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A needed community ally
Published Spring 2022
For nearly a decade, the Johns Hopkins Centro SOL program has promoted equity in health and opportunity for the Latino population of Baltimore / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Environmental health
Urban hot zones
Published Winter 2021
A grant from the Johns Hopkins Alliance For a Healthier World supports work to identify dangerous hot zones across Baltimore's urban neighborhoods / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Health equity
Two Hopkins researchers receive $20M from NIH
Published Sept 30, 2021
Lisa Cooper, Deidra Crews will lead the Mid-Atlantic Center for Cardiometabolic Health Equity, which will address hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart failure, and kidney disease
Study suggests missed financial payments may be early indicator of dementia
Published Dec 2, 2020
Older adults who go on to be diagnosed with dementia are more likely to miss payments on bills as early as six years before a clinical diagnosis, study suggests
What are you worth?
Published Summer 2020
In "Ultimate Price," author Howard Friedman explores the value we place on life / Johns Hopkins Magazine
How to make New Year's resolutions that stick
Published Jan 2, 2020
Johns Hopkins Medicine experts share advice for making and keeping common New Year's resolutions
Paying it forward
Published Dec 26, 2019
As the first African-American chief resident in anesthesiology at Cedars-Sinai, Adam Milam is working to increase diversity in the medical field
Climate change
A deadly fungus is spreading from person to person. Is climate change to blame?
Published July 25, 2019
Higher global temperatures may have caused a disease-causing fungus to adapt to the higher core temperatures of mammals—including humans