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mental health

Mental health
Report outlines recommendations to improve student mental health
Published June 18, 2018
Task force recommends greater awareness, support, access to resources, and training
Rare genetic variation may be linked to schizophrenia
Published June 18, 2018
Scientists successfully reverse anti-social behavior in mice by targeting 'thunder' protein
Opioid Crisis
Missed opportunities for opioid treatment
Published June 18, 2018
Most people referred for opioid treatment by criminal justice system don't receive optimal care, Bloomberg School researchers find
Mental exercise
Training for your brain
Published June 18, 2018 Video
Hopkins researchers identify specific exercise that boosts memory, attention
Mental Health
Genetically altered mice display traits of bipolar disorder
Published June 18, 2018
Study may improve understanding of how genes linked to bipolar risk change neural circuits in the brain / Hopkins Medicine
Suicide prevention
Why '13 Reasons Why' alarms experts
Published June 18, 2018
Release of Netflix show in March prompted spike in suicide-related web searches, fears of suicide contagion
Mood disorders
The psychologist and the mad poet
Published Summer 2017
Hopkins psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison explores the life and mental illness of poet Robert Lowell / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Same-sex marriage legalization linked to fewer teen suicide attempts
Published June 18, 2018
Allowing same-sex marriage at state level reduced suicide attempts by 134,000 per year, BSPH researchers estimate / School of Public Health
Mental health
Gamers get a boost from strong friendships
Published June 18, 2018
Study: In teens, strong friendships may mitigate depression associated with excessive gaming / The Bloomberg School of Public Health
Mental health
Suicide prevention strategies
Published June 18, 2018
Prevention efforts lead to 40% drop in suicides among White Mountain Apache tribe / School of Public Health