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Mental health

Public safety
A novel approach to behavioral health
Published Nov 9, 2021
Mobile co-responder program, one of the first of its kind on a university campus, pairs clinicians with specially trained public safety personnel to provide crisis counseling, employ de-escalation techniques
Breathwork to treat PTSD
Published Fall 2021
An upcoming, first-of-its kind study hopes to prove that Holotropic Breathwork therapy can treat PTSD in veterans / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Children's health
Returning to school safely
Published Sept 10, 2021
Johns Hopkins experts offer tips for parents on masking strategies, warning signs for mental and physical health
Public Safety
Clinicians sought for Behavioral Health Crisis Support Team
Published Aug 26, 2021
The university is embarking on a first-of-its-kind pilot program pairing mental health clinicians with Campus Safety and Security officers to enhance its response to behavioral health crises
Focused? Frustrated? Restless?
Published Aug 18, 2021
Hopkins researchers who study classroom stress create an app that makes it easier for students to tell teachers how they're feeling
Public safety
Hopkins to launch Behavioral Health Crisis Response Initiative
Published May 18, 2021
Effort will pair mental health clinicians with campus safety and security officers to respond to behavioral health crises; program will be built over the summer with a pilot launch this fall
Published April 16, 2021
School of Nursing researcher Tamar Rodney discusses the impacts of COVID-19 on our collective mental health as part of the Hopkins at Home lecture series
Public health
Dating in the time of COVID-19
Published Jan 26, 2021
It may look different during a pandemic, but safe practices make dating work for single people—and perhaps bring added benefits
Anxiety fallout
Published Winter 2020
Amid the fear, isolation, and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health experts warn of a looming public health crisis: anxiety. / Johns Hopkins Magazine