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mental health

Mental health
Rise in psychological distress seen among U.S. adults during pandemic
Published June 3, 2020
Young adults ages 18 to 29, adults across ages in low-income households, and Hispanic people across ages reported the highest psychological distress
Pandemic poses key challenges for preventing child sexual abuse
Published May 13, 2020
Johns Hopkins center releases family resource pages, online course for people concerned about their own sexual feelings toward children
Hopkins offers students remote counseling
Published April 23, 2020
TimelyMD platform connects students with licensed counselors for scheduled appointments and on-demand mental health needs
Managing mental health during a pandemic
Published April 6, 2020
Bloomberg School professor Dani Fallin discusses the psychological and emotional challenges that arise during social distancing
Mental health
Anxiety, depression, suicidal thinking becoming more prevalent among some adolescents
Published March 25, 2020
The number of adolescent girls seeking mental health care each year rose significantly, as did the use of outpatient mental health care services by adolescent girls
Mental health
Mind's best friend
Published Jan 6, 2020
Having a dog in childhood may be associated with lower risk for developing schizophrenia later in life according to a new study from Johns Hopkins Medicine
Occupational health
Cab fever
Published Fall 2019
Long-haul trucking is one of the most dangerous professions in America, and Mona Shattell argues more health professionals should meet truckers where they are—on the road / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mental health
Social media use may pose mental health risks for teens
Published Sept 11, 2019
Social media use by adolescents linked to behaviors that may indicate mental health problems such as social withdrawal and difficulty coping with anxiety or depression
Mental health
Psychiatrist: Ketamine isn't an opioid and treats depression in a unique way
Published Aug 2, 2019
In scientific journal letter, Hopkins psychiatrist Adam Kaplin disputes a study claiming ketamine is an opioid
Mental health
Profound experiences linked to lasting benefits
Published April 26, 2019
Majority of people who have reported encountering 'God'—whether spontaneously or triggered by psychedelics—report lasting positive changes to psychological health