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Cosmetics case study
Published March 1, 2016
Carey's Haiyang Yang wins overall prize in Case Centre Awards for L'Oreal study
Consumer trends
Purchasing power
Published Jan 7, 2016
Some consumers use 'servant' brands to gain sense of power, study finds
Consumer behavior
Self-image and shopping
Published Dec 21, 2015
Study: Self-image influences consumer goals, engagement with products and services
VW's road to recovery
Published Dec 7, 2015
Carey Business School marketing expert Sylvia Long-Tolbert discusses VW scandal and the impact on customer-brand relationship
Ad madness?
$4.5M gone in 30 seconds
Published Jan 27, 2015
JHU marketing expert discusses the benefits, risks of high-priced Super Bowl commercials
Brand stand
A 'bold step' for CVS
Published Feb 7, 2014
In snuffing out cigarettes, CVS sends a strong message about its values, JHU expert says
Commercial break
Super Bowl ad analysis
Published Jan 31, 2014 Video
Analysis shows that viewers favor ads with storylines, like Budweiser's popular 'Puppy Love'
Tobacco Control
Tobacco: Prettying up the pack
Published Winter 2013 Photos
From beautiful to gruesome, cigarette packs tell a story about the fight for tobacco control. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Campaign crash course
Published March 29, 2013 Video
JHU students tackle integrated marketing campaign for Honda for class project