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MSE Symposium
Her reporting helped launch a movement
Published Oct 18, 2018
Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Meghan Twohey co-wrote articles that helped launch the #MeToo movement
Crime photography
Murder was his business
Published Fall 2018
Alum's new book explores the life and work of news photographer Weegee, who captured the crime-ridden underbelly of New York City between the wars / Johns Hopkins Magazine
MSE Symposium
A country divided by fake news
Published Nov 3, 2017
MSNBC political analyst Joy-Ann Reid discusses the polarized media landscape and how we got here
'We get you answers you need'
Published Sept 13, 2017
Longtime White House correspondent April Ryan tells JHU audience what it's like to cover Trump administration
Race in America
White House reporter April Ryan to speak at Homewood
Published Aug 30, 2017
Veteran journalist will be featured guest for JHU Forums on Race in America event
Media literacy
Confronting the real problem of fake news
Published July 12, 2017
NPR broadcaster, digital media strategist tackle media literacy in Johns Hopkins webinar
Foreign Affairs Symposium
Outside the mainstream
Published April 26, 2017
VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi discusses the future of news and online media
An industry in transition
Published Oct 8, 2014 Video
CNN President Jeff Zucker visits JHU's Carey Business School, discusses shifting media landscape
Intimate windows
Published Fall 2014
Val Wang, A&S '03 (MFA) recounts the years she spent as a young journalist in China in her debut memoir, Beijing Bastard. / Johns Hopkins Magazine