkins researchers designed a device that can successfully remove tumors from the tongue with accuracy rivaling human surgeons
Meet RoboDrop, the superbug slayer
Published Feb 23, 2024
Hopkins researchers develop robotic platform capable of rapidly screening multiple combinations of antibiotics simultaneously to find the most potent mixtures
Innovative care
Hopkins AITC announces additional awardees of second funding round
Published Jan 5, 2024
Grant recipients will receive funding to develop new artificial intelligence technologies to promote healthy aging
Could an electric nudge help a doctor use a surgical robot?
Published Dec 20, 2023
Gentle electric currents help people learn to maneuver a robotic surgery tool in virtual reality and real settings
We all shimmy like these electric fish
Published Oct 26, 2023
Johns Hopkins scientists are the first to demonstrate that a wide range of organisms, even microbes, perform the same pattern of movements in order to sense their surroundings
Artificial intelligence
AI data better than the real thing
Published March 20, 2023
Hopkins researchers find that algorithms trained on manufactured data can be even better than the real thing for important surgical tasks
Robot performs first laparoscopic surgery without human help
Published Jan 26, 2022
In four experiments on pig tissues, the robot excelled at suturing two ends of intestine—one of the most intricate and delicate tasks in abdominal surgery
James Bellingham's life aquatic
Published Nov 19, 2021
The expert in autonomous underwater vehicles joins Johns Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of exploration robotics
Robot programming for everyday people
Published Sept 24, 2021
New Demoshop software makes it easier to teach robots to help in the workplace