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Mental health

Anxiety fallout
Published Winter 2020
Amid the fear, isolation, and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health experts warn of a looming public health crisis: anxiety. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Winter 2020
Alyson Watson founded Modern Health to remove barriers to mental health resources with an easy-to-use mobile app / Johns Hopkins Magazine
COVID-19's lasting toll on mental health
Published Nov 10, 2020
The initial coronavirus surge has passed, but the mental health fallout persists
Battle at home
Published Fall 2020
Facing frequent moves, prolonged family separation, and scattered medical records, military spouses and children face unique risk factors for mental illness / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Taking the measure of mental health in a pandemic
Published Aug 27, 2020
Studies reveal a rise in anxiety, depression, and hopelessness related to the coronavirus pandemic and the social media and news consumption habits that may contribute to mental distress
Mental health
Study points to psychological fallout of drug overdoses
Published Aug 7, 2020
Study of female sex workers in Baltimore City suggests that overdose treatment programs should include strong mental health component
Mental health
Coping with COVID-19
Published July 30, 2020
While stress caused by COVID-19 may be universal, access to mental health care is not. The Bloomberg School of Public Health is adapting programs in low- and middle-income countries to help people cope with the public health crisis.
Mental health
Rise in psychological distress seen among U.S. adults during pandemic
Published June 3, 2020
Young adults ages 18 to 29, adults across ages in low-income households, and Hispanic people across ages reported the highest psychological distress
Pandemic poses key challenges for preventing child sexual abuse
Published May 13, 2020
Johns Hopkins center releases family resource pages, online course for people concerned about their own sexual feelings toward children
Hopkins offers students remote counseling
Published April 23, 2020
TimelyMD platform connects students with licensed counselors for scheduled appointments and on-demand mental health needs