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Peabody Opera casting call
Published Sept 23, 2015
Peabody Opera seeks players (and a little dog, too) for upcoming production of 'Street Scene'
An exploration of racism
Published May-June 2015
Peabody student Frances Pollock composes, stages opera based on 1944 execution of 14-year-old George Stinney / Gazette
'Scandal' on stage
Published Dec 30, 2014
Peabody's Puckett writes opera about 1919 Black Sox scandal for Minnesota Opera
Deeply personal debut opera
Published June 30, 2014
First opera by Peabody's Michael Hersch confronts the often-horrifying realities of terminal illness
Premiere 'Night'
Pulitzer Prize-winning opera to air Friday on PBS
Published Dec 11, 2013 Video
'Silent Night,' written by Peabody faculty member Kevin Puts, tells story of WWI Christmas Eve truce
Puppet show
One-of-a-kind opera
Published July 12, 2013 Video
Peabody's David Smooke debuts opera about financial scandal, staged by puppets, in an invented language
History project
After the assassination
Published May 9, 2013
Peabody alum, graduate student create opera about aftermath of death of JFK
In the mood for love?
Published Feb 12, 2013
Peabody Chamber Opera's two-part performance features cabaret-style love songs, Serbian-language opera
Once Quiet on the Western Front
Published Summer 2012
Composer and Peabody faculty member Kevin Puts won a Pulitzer for his first opera, Silent Night. / Johns Hopkins Magazine