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Injury prevention

Let's talk about childhood injury prevention
Published April 16, 2024
By simply talking to parents about preventing injuries, pediatricians can help families keep kids safer
Published Fall 2020
Injury prevention pioneer Sue Baker and her late husband, Tim, a fellow School of Public Health alum and professor, have made supporting students a part of their legacy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Safe travels?
Published May 9, 2018
Unlike hotels, many Airbnb rentals aren't regulated by standard safety requirements, making injury prevention more challenging, researchers say
Global health
Preventing avoidable tragedies
Published May 2, 2017 Video
Video highlights efforts to reduce childhood drowning in Bangladesh
30 years of injury research
Published Jan 19, 2017
Andrea Gielen discusses CIRP's legacy of developing life-saving preventions, efforts to take on the opioid crisis
Injury prevention expert
Published Nov-Dec 2014
School of Public Health Professor Susan Baker is considered one of America's foremost epidemiologists in injury prevention, having pioneered the field in the late 1960s / Gazette
In the line of fire
Published Fall 2013
How and why do cops die on the job? A PhD student makes some surprising discoveries / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Preventing injuries, saving lives
Published Spring 2013
A new scholarship is named for pioneering injury prevention researcher Susan Baker / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Protect your head
Published Nov 12, 2012
Johns Hopkins-led study suggests helmets decrease risk of severe head injuries for skiers, snowboarders
Safety lessons
Published Nov 9, 2012
School of Public Health professor Susan Baker has devoted her career to injury prevention / New York Times Magazine