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Parker solar probe

Mission midpoint: Parker Solar Probe makes 12th encounter with sun
Published May 31, 2022
As the spacecraft prepares its next flyby, take a look back at the record-setting mission already considered by NASA to be a smashing success
Outer space
Parker Solar Probe touches the sun
Published Dec 15, 2021
The spacecraft, built and operated by APL, has made its first pass through the sun's upper atmosphere, an area called the corona
Parker Solar Probe
Behind howls of solar wind, quiet chirps reveal its origins
Published Jan 15, 2020
Small chirps, squeaks, and rustles recorded by the Parker Solar Probe hint at the origin of mysterious solar wind
Parker Solar Probe
Data offers insights into burning questions
Published Dec 5, 2019
After completing three of 24 passes around the sun, the Parker Solar Probe shares data that adds to our understanding of space phenomena
Outer space
Parker Solar Probe circles the sun
Published Nov 20, 2018
The data gathered during its orbit will be relayed back to mission control beginning Dec. 7
Parker Solar Probe phones home after racing around the sun
Published Nov 8, 2018
Mission controllers at Applied Physics Lab receive status beacon signal after spacecraft completes its first perihelion
Into the unknown
Parker Solar Probe readies for close encounter
Published Nov 5, 2018 Video
Tonight, the probe will reach its first perihelion, when it will pass within 15 million miles of the sun's surface
Parker Solar Probe
The fastest, hottest mission under the sun
Published Oct 31, 2018
Spacecraft shatters records as it prepares for its first solar encounter
Taking the sun's measure
Published Fall 2018
The Parker Solar Probe is on its way to graze the sun, and the data it gathers may help answer some perplexing questions. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Parker Solar Probe
Published Aug 12, 2018
While most of the western hemisphere slept, an APL-built spacecraft prepared to make history