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Measurements of the universe provide evidence of the unknown
Published July 12, 2018
Astronomers calculate most accurate measurement to date of universe's expansion rate, providing further evidence of a physics mystery
In memoriam
Experimental physicist Aihud Pevsner dies at 92
Published June 21, 2018
His discovery of the subatomic particle called the Eta meson helped guide the development of the Standard Model of particle physics
In disarray
Published Summer 2018
Art and science / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Evidence revealed for a new property of quantum matter
Published June 12, 2018
A theorized but never-before detected property of quantum matter has now been spotted in a Hopkins lab
Undergraduate education
Nobel laureate touts 'active' science learning
Published April 12, 2018
Stanford physicist Carl Wieman speaks at event hosted by Second Commission on Undergraduate Education
Cancer and the artillery of physics
Published Spring 2018
Andrew Ewald is at the vanguard of a generation of scientists determined to uncover the complexities of cancer / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Physics field study
Published Jan 25, 2018
Students take a look at the many ways physics affect athletics in Physics of Sports course
Quantum physics
Between two worlds
Published Dec 6, 2016
Scientists experiment with insulator material that straddles the world of classical physics and the hidden quantum realm
Planetary science
How the moon was made
Published Sept 26, 2016
Stratified layer in Earth's mantle points to 'giant impact' of infant planet, research suggests
Brain science
'Physics engine' found
Published Aug 8, 2016 Video
Researchers identify brain region that helps us predict how the world around us will behave