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Mental health
Gamers get a boost from strong friendships
Published Jan 20, 2017
Study: In teens, strong friendships may mitigate depression associated with excessive gaming / The Bloomberg School of Public Health
Mental health
Suicide prevention strategies
Published Nov 28, 2016
Prevention efforts lead to 40% drop in suicides among White Mountain Apache tribe / School of Public Health
Mental Health
Teen depression rises
Published Nov 16, 2016
Problematic cell phone use, including cyberbullying, may play a role, researchers speculate / Bloomberg School of Public Health
Mental health
A faster antidepressant?
Published Oct 14, 2016
Neuroscientists may have zeroed in on a compound that works like ketamine, but is safer and non-addictive / Johns Hopkins Health Review
Mental health
Unraveling bipolar disorder, schizophrenia
Published Aug 31, 2016
Johns Hopkins to co-lead effort to develop new ways of studying, screening drugs for major psychiatric illnesses
Mental health
Post-ICU blues
Published Aug 15, 2016
One in three former intensive care unit patients show symptoms of depression, study finds / Hopkins Medicine
Mental illness
Infections, antibiotic use linked to manic episodes
Published July 20, 2016
Research suggests changes in microbiome could play role in ebb, flow of psychiatric symptoms / Hopkins Medicine
Mental health
Hopkins psychiatry launches online resources
Published June 14, 2016, mADAP teen depression app aim to help educate the public
Mental Health
The risks of undiagnosed dementia
Published June 2, 2016
Risk of unsafe activities rises in those without formal diagnosis, School of Medicine study finds / School of Medicine
Mental health
New task force convenes
Published March 15, 2016
Group will evaluate available mental health resources, ensure they meet needs of students