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How probability forecasts are phrased affects how people make predictions
Published Jan 8, 2021
Seeing multiple probability forecasts in verbal rather than numerical form—"likely" vs. "55%"—causes people to make more confident predictions
COVID-19 is transforming how companies use digital technology
Published July 27, 2020
How companies approach sales has changed more in the past five months than it has in the past five years, says Carey Business School Associate Professor Joël Le Bon
Health care analytics
Top doctors 'undertest' patients to signal diagnostic skill
Published Jan 30, 2020
Despite advances in diagnostic tools, some doctors may limit the number of tests they order for patients in order to signal a high level of competence to their peers
Game theory
Published Winter 2019
Carey Business School marketing Professor Andrew Ching finds a win-win solution to video game manufacturers' used game problem / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Social media
Regulations harm influencers, marketers, followers
Published April 15, 2019
Carey Business School study shows how regulations meant to protect consumers may actually cause feeds to be flooded with ads
The secret appeal to Nike's swoosh
Published Spring 2019
Haiyang Yang, an expert in consumer psychology, researches the connection between company logos and personality / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Human behavior
Deadlines and time management
Published May 31, 2018
Misperceptions of deadlines, urgency can have negative influence on time management and performance, study finds
Susan Ridge named VP for communications
Published May 8, 2017
She joins JHU from global non-profit Save the Children, where she has been chief marketing officer since 2010
Turbulent times at United
Published April 12, 2017
Airline made 'huge mistake' in how it handled bumped passenger incident, Carey Business School expert says
Carey team wins marketing case competition
Published Nov 18, 2016
Students develop strategy for Mothers Against Drunk Driving to increase awareness, donations among young people